Summary: 003 indirectly broke 009's heart and now he's 'gone to his kids.' He's gone for seven years until 007 runs across an add for the play 'Mama Mia' with Joe as one of the starring roles! They go to try and track him and finds out that he wasn't actually what he said he was.

The beginning of this is a lot like a soap opera but that's the only way I could get into the sort of 'how big an idiot 002 is' mood.

Chapter One:

The goodbye letter

009 paced in front 003's door repeating his mantra, 'I'm going to tell her. I'm going to tell her!' Finally after around fifteen minutes he decided to go in. The young leader put his hand on the doorknob and pushed.

Earlier 003 had been working on book 009 had recommended. She'd been to absorbed in her reading to even realize that she wasn't alone. "Hey, 003." Said 002's rough voice behind her, 003 turned quickly and grinned at him. "Hey 002. Is anything wrong?" She asked. "No." Was his answer before he lay a heavy hand on her shoulder and leaned in kissing her hard. She started to pull away but stopped, immobilized.

009 stopped dead in his tracks as he saw 002 kiss her and stay. He kept his face strong as he turned and walked out of the door slamming it behind him, breaking the two apart. A look of shock spread across 003's face. She started to the door but 002 grabbed her arm. "Forget about him, he's old enough and strong enough to know you were out of his league. He shouldn't get all huffy at the thought that he didn't get something he'd been to stupid to try and get." And he pulled her back to kiss but she slapped his face and ran to the door.

009 locked him self into his room and sat on his bed. He looked over to three frames on his dresser. He stood, grabbing them and stuffing them into a bag along with some clothes, and other photos (mostly of 003). He picked up his cell-phone and dialed a number, "Hi Elli…Where's Marie at? I need to gather the kids from her…thanks…and do you think we could say with you for a while? I'll take that job offer, and this time you'll be able to keep an eye on me… I don't care how small the part… Thanks, I'll see you soon."

003 had been knocking on his door for a while and he couldn't stand it much longer, he wrote a hasty note, then turned on his accelerator and moved quickly out of the room not even glancing at her face. In less than no time, he was at an airport trying to get a ticket to America. Those three were a good enough reason for him to want to leave.

003 stopped when the door opened and she knew he was gone but she still went in. There was nothing in there except a note addressed to the whole team. She quickly read over it before she started to cry. 003 ran down to the main room where everyone had gathered to watch and criticize, 'Who wants to be a millionaire?'

"009's gone!" She announced dramatically standing in front of the TV. "Huh?" asked 004 wondering what in the world she was talking about. 003 sniffed and said, "Just listen to this.

'My friends, since Black Ghost is gone I truly have no reason to hang around. If this seems like I'm running away, well you can think that, I don't care. The truth is the kids need me so much right now, sorry, 009.'"

003 slumped down on a couch and gave the note over to Dr. Gilmore's hand. They passed the letter around all reading his letter. They couldn't believe it, 009, their leader, was gone!

Two days later in the Ghettos of a Californian town. Joe stood on the front porch of an apartment badly in need of paint, taking the hand of a little boy only 6 years old and smiling at him softly saying, "I'm sorry Kohaku." He looked up at the other little girl and boy that stood on the other side of the threshold. "I'm sorry, to all of you. I promise I'll be a better dad from now on. Your aunt said she'll board us until we can afford our own home." He held out his arms and the children all gathered in them, hugging him back.

"Thank God you're taking them away!" exclaimed and high-pitched and exasperated voice behind them. A young woman black haired woman only a year younger than Joe, maybe 17 or 18, in a striper outfit sashayed to the door leaning down seductively when she saw Joe. Joe stood up and the little girl grabbed his pant leg stepping away from the woman.

"So Mariah, this is what you've degraded yourself to." She just sniffed and crossed her arms, "I'd say the same, but at least you're taking them away. Just come in and get their things." The she went back inside and he followed being very sure to keep his distance.

In the next few days Joe and the three kids were on a plane to New York. He examined the kids faces. Two were in the chairs next to him while the other was in his lap. The one on his lap was the little girl, she had grown her white/blonde hair out very long, she had a strong face, just like Joe, and he remembered the color of her eyes, a deep golden color with a small glint of innocent life. She had been named Aura, and the name fit very well.

The other two were boys. One was slightly taller than the rest even though they were all the same. He had orange hair that shone with care; Kohaku must have taken care if it since Marie would never. Kohaku's eyes were just like Aura's only harder and much less trusting.

The last had been named Tsukasa but he wasn't sleeping, just staring off at the ceiling. Tsukasa had gray colored hair he kept under a hat and sincere red eyes like Joe's. He was so thankful they looked nothing like Marie. "Tsu? What's wrong?" Joe asked trying to reposition himself. "Dad, something made you want to get us, what happened between you and the other cyborgs? You're blocking your mind from us." His voice was cutting even if he was only seven.

Joe laughed tentatively. "What are you talking about Tsu?" Tsukasa looked over sharply at him. "We're just like you Dad. We're Switchers too, and with the ability we're also able to read the minds of our loved ones." Joe sighed, he hated getting lessons from his kids. "I know Tsu. It's just that I want to forget." Tsukasa left it at that.

Five hours later they were standing outside of a huge manor outside of New York in the pouring rain. "You're kidding, Aunt Elli lives here?" Aura asked, nonplused. "Yep and she's gonna take us in for a while." Kohaku and Aura ran forward, down the long drive to the door, Tsukasa staying at Joe's side.

At the door a young lady greeted them, probably in her very early twenties maybe only 21. She wore her long blonde hair in a ponytail with bangs falling into dark blue eyes. "About time you got here." She taunted hugging each of the kids. Joe was a bit sheepish, "I was working on a small pension, leave me alone."

"Oh well, we'll talk about your auditions later. I already have rooms prepared. I'll have Mina take you three up, Joe I want to talk to you." Joe winced but he let the housekeeper take the kids. "I thought you said we'd talk tomorrow." Elli shook her head. "I've decided that I'm gonna help you catch up on the schooling you missed." "I thought you were going to hire a tutor." Elli shook her head and took out her ponytail, leading him across the hallway to a large oak door.

Elli turned her reproachful eyes on him. "I may own the Centennial Plaza and act in some of the productions but I did gradate and get my degree as a teacher. I'm officially able to teach any grade. And why in the world do you think I would let a total stranger teach my closest friend. I still think you should have let mum adopt you." Joe hugged her and laughed softly. "Thanks Elli." "G' Night." Elli said before walking into the room.

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Preview of next chapter:

003 fingered the knife lazily staring at the blade. The others had learned not to take her thoughts of suicide seriously, so they just sat there at the table and read their papers. 003 set down the knife and put her head on the table. "He's been gone seven years." She muttered glancing half-heartedly glancing at the calendar. "We haven't even heard from him once."