The rain fell, a constant sheet of water on the bleak, deserted city. Nobody had come here for several dozen years, and the steady streaks of lightning flashing about showed all of the abandoned buildings, and, more remarkably, the two figures standing on top of a small two-story house. Light reflected from their weapons as they circled each other, blood flowing from each of them in dozens of little rivulets.

"It's for Jacqueline, Isaac. It's all for Jacqueline!"

Isaac panted, shaking his head to get the rainwater out of his eyes. He was done. He and his opponent both knew it. There was no escape for him now. The next attack would be his last stand.

The figure lunged forward, weapon leading.

Isaac jumped out of the way, grabbing his opponent's arm as he came forward. Using it as a pivot, Isaac turned, attempting to drive his elbow into the other's face.

"It won't work, Isaac!"

The figure's other hand grabbed his elbow, forcing it down so that the two of them were locked in an embrace, staring up at each other as they held each other's weapons at bay. The figure grinned.

"Don't do this!" Isaac stammered, his fear finally beginning to show. "This isn't you! You would never do something like this!"

"You're so naive, Isaac." The figure leaned in close, so that Isaac could feel the hot breath on his face. "I've always had the potential to do this. It's always been waiting, somewhere beneath the surface. You just provided the means."

"No..." Isaac began, but was cut short as his opponent's forehead flew forward, snapping into his own face. Isaac dropped his weapon, and his enemy threw him off the edge of the building.

He hit the earth a few dozen feet below painfully hard, and felt several of his bones break. With a great force of will, Isaac managed to turn himself enough to look away from the shadow jumping down from the roof of the house. He missed the sight of that weapon, flashing blindingly as lightning tore across the sky. Instead, he looked up at the clouds, the rain, the sky. Soon he would be up there, he hoped. Soon he would have his peace.

This was the end.