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Description: How would things have turned out if it was Sophia they knew about and not Fayt? A twist on the original plot. Sophia haters should turn back now as this is Sophia-centric.

Note: This will go a lot by the game but some places will have dramatic changes. This starts after the initial Vendeeni attack on Hyda. If you're wondering about pairings…see my other stories and all questions will be answered. (There will be pairings, but not immediately)

Special Note: Here's a special thank you to Keeki who has inspired me and has no problem with me putting up my own version of a 'what if Sophia landed on Elicoor'. As you will see, this is totally different, so I hope you enjoy.

Star Ocean: The Untold Story

Chapter 1: Separations and Fears

Tears swelled in her eyes. All the horrors she had witnessed weighted heavily on her. Her heart pounded furiously in her chest as she stared in disbelief out of the window of the escape pod.

The glass which made a barrier between her and space, seems thin and fragile as she watched the Vendeeni battle ship. What had started as the dream vacation of a life time had turned into a trip to hell. Sophia prayed that the trip would not be one way. Her breaths grew short as she watched the battle ship close the distance toward her. She swallowed hard in an attempt not to panic.

Her eyes became fixated on the metal death trap as it moved through space. Then a sudden light flashed, causing her to blink her eyes a few times. She was unable to comprehend what had just happened, but one minute she was drifting and the next she was literally being tossed through space.

She clenched her eyes shut and held on tight to the chair she sat in. The small escape pod tumbled through the open space as if it were no more than a leaf in a heavy wind. When the shuttle finally gained its balance, Sophia let out her long held breath. She opened her eyes and frantically searched the window. The Vendeeni battle ship was gone.

In fact, she could see nothing around her at all.

"Computer," she finally said with a tremble in her voice. "A-are there any other ships around?"

"Negative," the metallic voice responded.

"Not even another escape pod?"


"What was that flash?"

"There is not enough data to determine the source. Sensors detected a flux in space manipulation at the time of the flash. Orientation is still unknown."

"Okay," Sophia sighed. She rubbed her head lightly with her finger tips. "What am I suppose to do now?" She did her best not to feel defeated, but for once in her life she was completely alone.

"Life-supporting planet found."

Sophia looked up. "Where?"

"Elicoor II, located approximately 0.2 light years from present location. Axial tilt of 32.6 degrees. Surface gravity of 0.9 G. The Federation has classified Elicoor II as an Underdeveloped Planet. Civilization level: approximately equivalent to 17th- century Earth. Since its people are constantly at war, no data is available for the total population of sentient life forms. Would you like to review the Underdeveloped Planet Preservation Pact?"

"No, I've already gone over it. Thanks."

She stared out the window. He mind was filled with so many thoughts that they became jumbled. She felt a headache starting as memories flashed in her mind.

'Where are you Fayt? Will I ever see you…or anyone again?'

Sophia yawned. She really hadn't gotten much sleep and what little she managed to get wasn't very relaxing. "I'm going to take a nap. Notify me if anything happens."


She leaned her chair back and closed her eyes. Before long sleep set in. She dreamed happily of her seventeenth birthday. Even nine and a half months later, her mind recalled that day perfectly and down to every detail. She smiled.


Fayt leaned back in his seat. His mind replayed his goodbyes to his parents at Hyda and to Sophia later at the pods. He was on his way to Vanguard III now; a dramatic change from anything he could have imagined his vacation would turn out to be like. As anxious as he was to get out of the pod, there was no way to keep his thoughts from turning to the people he cared about.

He slept and dreamed of his parents. A wall of fire separated him from them. He watched as his father and mother were shot down. He tried to cry out but there was no voice to accompany his open mouth. He shifted from one foot to the other, unable to find a way to the other side of the wall. Then a hand fell on his shoulders. He turned to see Sophia. She was surrounded by a soft light. She smiled, but there was melancholy in her face.

The pod issued a soft alarm, bringing Fayt out of sleep. He blinked a few times. "A dream, that's all it was," he whispered as he rubbed his head.

"Ship detected at mark 12.065."

Fayt sat up and studies the screen. "Can you identify the ship? Is it a Federation rescue ship or another Vendeeni?"

