Makoto sat there nervously awaiting for her turn to be interviewed. She was finally done with school and was now looking for a job. It was a high paying cooking job and she couldn't believe her luck when she got a phone call from one of the secretaries of the one and only Relena Peacecraft! It was all a blur. She could remember sitting at home doing nothing when the phone suddenly rang. She answered it hesitantly because she thought it might be a bill collector, but the call proved to be worth while (though after she hung up the phone rang again and she was so excited she frowned when she realized that the person on the other line just so happened to be a bill collector). It seems that her culinary arts teacher had some connections in the Sanq Kingdom and pulled some strings in order to get Makoto an interview. Makoto was so happy that she practically spent all of her money on food and baked it for her old teacher. But now she sat there fiddling with the bottom of her shirt wondering whether this was a good idea or not.

'What if I'm not good enough?' she thought. 'What if they don't like my cooking?' she kept thinking. It had been like that the whole afternoon. She just sat there and almost contemplated leaving but her stubborn side kicked in. 'You're not going home! You're the best cook in this place and if they don't like it, then they must be crazy.' so she sat there battling with her conscience.

"Ms. Kino, my boss will see you now," said the secretary.

"Oh…thank you," said Makoto with a nod. Her legs were wobbly when she stood up and before she opened the door she took a deep breath. "Here goes nothing." She then opened the door and poked her head through the opening.

"Ms. Kino, please come in, come in," he said as he waved his hand around at her. "Please take a seat."

Obediently, she seated herself in front of his desk and smiled.

"I have heard a lot of good things about you," said the man. "You know, Monsieur Louis (Makoto's culinary teacher) has said that you are the best student he has had in many years and usually when he says that he's right. He himself used to be the Peacecrafts' personal chef, that is until Ms. Relena's parents died. I had once gotten the opportunity to eat one of his delicious meals and I can tell you now that there has yet been a chef that could top off any of his work."

With a nod Makoto agreed and sat there listening to the rest of this man's babble.

"Well, that's enough about me, how about we learn a little bit more about you. Do you have any family?" he asked, suddenly becoming stern and more business like.

"No, I don't have any family," she replied sadly as she dropped her head a bit.

"No?" he said with a raised eyebrow. "Do you live with anyone?"

"No, I don't," said Makoto as she cleared her sad thoughts from her mind. "I live on my own in an apartment near Juuban High School. My Aunt, who is the only relative I have left, set me off to live on my own when I was sixteen."

"I see," said the man behind the desk. "Well, do you have a boyfriend?"

Makoto was slightly shocked at this question and hesitated in answering. Why on Earth would he ask a question like that?

"No, I don't have a boyfriend at the moment," she replied. She then saw him nod as he began to write something on a piece of paper in front of him.

"This is very good," he said as he continued nodding. "Do you have any close friends?"

Makoto nodded.

"Tell me about them," he said as he looked at her through his glasses.

"Well, I've got twelve really good friends from high school. Two of them are getting married this summer and are the sweetest couple I've ever seen. I have another friend named Rei who is a priestess at a nearby temple and lives with her grandfather. Then I have another friend named Mina who is very talented at volleyball but has dropped it for a career in acting. Then there's Setsuna who works at a clothing manufacturer as a designer, she's also really smart and very fashionable as you could probably guess." Her face beamed with excitement as she continued talking about her friends. "Then there's Michiru who is an accomplished painter, she also plays the violin accompanied by another friend of mine, named Haruka. Haruka also races professionally and is really good too. Oh, and then there's Hotaru who lives with them. She's such a sweet and intelligent girl, I love her so much. She's just so cute. I used to be her babysitter when she was younger. Then there's Ami, who is a super genius! She wants to become a doctor and is currently studying abroad. And finally, there's Luna and Artemis. They've really taught me a lot in life and I will never forget all of the things that they have done for me." she said while making sure to keep out the fact that Luna and Artemis were talking cats.

"I see," said the man. "You have quite a bit of ties to famous people. I went to one of Michiru's concerts and was very impressed. I also had the opportunity to see Haruka race, and that was quite shocked when I saw what she could do. She really knows how to handle a car. As for your friend Ami, I have also had a chance to meet her at a convention. She was one of the candidates for our search for scientists. Though we soon found out that she had no intention on joining and it turned out that someone else had signed her up for it. She would've been a fine choice had she been interested. She's a brilliant girl."

Makoto once again nodded in agreement.

"Other than that, I would say that you have somewhat of a regular life." he said as rubbed is chin. "Tell me, what extracurricular activities have you been in throughout your high school experience?"

Makoto cringed slightly thinking of the activities that she had taken part in during high school. 'Oh, I joined a group of Sailor Scouts and used my planetary powers to save and protect the Earth from the evil negaverse that had sworn vengeance on the innocent and wanted to rule the world. Not to mention, I'm the guardian of the Princess of the Moon who will someday return to her kingdom in Krystal Tokyo. Oh yeah, and all those friends that I just mentioned are all scouts too and are princesses of their own respective planets. And did I mention that we get all of our information from two talking cats who just so happen to be named Luna and Artemis?' she sweat dropped as she thought of the response and soon found him sitting there looking a little impatient.

"Well," started Makoto. "I was in the Culinary Arts club." the guy nodded. "And I was in the Gardening club too."

"Anything else outside of school?" he asked.

