Chapter rating: PG-13 - R

Characters/Pairings: Winry/Envy,

Summary: Winry has been captured by Envy, who has chosen to take his rage out on her in order to get to Edward…But will a relation ship built of nothing but hate and spite bring about something more?

Warnings: Foul Language, Angst, & Dark Inner Turmoil! (OMG)

Disclaimer: I Own Nothing, NOTHING YOU HEAR ME!!! --runs to her corner and cries--


A Not So Envious Love Story Ch.17


Envy stirred as the warm pastel colors of the rising sun flittered in and out of the window, as clouds past over the sun. Making a move to turn over and doze back off, he closed his half lidded eyes once more, only to be rudely jolted up thanks the annoying song of a bird.

'If you can even call that squawking a song' He thought bitterly seeing as he was still tired.

'Awww is the palm tree bitching again'

Envy went pale hearing a familiar voice inside of his head.

Now he, like most has a subconscious that speaks to him every now and then, be it out of boredom or if needed, to bring something Envy is too thick headed to see himself to his attention.

However, UNLIKE most he not only has a subconscious but something else as well. A monster if you will, that was the main cause of most if not all of his anger and rage problems, and if the time should ever occur that this monster should take control like it had many times when he was still learning to control it, the consequences would be a body count well in to the thousands….

'How the hell did you even get out!'

'Tsk, tsk, is that all you can say to me? After all you and I haven't had a proper conversation since the first time you dragged that blonde girl to Dante's home.'

'GRRR, shut up and get back into your cage!'

'Oww Envy I'm hurt! You know that girl has changed you, I mean- you used to be heartless and blood thirsty. But look at yourself your becoming…WEAK! Now think about it, all you have to do is destroy the cause and the problem is gone'

'Stop It!'

'Just think-all you need to do is shift your arm in to something more practical-a blade per say, raise it just above her heart and don't look back…problem solved'

His mind cloudy, an alchemic blue light slowly engulfed Envy's left arm causing it to glow and morph at the 'green monsters' command having virtually no control over his own actions the homunculus's arm rose shakily at a slow pace until it was at the desired mark.

Just then he stopped.

His eyes flickering from a sinister red back to there original mild violet coloring as he heard his name being whispered by the still sleeping girl.

'P-Problem Not Solved!!!'

His limb once again under his own control he shifted it back to its original form soon stumbling backward, griping the offending appendage tightly at his side. The sinister voice that had been echoing through his mind not long ago vanishing for the time.

'That was to close, I have to be more careful when talking to that thing, he almost took control if only-SMASH!?!?!?!?

Jumping up once more he quickly shifted on some clothes and rushed in to the living room just in time to see Wrath rushing to salvage the broken vase.

"What the hell happened!"

"Umm" the wild child stuttered "I kind of knocked it over.

Envy rolled his eyes "Well I can see that you woke me up!!!"

Envy snarled at the child forgetting his conversation with the monster from earlier.

"I Woke YOU up! At lest you slept, I was to busy try to find something to plug my ears with!!!! Do you have any Idea how traumatized I am from the sounds I heard coming from your room last night!!!"

The elder sin blushed a deep scarlet and stuttered his reply.

"T-that's none of your business!"

"Maybe not, but that didn't stop me from recording the whole thing, Wait till Greed and Lust hear this" Wrath said smirking all the while.

"Your Dead!!!!!!!"


(With Winry)

The blonde teen stared down at the fading bruises scattered across her once perfect skin.

Brushing her index and middle finger against the sick greens and off purples applying presure every now and then to see if they still hurt one mark in particular on her hip that caused her to actually hiss out in pain.

'Well ay least now you know why lying down on your side for so long hurt as bad as it did.'

'Huh, I guess.'

'Awww what's with the tone I thought you'd finally be happy, for once every thing is turning around.'

'True but I still feel a little weird about this whole thing…like I'm missing something obvious and I just can't out my finger on it.'

'HeHe well I don't really want to play captain obvious but—'

Her internal discussion halted when a sudden cry shattered her thoughts.


"Damnit what now?!"