"Unable to identify ship. Sensors confirm it is neither Federation nor Vendeeni."

Fayt grew uneasy. 'At least it's not Vendeeni. Maybe I should hail them and check this out.'

Before he could give the order to hail the ship, the other ship hailed him.

"In coming hail," announced the computer.

'Like I didn't already know that.'

"On screen."

Fayt was greeted by a man who appeared to be about twice his age. He had blonde hair and blue eyes. What really caught Fayt's attention was that the man had a tattoo which wrapped around his neck.

"Yo, this is Cliff Fitter of the Eagle. Seems you're in a bit of a jam. Care for a hand?"

Fayt studied the man wearily. "You're not from the Federation are you?"

Cliff let out a chuckle. "Who, me? From the Federation? Ha, yeah, that's a good one!"

Fayt let out a grunt. "Then what reason do you have for helping me out?"

"It's…complicated," Cliff sighed. "Besides, which would you prefer – to be on board the Eagle with a chance of returning home or stuck on an underdeveloped planet?"

Fayt crossed his arms. "The Federation will send someone out for me eventually."

"Rrright. If you haven't noticed kid, the Federation has its hands full with the Vendeeni right now. You'd be better off with us."

Fayt took a minute to consider the man's point. There was no telling how long it would take the Federation to find him. He couldn't be looking for his parents or Sophia on an underdeveloped planet.

"Okay, but I would still like to know what you're up to."

"Fair enough," Cliff responded. "Why don't we transport you here to talk? There's nothing like a good talk face to face."

Fayt was still cautious. There was something he wasn't being told. Still, this was the best option he had. "Sure."

"Good, we'll be transporting you shortly." Cliff turned off the monitor and looked to his navigator.

"Are you sure about this, Cliff?"

"Yeah. Besides, Mirage, it'll be easier if we take him along."

Mirage smiled softly at him. "How will it be easier?"

Cliff winked at her. "He's the same boy I spotted with the target on Hyda. If we can gain his trust then we'll have an easier time convincing her to come along." Cliff let out a soft chuckle. "That and I did some research. Seems he's the good doctor's son."

Mirage nodded. "I'm sure she'll want to meet him as well."

"Now you're thinking. Why bring her just Sophia when we can bring her the doctor's own son also?"


Sophia aroused from her sleep. She had lost track of how many days she'd been confined to the tight space of the shuttle. She left her seat and shuffled through the provisions. To her dismay she noticed the food rations were running dangerously low. She was down to five supplement bars, two cans of tuna fish, and one container of dried apple bits.

She plucked out a supplement bar and sat back at the controls. She tore the wrapper off and took a bite. The food was neither great nor bad; it was just bland and boring.

"Computer, how long until we reach Elicoor II?" she asked between bites.

"We are less then 30 minutes from the atmosphere."

She took the last bite and got up. She had just enough time to get some water and secure the items she had drug out before she landed.

She had just finished up and sat back in the seat when the computer alerted her to fasten all safety harnesses. She had traveled to other planets before, but this was her first landing. Normally she would be transported to the surface. She was nervous.

The shuttle broke through the atmosphere. When the first wave hit the ship, she let out a small yelp. Her hands clenched tightly to the seat, causing her knuckles to turn white. She gritted her teeth as her whole body was subject to uncontrollable jerks.

Then the shuttle ceased to shake. She let out a sigh of relief, but quickly realized the worst was yet to come. She still had to land.

She watched for what felt like minutes as the land come closer. Finally, overcome with apprehension, she shut her eyes just seconds before the crash. When everything had come to a stop, she opened her eyes. She sat still for a while, gaining her balance.

She willed herself to unlatch the safety belt. Moving quickly, she set to the task of gathering her remaining provisions. She was more then ready to be out of the shuttle. It didn't take long for her to place the food items, along with a canteen of water in a bag.

"Let's see…I don't know what to expect so I might need some type of weapon. Times like this I envy Fayt and his 'simulator love'. Let's see, a staff should do it. That shouldn't look too out of place here."