"Well, yeah. I worked at a café as a waitress. I had hoped to be a chef but it never worked out." said Makoto with a big smile hoping that he wouldn't ask anymore about the other 'extracurricular activities' that she took part of.

"Well, surely you didn't just work all the time," he said and Makoto's shoulders dropped. 'I'm cursed with bad luck' she decided as she sat there.

"Of course not, I used to hang out with my friends a lot when I wasn't at work." she answered.

"What kind of things would you guys do?" he asked.

"Oh you know, the usual."

"Which would be…" he continued.

"Umm," Makoto said nervously. "We would hang out and talk about…'stuff.'" That didn't seem to be much of a hard question but when she thought about it, all she could remember doing with her friends was fight the negaverse. She knew they had done other things together, but she just couldn't think of them. Besides, what did regular high school students do in their free time?

The man nodded and had a skeptical look on his face as he studied Makoto. She was smiling nervously and was fidgeting with her bracelet.

"Stuff, huh…" he said and Makoto nodded enthusiastically.

"Well you know, we talked about what all normal girls talked about." she slapped herself mentally as she said that. What a lame thing to say. Now for sure he was going to be suspicious. Suddenly Makoto didn't feel so good about this and wanted the interview to be over. "Why exactly are you asking me all of these weird questions anyways?" said Makoto. "I thought this an interview about my cooking not an investigation."

The man across from nodded and replied. "That is very true. It is an interview for cooking but you must understand that before we even consider hiring a new person to serve Ms. Relena Peacecraft, we must first get to know that person and who they're affiliated with. We can't just ask if your good at a certain thing and then hire you to find out that you were a spy that was sent to relinquish Ms. Peacecraft. So you see, it is a very important that we interview everyone in such a manner as I have to you."

"Oh," said Makoto in response. "I see. But why don't you just do a background check?"

"We have," he said as he cleared his throat. "And it seems you are pretty honest and everything you have said as been true to the report that we have on you. Except we only have knowledge of you having nine friends…this Luna and this Artemis that you mentioned aren't found anywhere within the report."

Makoto sweat dropped again. 'How am I supposed to get outta this one?' she thought.

"Well, they're not exactly human."

The man's eyebrow then raised as he said; "Is that so?"

"Yeah, they're cats." she said.

"Cats?" said the man. "I thought you said that you-"

"Learnt a lot from them?" she interrupted. "Yeah I did. They were silly cats that used to do a lot of crazy things like jump off roofs and such and get major injuries and such. That taught me that I shouldn't ever jump of a roof unless I know I can land it!" she made up lamely. "Oh, and Luna and Artemis are kind of the main source of my friends and mines inside jokes. You won't be able to understand them unless you know them. It's pretty much just us that find great life lessons from the silly cats' behavior."

Slowly the man nodded and decided to drop the subject which made Makoto glad.

"Well, I'm glad that we got that out of the way," he said. "When can you start?"

"Well, I'm busy this week-end, but I can start on-" she stopped. "Excuse me?" she asked.

"When can you start?" he repeated.

"Y-you mean I got the job?" she said in surprise.

"Yes, you did," he replied. "So, when can you start?"

Makoto was so ecstatic that she couldn't help but smile and couldn't quite find words to say. 'Gosh Makoto, it's just a job!' she thought to herself. "Well, I'm free on Monday," she finally managed to say.

"Good," said the man. "Monday it is. There's a train at 10:00 AM that is leaving for the Sanq Kingdom and I hope that you will make it there on time. I suggest that you pack everything that you value and make sure to spend your last few days here with your close friends because your new job won't leave you much time to talk with them. This is a traveling job Ms. Kino and it requires a lot of mobility on behalf of the employee. You may sometimes find that you won't be allowed to make any contact with any of your friends or family in certain circumstances and sometimes you will be able to contact them, but you must be able to handle it without suddenly becoming depressed and such. This job requires you to be somewhat detached from your loved ones. If it sounds like a job that you would not want then speak now."

She stayed there for a while thinking about it then nodded. Sure she loved her friends and all, but she had to become independent and go off on her own eventually. After all, it's not like there was pressing business holding her here. The negaverse was gone and her scouting days were finally over. They had all given up their powers and now she could live a regular life, starting today. "I'll take it." she said.

"Are you sure?" he asked again.

"I'm as sure as I could ever be," she replied. The man then nodded and handed her the train tickets.

"10:00 AM sharp," he said as he sat back down at his desk. "When you get to the Sanq Kingdom tell them that Sanjuuichi Makio, who is me, sent you to fill the head cook position in Relena's kitchen. Then show them this," he said as he handed her a sealed envelope. "If it's opened then they won't let you in so I suggest you keep it in a safe spot where it will stay closed."

Makoto then nodded and was dismissed with a good luck and suddenly found herself running home with excitement. She got home and burst through the door and immediately began packing. When she was done, she sat in her couch fatigued and picked up her phone to call the girls and invite them over for a get together the next day and they all agreed, with the exception of Ami being as she was overseas. Finally she had something to do. She felt greater than she had when she moved out here and found out she was a Sailor Scout. She had an extremely high paying job doing something that she loved and she knew very well that she could easily do it for the rest of her life. At last, she had something worth while to do and it didn't involve the negaverse or any weird activity.

There was no fighting left for her to do and for once she was thankful. It was a start of a regular life, something that was very refreshing to Makoto.

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