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Vanessa pulled on the door trying to get it open. She couldn't reach Abby, or anybody else. She gave up on opening the door and sat on the bed. She felt awful. Tears rolled down her cheeks. She knew she just comprised the Nightstalkers.

She hugged her robe closer to her body. It was so cold in the building. She couldn't do anything in the mean time. She put her ear to do the door to listen. It was no use. The door was soundproof.

She got dressed and waited for Drake to come back.

Drake came back with Hannibal King and Zoe. He gave Hannibal to Danica, and took Zoe with him. He brought her into the room with Vanessa. Her eyes widened when she saw Zoe. Her reaction did not go unnoticed by Drake.

"You know her." It was a statement not a question. Vanessa knew she was screwed.

"So, Vanessa. How long did you think you could go along with this charade? I should let you know, and I am not one who is fond of games." He let go of the girl and grabbed Vanessa by the chin roughly. She was still taking this all in.

"Yes, I know your name. I have known since the first time I drank your blood. I know everything about you. That was how I found your little friend here. You gave up their location. Albeit it wasn't knowingly, but you should have studied you history better. I can absorb the memories from anyone I drink from." She pulled away from his grasp and ran to Zoe.

"Are you okay?" The little girl nodded.

Danica and several guards appeared in the doorway. They put shackles on Zoe and attempted to put them on Vanessa, but she fought back. Drake came over and held her down, so they could put them on.

"Put the grown one in the room with King," Danica ordered. Drake intervened.

"No, she comes with me. Put the little girl in my room with the armor." They hesitated looking at Danica.

"You heard him. Get moving!" she yelled. The guards took Zoe away, while Drake talked to Vanessa.

"I'm curious. How much do you know?" he asked.

"Is there a specific area you're concerned about?" she replied, knowing good and well what he was talking about. He approached her, his eyes dark.

"Don't play games with me. What do you know?" he asked again.

"Nothing," she replied and shielded her mind from him. This time he couldn't get into her mind. He knew she was lying, but there was no way he could prove it.

"You're coming with me, and we are going to wait for your father, Blade." He escorted her out, and to the conference room.

Blade walked into the conference looking for Drake. Drake was there and so was Vanessa. She was shackled on top of the table. She was there caressing her cheek.

"You know, they always say that the daughter is the daddy's girl. Let's put it to the test," he said smugly. Vanessa pulled away from him. When Drake wasn't looking she opened her mouth to reveal a key to Blade. Then she closed it, when Drake looked at her.

Blade understood. She needed him to distract Drake so she could get out. Blade went for his sword. Drake grabbed Vanessa.

"Tsk-tsk-tsk. You don't want anything to happen to your precious daughter do you?" he asked. Blade looked at Vanessa. She would have to help out if she wanted to be free.

"He doesn't care about me. I'm just his illegitimate daughter from his childhood sweetheart. When he left, he forgot about her. He probably never even looked her up. All I am to him is another vampire hunter. Since he met me, he never even bothered to get to know me better. He doesn't care."

Her eyes teared up and she started sobbing softly. Drake looked from her to Blade. Blade was amazed himself. She put on a good act.

Drake moved away from her and pulled out his sword. Blade did the same. They started fighting.

Vanessa took the key from her mouth and started unlocking her shackles. They clicked open and she removed them. She rubbed her wrists. She slid off the table and ran to the door to the opposite side. Drake was still occupied with the fight, so he did not see her leave.

Vanessa ran around the building looking for the rest of the Nightstalkers. She ran into a three vampires.

They all attacked her at once. She kicked one down and took his gun to shoot another. She took a knife from him to stab the last one. They all became ash. She continued search.

She ran into King who was looking for Abby. She hugged him.

"Thank goodness, you're alright. He has Zoe!" King hugged her back.

"I know. Abby is looking for her. She's going to be alright. Abby will take care of her," King reassured her.

"No, everything is a disaster. He got the location of the hideout from my memories. From my thoughts! I'm the one who compromised you. And I'm so sorry"

"It's alright. Everything's going to be okay. Abby has the Daystar virus. Tonight if we're lucky we can kill the vampires." Vanessa pulled away and looked down.

"You better go. Kill what vampires you can. Maybe if we wipe out the Talos we have a shot to ending this war." She was about to run off, when King stopped her. He tossed her her daggers. She smiled at him and ran down the stairs.

