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Summary: Lily Evan come from a great and powerful family but when she is force into marriage as a gift, what will she do……LJ



That night of the feast was so colorful and crowded. Everyone bowing, being a gentleman or a lady. James felt very out place. He had what you would call last season suit. Some of the lord's wives were looking at James longing, as if they didn't really care what he wore. That gave James some confidents, but not that much. Some of lords gave James shivers down his back, when they sent an icy glare towards his way. Remus came up to talk to him.

"How are you holding up, my lord?"

"Not bad, actually. Except a man over there, towards the king keeps looking at me like I am the enemy."

"Oh, that just Lord Evans sticking were his nose shouldn't be."

"Why you say that?"

"He very high in the court, but the king distrusts him, because they way he treats people. The people, who hang around Evans, are starting to say that he should be the Highest Count. And if the King Sirius doesn't choose soon, the people of the court will decide and they most defiantly will choose, Lord Evan."

"Do you know who the Highest Count is going to be?"

"No, Sirius won't tell anyone. Personally, I think that him keeping it to himself is a good thing till he is ready for it to be said and if he has found the right person."

"I would think he would choose you, Remus."

"I hope certainly not!" Remus said laughing. "People will only think that I just use my friendship to get the spot."

"That does make sense."

A bell ringing in the distance, saying that dinner is about to be served.

"Well we better be off. King Sirius wanted you to sit on his right side and I right next to you. So I will show you the way."

"Thank you, Lord Remus."

When James and Remus walked into the dinning room, the tables were full of food. James mouth just started water at the sight of the food.

"You better hope that you won't start drooling, James. That won't impress the ladies."

Said a grinning Remus.

"Does my faces really show how much I want that food!"

"Yes, and don't worry it will be soon. Plus you are just like Sirius, you both can eat like you guy haven't had a good meal in days!"

James just grinned till him and Remus was both seated. Sirius was, of course, there with fork in hand and having a look of impatience on his face.

"I will have to get new cooks and servants, if they don't get me my food in the next couple of minutes!"

One of the maid's faces paled and ran off, James guess towards the kitchens.

"Now, my king, don't be scaring the poor girl."

"Don't go 'my king' to me!" Puffing out his chest and pointing at it. "I want my food!"

"Stopping acting like a child."

"Fine, I will quit. Not because of you, I smell the food coming from the kitchen." Sirius said taking a deep breath and his face turned to pleasure.

"Why, don't we have food on this table like the others?" James asked.

"That's because we get the finest food and the freshest food from the kitchen." Sirius said with a wink.

Sirius was right when the food came out. It looked ten times better and delicious. Before we started to eat, the man that was called Lord Evans sat on the kings left side.

"How are you doing this fine evening, my king?"

"Well, I was trying to take a bite out of my meal, but other than that, I doing fine."

"I am sorry to disturb you, my lord."

"That is alright, just eat the meal put in front of you, Evans."

They sat in silence for a while till Sirius spoke, again.

"So, Lord James how is the food?"

"The best I have ever eaten."

"Yep, the best for us and you better get used to that!" the king laughed.

"Really, I think I could." Said James smiling.

"Have you met Lord Evans?"

"Why no, my lord."

"Well, this is him, Lord Evans, and Lord Evans this is Lord James."

"Welcome, sir." Lord Evans responded evenly.

"My Lord."

"James here, helped win the war."

"Oh, did he."

"Yes, and to honor him I would like to give him a wife."

"Really, sir. Who would that be?"

"Well your daughter, of course!"

"My daughter…" Evans look confused for a moment and then his face start to turn a slight red.

"It would be very great honor to our country, me, and James."

"Whatever you ask shall be done."

"Good, now on to other business…."

Lord Evans mind was racing. How was he supposed to give up Tanya? His lovely daughter to some barbarian! Just thinking about it made his blood boil. Evans was deep in thought, when the king stood up and Evans threw his attention to the king.

"My friends, today is a special day! We are here to honor the person that probably saved this country from feign lands. Lord James!" There was a polite applause, and then king spoke, again. "I would like to say that he will be getting married to Lord Evans daughter." Again another applause, but Evans facing was turning red not from embarrassment but from extreme loathing. "Now, today is the day when the Highest Count is chosen," there was slight pause, "I have chosen this person because I think he will treat people reasonably and lead the country when the kingdom needs him. I have chosen, Lord James!"

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