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Summary: Lily Evan come from a great and powerful family but when she is force into marriage as a gift, what will she do



Hi, my name is Lily Evans. I'm daughter of one the most powerful lord in all the land. Lord Evans, my father, he close to the king but not moving up in the king favor in trusted. I have two sisters. My mother had died when I was about two years old. My older sister Petunia, was not what you would call a beauty, she had to far of a long neck, yet with my father high place the men would come and ask for her hand. She was well passed in marriage age, almost the age of 21. My other sister from my father second marriage, Tanya, she was the beauty of the family with her long blonde hair and eyes that are as blue as the sky. She was not of age to be married, only 15. Most of the women think that she is an angel, but from what I hear from the village men that she is sexy, boisterous, and wild. She is well behave in front of my father and guest of the high court, but when father is gone she off with some guy. I am always worrying that someone that know us going to find out what she doing and put a disgrace of my family.

Then there we come to me, I look nothing like anyone in my family, and the only thing I have that I had got from my mother was her forest green eyes. That is probably the only thing that is beautiful about me. My hair is a fiery red, which is disarrayed all the time, my wrinkled linen dress clumsily pleated in the fashion of two years ago. I would purposely trip over my dress and shoes. I did this for a reason, sure I could be as graceful as my sister but I did not want to be married by a man that I would not fall in love with. I was only 17, at the right age to getting married. In my family I was a disgrace, I would stay locked up in my bedroom. But I also did something that I would wish to keep a secret. I did trade in the markets, with the help of my best friend Craig. He was tall and had wavy blonde hair. His eyes, that were a dark color about brown, showed kindness and his smile showed that he had a big heart. It is not common for a women to do trade but I did it right under my father nose! If my father had found out what I did he would probably send me to some distant land.

I was looking over the record of my last trade of leather. When Craig came in.

"Good evening, my lady."

"Good evening, to you. I was just trying to figure out if lost profit from our trade. Did you buy all that you could find?"

"Of course, my lady, people who need some shall come to me. What would you like to ask for the price?'

"I want it to be a little higher than they would pay, naturally. Or make a deal with them."

"Yes, my lady, I must be on my way."

"Thank you." I watch as he left, sometimes I wonder if I fancied him. But we could never be together even if we were in love. For I knew he was in love with his child hood sweet heart. I sighed; I wished that I would find someone like that. I envied the girl that he was in love with. Because I knew that she would be loved and taken care of.

The next morning I had woken up to bright sun shining through my windows. The maid had knock on the door to see if I was a wake.



"Oh, good your up. Would you like your breakfast in your rooms?'


"I'll be back in a moment, let me just tell the cook where you're eating."

"Thank you."

As she left, I slowly got out of bed and put my red robe over my shoulder. I walked over to my small table, and waited for the maid to come back.

Moments later she came with a tray of eggs, bacon, and toasted bread with some fruit jelly.

"Here, you go, my lady."

"Thanks, again. So what is the news out in the town or castle?" I said while biting into a piece of the bread.

"There has been nothing, accept for the king looking for his Highest Count of the Land. Just recently Count Edward just passed away. Your father went to a meeting to see who would become the next High Count. People are favoring your father, greatly my lady." She said bowing and leaving.

Ha, I though to myself, my father the Highest Count. The king doesn't like my father that much, but with the people liking my father more it might happen. The Highest Count was the second most powerful in the land. He just as much power as the king, but could not do some of the things without consulting the king.

The day went along well, expect Tanya. All she was complain how boring it was in the house and why couldn't she go to the market. Father wouldn't let her spend any more money because the last time she had shopped, we couldn't find a place to put her things. She wined saying "why don't we just put everything in Lily's room, she has no things there." My father almost said yes to that, but the maids had found some room in spare bedroom.

"Lily, what can I do?" she wined.

"Uhmm…why don't you read a book."

She looked at me in disgusted. "Why in the world would I spend my time reading, when it will not help in my beauty or in life!"

I just looked at her like she need help and got up and left.

Later that night I heard some yelling around the house. I was in my bed trying to think of what I should buy and sell in the market for next week. When I heard my fathers voice yelling orders to servants. They came running up and down the halls. I saw the maid that served me that morning and stop her.

"Excuse me, but why is my father yelling."

"I don't know, miss." She said looking half frighten. "But when I find out, I will tell you."

"Please, and hurry."

She walked fast down the hall. I heard my father voices getting louder, and I wondered what had happened. Maid had return a few moments later.

"Well." I said.

"Your father is angry, he did not get appointed to being Highest Count."

"He knew that would not happen, so he shouldn't be this angry," I replied.

"Yes he is angry about that, but he is angry at who got it."

"And who would that might be?"

"They say he is a barbarian, he just came from war, they say he help save the king's people from the other side. Your fathers mad, because the man has no connection and he was a slave before he was sent off, by his master to the war."

"Well, he proves to loyal to the king."

"Yes but you know how barbarians are, my lady."

I shivered, thinking about them. I had heard stories of how they would come to towns, rape all the women, and make the children slaves. That barbarians were just really unclean. That they had so much hair that they look like a monster.

"Oh, I do hope that I would never get to met this man."

"Your father, has to go the dinner with him in a couple days with other high people."

"Well let us hope that my father will not invited him to dine with us."

"Yes, my lady, lets hope not."

I went to bed thinking that our country will be at lost with a man like that at the king's side.

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