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SUMMARY: The year's 2013. It's a new school year for the ex-ranger, Dr. Tommy Oliver. After the island explosion that almost took his life in 2003, some of his old friends were told that he had died. Well, at least they thought he was. Boy is two of his oldest friends in the shock of their lives. It had been ten years. Why didn't Tommy tell them?

Chapter 1 You Look Familiar

An unfamiliar car drove into the parking lot of Reefside High. It was not a big school, but in a way that was good. There was more time for one on one with teachers. It looked like a church house more than anything.

"Sweetie, please get registered right," Kimberly Hart begged her daughter.

The year was 2013. The setting was in Reefside, California.

"Come on, Mom, I'm not a baby anymore," seventeen year old Samantha Hart said.

"You'll always be my baby girl," Kim laughed.

"Bye, Mom. Love you," Sam said.

"I love you too, Sam," Kim smiled.

The brown-eyed girl stepped out of the blue Chevy and smiled back at her mom. She was a little taller then her mom. Kim always told Sam that she got that from her father.

"May the power protect you," Kim whispered.

Sam and her mom left on a plane to California back in 2005. She was only nine at the time. When her mom's job forced her to move from her hometown of Angel Grove in 2011, Sam did not like the idea of moving to Reefside one bit. Kim was now looking for a new job.


"Mom, no. I don't want to. You can't make me," a sixteen year old Sam yelled.

"Listen here young lady, you're sixteen. When you turn eighteen, then you can move," Kim said.

"I just don't like leaving here," Sam sighed.

"I know sweetie, but it's just the way it has to be. Maybe this will cheer you up," Kim said, reaching into her pocket.

Sam's mom placed a necklace in her hand.

"What's this," she asked.

"It was your father's. He used to wear this old thing all the time, never took it off," Kim smiled.

Kim smiled at the thought of Sam's father.

"When did he give it to you," Sam asked.

"My sixteenth birthday. It was his way of telling me that he'd always be there for me," Kim smiled.

She wiped a tear from her cheek and cleared her throat.

"I still don't understand why you broke up with him," Sam said.

Sam paused, and then looked back up at her mom.

"Sorry, I forgot. I wish you would've told him about me before he died in that accident," she sighed. "You know that he wouldn't have left you because you were pregnant with me."



Samantha Renee Hart walked into Reefside High School, unaware what would happen to her that day in her third period class.

"Let's do this," Sam said underneath her breath.

She took a second look at a teacher in glasses, walking into his class. She could not put her finger on it, but there was something about him that made her keep staring at him until he closed the door. There was something in his eyes, in the way he looked.

"Excuse me miss, but who was that teacher that walked into that class a second ago," Sam asked.

The woman looked the way Sam was pointing and laughed.

"Oh, that's Dr. Oliver. I get asked that a lot from new girls," the woman replied.

"It's not like that. Gross. There's just something about him. I can't put my finger on it. It's like I know him," Sam said.

"He's old enough to be you're father," the woman informed her.

Sam turned back to the woman.

"Yeah, I know, but my farther died ten years ago. He never even knew about me," she sighed.

"Oh my dear, I'm so terribly sorry," the woman apologized.

"That's alright. I never knew what he looked like. My mom hasn't told me much about him," Sam sighed.

"Well, it looks like you'll have Dr. Oliver as your science teacher during third period," the woman said.

"Thanks," Sam smiled.

She took the paper and looked down at it. Sam hated registering for school.

"Don't mention it sweetie," the woman said.

Sam could not really explain this feeling. She wanted, no she needed to know about this man.


A knock came upon Tommy's classroom room. He got out of his seat to answer it.

"Ready for the new year," a familiar voice asked.

"I think this year's going to be different, Trent," Tommy said.

Trent Fernandez laughed as he entered the room. This was going to be his second year teaching art here at the school.

"What, like another 2004," Trent laughed.

"No, nothing like that," Tommy said.

Tommy would have never imagined his first year of teaching would have ended up the way it did. Conner was in Europe playing the sport he loved, soccer. Ethan was working at a big computer company and still found time to visit his old teacher. Before Kira stopped singing, she still was singing under Kira Ford, but her legal name was now Kira Fernandez. They had married in 2008 and were expecting their first child together.

"So, how's Kira doing," Tommy asked.

"As well as any pregnant woman would be I guess," Trent said. "Well, I better get to my class before they tear it apart."

"Alright," Tommy laughed.


Back at home Kim sat on her couch, looking at her high school yearbook. She searched all the O's, and finally found the name she was looking for. The name… Thomas Oliver.

"Damn you Tommy," she cried, pulling the book closer to her. "I was going to tell you, I was! You needed to be there for the team first though. Why did you leave me?"

When Kim got the call in Florida, she cried for weeks. Knowing that Tommy would never know he had a daughter killed her.


Kim ran into the kitchen to grab the phone.

"Hello," she asked.

"Kimberly…" Jason said.

His voice was low, cracking, and scared.

"Jason, what's going on," Kim panicked.

"Turn… turn it on CNN," Jason said.

Kim walked in the living room and changed the channel from Cartoon Network to CNN.

"Hey," a seven year old Sam yelled.

"Sorry, Sammy, Uncle Jason wants me to watch something," Kim said.

"Good evening. On the headlines tonight, an island holding a group of scientists from Anton Mercer Inc. has exploded," the news anchor announced.

"Oh no, that's awful," Kim said.

"Keep watching, Kimberly," Jason replied.

"Alone with Mercer, Dr. Thomas Oliver, said to have been Dr. Mercer's second in command, has been reported to have been on the island at the time of the explosion," the news anchor finished.

The phone dropped to the ground. Kim was in shock. She did not want to believe it.

"No," she gasped.

She quickly picked up the phone.

"No! Jason, no," Kim yelled.

"I'm so sorry, Kim," Jason apologized.

"Jason, he didn't even know about her," she cried.


"Can you really be gone," Kim asked out loud.

Kim shook up her feelings as the phone rang.

"Hello," she answered.

"Hello, Ms. Hart," a woman asked.

"This is she," Kim said.

"I'm Jane Hast, and I wondering if you were interested in teaching at my new gymnastics center," she replied.

"Oh my gosh, that'd be great," Kim smiled.

"Great, how about you come over tomorrow and see how you like it," Jane asked.

"Sure, I'll be there," Kim said.


Sam and Tommy meet for the first time in the next chapter.