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Why do you ignore me? Why do you deny my existence? Just, just give me something, just a glance. You won't even look at me! Why? WHY?

Why must you leave me in darkness? I am the Darkness but…Darkness cannot exist without Light. Without Light, no one would know Darkness. You, my Light, MY beautiful Light, you shun me. You shun me with an angry passion. Why can't you see that I…

You always run from me. Why do you flee from me? Please, come back, don't leave me, don't leave me alone. Three thousand years worth of solitude and Darkness, don't make me suffer that again, please. My beautiful Light, I want to give the world to you.

…But you won't cease to defy me. Why? Can't you see that I only want to give the world to you? Make it so you never suffer again? So that you'll never leave me? Please, never leave me!

You think that I'm evil, a sadistic bastard that takes pleasure in your pain. Why can't you understand that I know no other way to show…to show how much I need you? To show you how much I fear your absence?

But no, no a beautiful Light like you would never spare me a mere glance. I grant your every wish, I attempt to bring the world to its knees before you and you…you give me nothing.

Every time your blood gets spilt, I hurt for you. I destroy those who have dared harm you and every time you hate me more. It's okay. Hate me, hate me to your heart's content, just please don't leave me.

Wait, an angel, a Light, pure angel like you could never hate. No, that emotion is reserved just for me. Should I feel special? Should I feel gladness that only I can spark such an emotion from such a pure being?

I want your hate. I hurt you so much and I deserve your hate, but I do not hurt you for the reasons you may think. Every strike, every kick, every cut and bruise I give to you, they're…they're the only gifts I can give. They're the only things that I can give that will make you look at me, look at me with such emotion.

I want you to feel for me. Feel anything, just feel for me. I know you'll never feel love for me, for as pure, caring, and forgiving that you are, you could never love me. Light cannot love Darkness. I can't have your love, then please, give me your hate.

Your hate will tear my soul to shreds, it'll make the heart I don't have bleed, it'll wrack my mind with pain, but it's okay. That's what mortals feel, that's what humans feel. You could love me if I were just a mortal human, couldn't you?

Can angels love humans? Because that's what you are. An angel. A beautiful, luminescent, caring, loving, kind angel. Gods are cold and cruel with light that burns the eyes if you look at it. The supposed warmth they have is actually searing, burning fire that scars whoever dares to approach it. Not you, your light is wonderful and pleases the eyes. Your warmth is all encompassing and welcomes you to approach it.

Why does this Darkness want love from Light? Why can't Light love Darkness? Why must you choose your friends over me? Why do you take every chance you can to rid yourself of me?

Can't you see how much I need you? Can't you see how much power you have over me? Please, take advantage of that power. Make me your slave, make me yours forever. Bind me by hand and foot with unbreakable chains so that I may be forever at your side, so that I can take whatever warmth and light you might leave behind.

Why can't you see that all I do is for you? Why can't you see that I'm willing to accept whatever you want to give me, whether it is hate, pain, or, may the gods strike me for daring to say it, love?

Please, just answer this one question…why?

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