(This takes place a few months after the end of the story)

The coffee shop was lit dimly, for it was late on a Saturday night. The guitarist kept glancing to the corner as he played, curious about the redhead who stood there, leaning against the wall. He wondered if the young man wanted to speak to him. He was certainly never looking at him when Kenrin glanced over, but neither was he doing anything else, and something made Kenrin feel that he was indeed being watched. There was something--Kenrin knew he hadn't seen the redhead before, and yet he thought that if he would look up, if he could meet those eyes just once, he would recognize him.

But when he finished his set, the corner was empty. Shrugging, Kenrin packed his guitar away until next week, and put the mystery out of his mind.

Several blocks away, a shorter and darker figure finally consented to join the tall, red-haired one. They walked in silence for a moment. "Have a nice chat?" Hiei finally asked darkly.

"We didn't speak," Kurama corrected mildly. "He wouldn't know me, after all."

"Have a nice time, then?"

"Not really." Kurama was well aware of the jealousy in Hiei's voice, and he slipped an arm lightly over the other's shoulders. "I didn't intend to. I just thought I'd see how he was doing. He was kind to me, once," Kurama finished the explanation quietly.

A short pause, and then Hiei asked, with more sincerity and less pique than one would have anticipated, "Fox, do you ever regret how things worked out with him?"

"Regret?" Kurama queried, looking genuinely confused. "How could I--I'm with you, aren't I?"

"Yes, you're with me."

"Then I don't regret anything."

One of them kissed the other; but they weren't certain who started it and who accepted it, it happened so naturally. And then they walked home, holding hands, and retired for the night ; but it was hours before they slept.

A/N: Okay, now it's really finished. Just had to throw that out there. Again, thank you to everyone who stuck with me for the incredibly long ride on this one. More ficcies coming soon. :)