Chapter rating: R

Characters/Pairings: Winry/Envy,

Summary: Winry has been captured by Envy, who has chosen to take his rage out on her in order to get to Edward…But will a relation ship built of nothing but hate and spite bring about something more?

Warnings: Foul Language, Angst, Rape & Dark Themes

Chapter Edited: 01/08/2009

Disclaimer: I do not own Envy, Wrath, Winry, or any of the other FMA characters but they would make a nice Christmas gift…

A Not So Envious Love Story Ch.1

"Ah- Finally awake I see?" The voice was low, and somehow effeminate. Though it made little difference to the girl on the floor. Winry flinched opening her eyes slowly in the hopes that they would adjust to the darkness enough for her to make out her surroundings.

It looked like a cell…

In her attempt to move the young blonde finally came to realize just how dire her situation was turning out to be, her wrists weighed heavily down by cast iron shackles, blood streaming down from what appeared to be a fresh gash above her right eye seeping down and soaking her beautiful golden, blonde hair.

Biting lightly on her lower lip she tried recalling the last thing she could. She had been walking home from a house call- a man who had been having trouble with his new arm-and all of a sudden she was down, a harsh blow to the head knocking her out. By the throbbing of her skull she was surprised the blow hadn't been fatal…

Hearing movement behind her, Winry sharply turned to the side. Remembering the words that had torn her from the forced darkness of the blow. "Wh- Who are you" Her tone nervous and unsure.

"Awww I'm hurt, you always hang around with the Fullmetal brat right? I'm surprised he didn't at least worn you about me, the names Envy" Winry remained silent until he was done.

"What do you want with me? And what exactly have you done to Ed-!"


"Good little hostages only speak when spoken to. So I'd suggest you hold that tongue of yours. I'm not in the best mode right now and I might just choose to take it out on you…"

The mechanic glared up at her captor, her cheek still red from the hit. "Aww, don't give me that look," Kneeling down to her current eye-level the sin smirked before his hand shot forward once more, this time gripping her chin tightly in his fist.

"You know as well as I do that pouting will get you no where here-

Anger getting the best of her, and with her tormentor's proximity so close to her face she acted on impulse- spitting directly in the sins face.

"That was a very rude…and foolish thing to do." Winry barley had any time to react before she was shoved harshly back, her already injured head slamming against the unforgiving brick wall behind her.

Dizzy and disoriented she barley registered Envy's movements as his fist gripped the front of her black tube top before effortlessly ripping it from her body. Sparing no time before his other hand moved to her sweat pants, slipping them off of her in a single movement. Leaving her in nothing but a pair of pink lace panties.

Regaining her equilibrium she pushed herself up on her elbows covering herself the best she could with her arms. "Now, now none of that" The sin growled out as he pined her arms behind her effectively halting her struggles as his legs moved to pin hers down to the cold floor.

A yelp broke the momentary silence in the room as he began to drag the sharp talons of his hand across her chest.

"I have to see that you pay for that little stunt you just pulled." A manic smile formed on his lips as he stared down at the bleeding flesh, another cry followed by another and yet another one as he worked to carve- something into her skin…

Making no effort to silence her screams he finished, a little too quickly for his own liking.

The Oroborus, the symbol of the serpent devouring its own tail, was now carved in to her pale skin-minus the star emblem at the center.

"Hmmm, you know all that blood makes you look kinda cute." He whispered huskily into her ear, her body now trembling with sobs as the open wound began to burn agents the open air.

"Aw it hurts doesn't it?" He asked his tone mocking as his hands moved to inflict further damage on her thighs and hips.

Snickering down at the defenseless blonde Envy's newly clawed hand slowly made contact with the tender flesh just below her navel before he slowly dragged his index finger in a thin line to the hem of her panties effectively cutting them from her body, making her gasp.

"Now then you have two choices in front of you- either you can be a good little girl and not fight OR, you can and I can make sure that it hurts" Panic made her struggle, her captors exasperated sigh making her pause in her movements.

"To bad, I guess you leave me no choice." Securing her to the ground once more he moved to straddle her naked waist.

"Now I'll give you one more chance to say you're sorry or, He extended his arm a momentary flicker of lights surrounding the appendage as it shifted and into a long slender blade.

I won't spare you any pain." His smile then would have been enough to send even the most seasoned f lunatics in to a corner pleading to make it stop.

"I-I'm S-sorry" she hissed out still in a significant amount of pain from the burning wound scaring her chest.

"Aw, apologue accepted however," In a flash the blade disappeared, sheathing itself into the once spared skin of left her thigh, the resulting scream was almost enough to break the sound barrier- or so the homunculus thought moving quickly the scream was muffled as he roughly smothered her lips with his own, forcing his tongue in her mouth.

It lasted a few moments before he pulled away from her and allowed her to breathe again.

"Now, this is going to hurt…but then again that's what I'm hoping for…" He whispered into her ear, his breath was warm against Winry's neck, making her shiver slightly.

Another flash of light and his clothes were gone and he was forcing her legs apart as wide as they would go. She gave one last whimper of panic before he thrusted relentlessly into her.

Biting down on her lower lip hard, drawing blood, trying her best not to cry out in pain as he stole her virginity from her.

"Scream and I'll go easier on you..." He murmured a maniacal chuckle escaping his mouth, but she only shook her head 'no'.

"Wrong response!" He growled out plunging deeper inside of her it seemed like forever since the sin had first penetrated her body, but in her already weakened state she could not take much more of the torture.

Finally, despite her countless efforts she cried out-begging, pleading for him to stop.

Sadly her pleas met def ears as the homunculus above her continued to enter her over and over again until the sin above her shuddered-releasing deep into her body, filling her with unwanted warmth that sickened her to the core.

Panting slightly he pulled out of her and stood up.

In a flash he was clothed once more leaving no signs of the horrendous acts he had just taken part in.

"I'll be back in a little while, Turning on a heel to leave he stopped short at the door.

Oh and don't even think about escaping because not only will I find you, but I'll make sure you suffer a fate far worse then death."

Tears streamed down the now broken girls face as she stared up at him fearfully nodding shakily in understanding collapsing the moment she heard the door slam, welcoming the darkness that embraced her...

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