Time to start killing vampires.

She killed many. Any vampire that came across her path, she ashed. She gave them no mercy.

She was walking on one bridge and saw Drake and Blade fighting. Blade was losing.

She spotted Abby on another bridge on the opposite side of the building. She saw Abby fit an arrow into her bow, and release it. Drake turned around quickly and caught it. He turned his attention back towards Blade.

Abby shot another arrow at him as Vanessa threw her dagger. He knocked Abby's arrow down, but he didn't have time to do the same with the dagger. It embedded itself in his heart. Blade took the opportunity to stab Drake with the plague arrow.

Vanessa leapt and grabbed a bar. She swung from the bar and landed on the ground 50 feet below. The landing didn't faze her at all.

Drake let loose a loud howl, the plague erupted itself from his body.

Vanessa walked over towards them to check on Blade. His wounds would heal, but that depended on if he would be able to survive the virus.

As the virus hit her, she fell to the floor gasping in pain. It felt like her blood was on fire. She could feel it destroying her body.

Abby saw Vanessa collapse, and made her way to the ground.

Vanessa tried to fight of the darkness that wanted to envelope her.

Drake pulled out the arrow, and tossed it aside. He looked to Blade and Vanessa. He crawled over to her and caressed her cheek. She was too disoriented to care.

"Funny, all this time my people were trying to create new vampire but two already exist. I don't need to survive. The future of our race rests with you two. You fought well. I respect that. Allow me a parting gift. But remember this, sooner or later, the thirst always wins." He gave Vanessa one last longing look and laid down dead.

Abby rushed to Vanessa's side. She pulled out the syringes that Sommerfield gave her. She uncapped the one labeled Vanessa and injected her with it.

The last thing Vanessa saw was Drake. He looked peaceful. She laid her head in his lap and the darkness overwhelmed her.

Three months later

Blade was at the edge of the cliff. From the cliff he could see the water stretch for miles. He tossed his sword in and sighed. The war was over, so he didn't need it anymore.

"If it was my sword I would have kept it," came a familiar voice from behind him. He turned around to see Vanessa smiling. She was glowing. Blade had thought she was dead.

"You're alive?" he asked.

"Yeah. Abby gave me the cure and turned me human. Although I must say, the cure was as painful as the virus," she joked. "I'm staying with Abby, King, and Zoe. It took me awhile to find you. Did you know finding someone who is legally declared dead, is really hard?" Blade smiled.

"I'm glad you're alive. What are you going to do now that the war is over?" he sake curiously. He didn't even know what she did before. He was ashamed that he didn't even know his own daughter.

"I don't know. But I do need to finish college. I may get a job and start a family. Who knows what the future has in store. I would ask you the same question, but unlike king, I noticed you're not much of a people person." Blade looked down at that statement. It was the truth though. He came over and hugged her. When he pulled away, Vanessa had a look of shock on her face.

"Thank you for helping me with Drake," he said. Now it was Vanessa's turn to look away. Her wounds were still fresh from the outcome of her little affair with drake.

"You were right about what you said. I didn't look for your mother. But I did care. If I came back into her life suddenly, she would have been killed. I tried not to care, and by doing that I pushed her away. I'm sorry I wasn't there to be your dad." He truly did look sorry. Vanessa looked amazed at this new side of Blade.

"It's not your fault. You didn't know," she reassured. Blade turned away from her, his new side completely forgotten. Vanessa turned and walked away. Bale called out to her.

"Next time I'm in town, I'll look you up." Vanessa turned around and smiled. She kept on walking.

Vanessa walked into the waiting room and waited. The doctor called her in.

"Hello Vanessa! How are you doing?" he asked.

"I'm doing good. The cravings are driving me nuts and I can't stand orange juice. It makes me want to puke." She said all this and the doctor made notes on her chart.

"Ok, now. Lay down and lift your shirt up." She did as he said, and he applied a clear gel to her stomach. He turned on a monitor and moved the transducer across her stomach. She looked at the screen and almost cried.

"Everything's okay. You'll be just fine." He saw her looking at the screen. She reached her hand towards it, as if to stroke the image. He printed out what was on the screen and handed her the picture. She smiled.

"Yep. That's your baby."

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