Blade took one cop down then another. The guy called Hannibal king and his partner Abigail Whistler took down some other cops and vampires. But there was one who didn't introduce herself.

She was highly skilled. She took down five cops in five seconds. Her moves were graceful and quick. She was African-American and she looked like she was in her 20's. Her long straight black hair was pulled into a ponytail with a few strands sticking out in front. There was a vampire coming up behind her. Without looking back, she unsheathed one of her daggers and stabbed the vampire in the heart. The vampire exploded into ash. She dusted off the remains of the vampire and followed King and Whistler.

They were trapped in the hallway. There were cops and vampires at every corner. Blade looked at the other girl who was trying to shoot the vampires. There was something familiar about her, but he couldn't place it. He decided to go after the vampires and reached for his sword. It wasn't there. He jumped through the vent and crawled to the interrogation room.

"Where are you going! This is supposed to be a fucking rescue!" King shouted, but he was already gone. They couldn't hold off the vampires for much longer. King looked to the girl.

"Vanessa! Do something!" he shouted.

"Does it fucking look like I can shoot around corners!" she replied sarcastically. Abby had and idea.

"No, you can't, but I can," she said and holstered her gun. She brought out her bow and shot one of the vampires. The UV arrow caused him to explode into ash. One way cleared. They went down that corner. Abby shot another arrow at another vampire killing him. They continued down the hall.

They found the door to the staircases and took off. They made it outside only to be surrounded by police. Vanessa ran to her motorcycle. Blade jumped out a window and landed a few feet away from her.

She waited for Dex to come. As soon as she saw his car, she started her motorcycle. The Nightstalkers and Blade got in and took off in one direction. She put on her digital computer sunglasses and took off in another direction.

Half of the police went after the car, and the other half went after her.

"Directions activate," she said and a map of the city appeared on the left lens of her sunglasses. She was trying to lose the police. King found the city maps ad loaded them onto her glasses earlier. She followed the directions back to the hideout.

When she passed into a park the police finally gave up the chase. At the end of the park was a bridge. She was supposed to take the bridge to the other side of town. But when she reached the middle of it there was traffic. It was awhile before she got across. She was going to kill King

An hour later

Vanessa walked her bike to the garage. She walked up the hideout entrance and entered the code to get in.

She walked into the weapon room and saw Abby and King showing Blade the weapons. Hedges was showing Blade how the weapons work. Blade looked up in time to see Vanessa walk into the room, and she was pissed.

"Where have you been Vanessa? We've been waiting for you." King almost seemed concerned.

"Well, if you had looked up the traffic update along with the directions, like I had asked, I would have been here sooner," she yelled. She smacked King on the back of the head.

"Ow! What is your problem!" he asked rubbing the back of his head.

"My problem is I had to sit on my ass in traffic for an hour, which could have been easily avoided if someone had done like I asked!" Vanessa might appear sweet, but she was vicious when she was angry.

Blade had watched this exchange go on. He noticed the color of Vanessa's eyes. His blood went cold. They were the same color as his.

"Wait. Did you say her name was Vanessa?" Blade asked. For once Vanessa paid attention to Blade. She looked at him. Her expression was of boredom. She sighed.

"Oh yeah. We forgot the rest of the introductions. Blade, meet your illegitimate daughter, Vanessa," King said.

This time Abby hit him on the back of head, and Vanessa punched him in the gut.