Phoenix of Mud

This is a short poem-like fic about Mamimi. She's actually one of my favorite characters. I greatly appreciate reviews!

Disclaimer: I don't own FLCL. I just obsess over it.

She was the phoenix

The fire starter

When her world was falling apart

She would start a fire

Gazing into it and forgetting the world around her

She would watch it devour that world

And smile as the world around her began to match her own world

The burnt frames of buildings that once had a purpose

The ashes of an architect's work of art

The ashes of shattered dreams

She was the phoenix

Reborn from those ashes

As the world burnt to the ground

She took flight and forgot the pain

That was chaining her to the ground

Took flight

Only to again


To collapse to the scorched and barren earth with the rest of humanity

Until the mud of the past clung to her wings

Holding her down

As people walked past and stared

Uncaring at her suffering

Until the silence became a scream

A cry for release

And another fire began

And again she forgot