Jumping up from her seat beside the tub Winry clutched the towel tightly at its edge and rushed from the room in time to see Wrath dash behind the kitchen counter top, just narrowly missing the rain of knifes falling closely in his path.

"You Almost Hit Me!!!" cried the younger of the damned taking up refuge behind an open cabinet brandishing a near by spatula as his, now, only means of defense.

"Well who's fault is that? Stay still and my aim will get better damnit!!!!"

"Ahhhhhh" Winry had enough at this point.

"Envy!" The green haired manic halted almost instantaneously upon hearing her yell.


"What do you mean what! You were chasing him around with a knife!"

"But not with the not with the intent to kill…"

"Liar!" Wrath piped in.

"Shove a sock in it you little-"

"Envy the hell is wrong with you!?"

"A lot of things but if you leave the room right now and swear not to look back I can promise to make one of them disappear…"

"Ugg!" Winry groaned rubbing her temple in an attempt to relive some of the stress that wouldn't stop forming.

"I do not have the patients right now to deal with this, both of you just work this out on your own!"

Before Envy even had the chance to give chase once more. The blonde female appeared behind him and in one swift movement snatched the knives form him.

"No Violence! Talk it out for once- a crazy thought I know but this isn't even our home to begin with so any damage ends up costing me otta' my pocket!"

"But he- she didn't give him the chance to finish.

"Don't Care!" 'Hell hath no fury like a woman's rage' the Green haired male thought doing his best to hold back his sniggering.

With that she went back to the bathroom tacking extra care to slamming the door behind her. Letting the towel fall to the floor she turned on the water in the shower tacking one last look at the countless discolored patches of skin that seemed to look sicker through the glass of the mirror then it did before her own eyes.

She sighed once more "They'll fade soon…"

'ah, but will they ever truly go away?'

Choosing it wiser to ignore her other self she stepped into the shower waiting for the warm water to wash away the start of a good day turned bad.

"Today is going to be a loooong day…"


Winry walked back into her bedroom having heard and seen nothing from either of her walking headaches on the way. She was surprised to find Envy staring out the window lost deeply in thought.

"Hey-" He jerked back roughly, sending her a dark glare before speaking.

"Don't startle me like that!" The sin all but yelled.

"Sorry, You okay?" Winry spoke in a calm voice making it appear as if she was just to tired to argue with the hot headed manic.

"Hmm?" was his only reply.

"You seem out of it, What's up?"

"I was just thinking" '

"You know what you need?"

Envy raised his eyebrow questioningly to this. "Sanity?"

Winry resisted the urge to roll her eyes and smiled "No a hug!"

"What are you on?"

Winry violently shook her head clutching her skull.

"Uhh sorry about that it was the medication talking but I think I'm good now…are you ok?"

"Not really"

"Anything I could do?"

Engulfed in her concern she did not take notice to the sinister smirk the sin was giving her while his back was turned "Maybe one thing…"

"What?" She didn't even have time to blink before he pounced laughing maniacally before pining her to the bed.

"Oh, I could probably thin k of a few things that would make me…perk up a bit.."

His smirk widened at the blush the innuendo had risen on the teen mechanics face.

"W-wrath is in here we can't.."

He silenced her by crushing his lips down on hers with a bruising force, all the while gripping her hips with a strength only a immortal could pull of. Pulling back to let her breath he did his best to contain his amusement at the flushed look on her face.

"Don't you worry about the brat,"

He pulled her closer to him, his hands moving from her hips to her waist maneuvering so his lips close to her ear whispering smugly

"He's been, she gasped at the unexpected thrust his hip made against her own.

"Dealt With…"

The rest of that after noon was a passion filled blur….

He couldn't believe how she made everything feel new.

She was warm like the sun.

He acquainted himself with her body once more, every kiss and every touch soft and sweet almost like he was a different person all together.

He blushed lightly whispering caring words into her ear.

She cried his name with no other thought then of that moment and that maybe just maybe this day hadn't really been so bad after all….

And where was Wrath during this juicy love fest? Bound and gagged locked not - so - safely – under the kitchen sink, repetitively slamming his head backward in a feeble attempt to drown out the noises coming from the next room….poor thing doesn't even know how futile it is…


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