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Seems like all my half written stories are coming back to me so here you are, hope you like it. And in case you're wondering, yes, there is going to be a sequel to this. So without further ado...here you go.

Of Closure and Vending Machine Desicions

She walked through the ward smiling at the children and sometimes stopping to speak to others until she made her destination.At the end of the hallway was a glass room. Inside sat a sullen ten-year-old girl; her arms crossed and a scowl on her face.The doctor waved to the nurse who buzzed her into the room.The girl glanced up as the doctor entered, a small smile appearing on her face.

"Hey. What's up doc?" She asked.

The doctor sat down at the table across from her."Well, you're in solitary. Would you like to tell me how you got here?"

"I was framed." The girl insisted. "The other girl started it."

"You attacked her."

"She called me a raving psychopath!"

So, you attacked her with a game board?"
"She deserved it!"

The doctor leaned forward a bit.
"Tell me what she said.' She cajoled. The girl's head dropped.

"She said…he wouldn't love me when he saw the scars." She said, her voice very quiet.

The doctor sighed. "And that's when you came at her?"

The girl nodded.

"He said he would wait," she insisted, desperately trying to believe it. "He promised!"

The doctor nodded slowly.

"And he might. But you do have to remember, you two are only ten. Things change, feelings change. You'll need to be strong enough to carry yourself. He may not be there forever."

"But he promised." The girl insisted again.

"And use that, if it helps you for now. Use him as a crutch." The doctor tapped the side of her head. "In here. But don't let him hold you back. Use him as your conscience. Then one day, you'll realize that you're standing on you own, and he's just the added bonus if he's still around. If he isn't, you'll lose nothing."

The girl thought about it, then nodded. "Okay. That sounds doable. But I'm not apologizing to that bitch."

The doctor shook her head. "What is said in group stays in group. Bringing it out is in violation of the rules and she will be disciplined accordingly. But for now, what are we going to do?"

The girl sighed heavily. "Finish my stint in solitary and not beat the crap out of anyone else. Go to group so I can get better and get the hell out of here."

The doctor smiled. "Ellen, I think you're gonna be fine."

The girls grinned back. "Thanks Dr. Helga. You coming back tomorrow?"

The blond doctor stood up nodding. "I will see you tomorrow for your appointment. Remember Ellen, no more beating the crap out of the other girls."


When she graduated High School Helga had decided what she wanted to do. So with the help of her mentor, Dr. Bliss, she packed up her bags, and with the money she'd saved from odd jobs during school and the full scholarship to the University of Vermont, she moved to Burlington. There she spent the years studying and working towards her goal. She wanted to become a psychiatrist like Dr. Bliss. She received her Doctorate, and did her internships and after fifteen years, Helga Pataki had become Dr. Helga Pataki, psychiatrist specializing in adolescents and teens. She opened her practice and got on staff at a couple of the hospitals she'd interned at during her apprenticeship.

After high school, she dived headlong into her new dream, not keeping up with friendships or even letting her family know where she was. After her goal was achieved, she called her sister to tell her. Sometimes she regretted not staying in touch with her old friends but that part of her life was over. In order to become a new person, she had to give up her old life, and old loves…well, some of them.

She pulled her car into the office building that housed her practice and got out. The day had started earlier then she expected and all she wanted to do was sort through her stuff and get some decent coffee before she first patient of the day arrived.

As she entered the reception area, Lindsey, her receptionist looked up and offered a smile.

"Morning, Dr. Pataki. Your mail is on your desk and the coffee pot is finished."

Helga offered her a return smile. "Remind me to give you a raise one of these days Lindsey."

She walked into the plush office, and shut the door. Carrying her coffee mug to her desk, she plopped down in her chair and sorted through the mail. One caught her attention. Picking it up, she glanced at it. The front just read her name and the office's address. Frowning, she opened it and her heart froze as she read the enclosed letter.

Hillwood High is having the 20th reunion of the Class of 2008.

And you're invited!

Join us for the picnic on Friday evening at 6:00 at Tina Park by the Boat Lake.

The reunion is Saturday, September 15th at 6:00 at Hillwood Community Center. Dinner starts promptly at 7:00 and Entertainment will follow.

Come join us and reunite with old friends and classmates.

Please return your RSVP with how many will attend by July 29th.

Helga picked up her phone and dialed a number. The phone on the other end rang a couple of times, before someone picked it up.

"Jennifer? You're still in town aren't you? Good, I need to talk to you."

Doctor Jennifer Bliss looked at the invitation, and then placed it back down on the table in front of Helga. She'd come to town the week before to visit with some old colleagues and see Helga. Right now, Helga was glad she'd come.

The older woman looked at her friend and former patient and shrugged.

"So? Are you going?"

"I haven't been to Hillwood since I graduated high school." She stated.

"So this is the perfect opportunity to catch up with old friends."

I don't think I have any old friends anymore." Helga said. "I didn't exactly keep in touch when I left. Besides I have responsibilities here."

"You didn't go to your 10 year, and I understand that." Jennifer Bliss said. "10 years isn't really that far out of high school, and you were still in school. But this is your 20th reunion. Personally I'd be curious to see how everyone looked." The older woman smiled. "And show some of them up with the PhD behind your name."

Helga smiled. "That would be rewarding. But I still don't know."

Jennifer moved her coffee cup and leaned towards the younger woman. She knew exactly why she was hesitant. "Helga, it's been twenty years. Aren't you the least bit curious to see him?"

Helga looked up at her a moment, then sighed. "Why do you think I'm hesitant to go to this thing? I've spent twenty years trying to forget and I still haven't managed it. The last thing I need is to go to this thing, find out he's chiseled and drop dead gorgeous and happily married to Lila Sawyer. I'd end up in a variation of the wards I visit."

"And if you don't go, you'll regret it for the rest of your life, wondering what if?" Jennifer reached over and touched her hand.

"Go. See old friends. See him and get him out of your system. I'll be in town and if you need to leave early and need a place to cry hysterically, you can call and I'll come get you. I even promise I won't check you in."

Helga laughed.

"You need to do this." Jennifer said seriously. "You teach your patients about closure. You need to practice that yourself."

Helga nodded. "You're right. Guess I'm going."