She instructed the computer to make her a staff and before long she was out of the shuttle. She hung the bag on her shoulders like a book bag and carried the staff with the top resting on her shoulder.

She surveyed her surroundings. It seemed she had landed on a mountain of some kind. She opened her quad scanner and quickly located the nearest village. She studied the distance and shot a glance overhead. There was no way she would make it before nightfall.

She reluctantly climbed back into the shuttle. She would spend the night there and leave first thing in the morning.


The King of Airyglyph sat forward in his seat. "Well, what is it?"

"We were unable to identify it, Your Majesty, but our soldiers said a girl emerged from it before retreating back inside." The guard stood at perfect attention.

The King pressed his lips together. "It is possible that the contraption could be a new Aquarian weapon. We'll need to investigate this issue further. What think you, Woltar?"

The elderly man nodded. "If this object is truly a new Aquarian weapon, then we are in trouble. Aquaria has shown an admirable ability to wage war of late."

Vox leaned forward, mimicking the King. "Lord Woltar appears to lack confidence." He turned his cold stare to Woltar. "Airyglyph has your Storm Brigade cavalry, Albel's Black Brigade heavy cavalry, and my winged Dragon Brigade for good measures! They stand no chance against our legions, Sire. Their weapons have proven themselves little threat to us. Anything they throw at us, we return in spades."

"Pride comes before the fall. Surely a measure of prudence would do us no harm. Right, Albel?" Woltar countered.

Albel kept his relaxed demeanor. "Heh... If she's the enemy, we kill her. If she isn't, we use what is needed to turn the tide of this war further in our favor. Simple!"

Woltar shook his head. "If only things were as simple as you say..."

"Regardless, we have yet to see any evidence the object is a new Aquarian weapon," Vox chimed in.

"I agree," the King responded. "I'll send out some men to apprehend the passenger and bring her into custody."

Albel let out a soft grunt, drawing the King's attention to him. Albel gave the King a half glance. "What's the big deal? Just find out whether she's an enemy or not. If that's too much trouble, I'll be happy to take care of her myself."

Woltar remained silent as he looked at the swordsman. Vox shifted in his seat.

"It is decided," the King spoke addressing each man in turn. "Albel, you will take a small unit and apprehend the girl. She is on Airyglyph soil so be swift before she crosses the border. I also trust that no undue harm will befall her before we are able to question her?" The King paused long enough for Albel to reply with a simple nod. "Good. Woltar and Vox, return to your post."

"Yes, Sire," Woltar replied respectfully.

"Yes, Sire," Vox echoed; his eyes not drifting off Albel.


The sun had yet to peek over the horizon when Nel entered the conference room in Arias. Clair stood at the table, neglecting the chairs. She was tense and unable to sit. She looked up from the papers spread on the table top and forced herself to smile at her friend. "Nel, we've just received word from our contact in Kirlsa. It seems a foreign object has crashed into the Traum Mountains."


"It's reported to have fallen from the sky."

"What else do we know about this object?"

"Right now there seems to be only on occupant; a girl. Airyglyph assumes it to be one of our weapons."

Nel crossed her arms and buried her chin in her scarf thoughtfully. "We should send someone to get this girl before Airyglyph does."

"Negative. Airyglyph has already sent a small unit headed by none other than Albel the Wicked." Clair paused and took a deep breath. "We don't need to send anyone out just to be slaughtered."

Nel nodded and shifted from one foot to the other. "So what is our next move?"

"One of the men accompanying the unit is one of ours. All we can do now is wait for further updates on the situation. I want you to head to Kirlsa and wait for contact. Take Tynave and Farleen with you."

"Understood," Nel said as she turned and left the room.


(A/N) Well, there you have it. Here's my version. Try to remember while reading this that Sophia did have more spunk at the beginning of the game then later on. Also keep in mind the way Fayt changed through the course of the game.

Also, the light mentioned at the beginning…I was watching the game being played again (I'm not big on replaying games, but I'll stop and watch the cut scenes) and it came to that part. Did anyone else notice the light that flashes as Fayt's pod avoids the Vendeeni ship? My only guess was that it was Fayt that did it with his destruction gene. Anyone else have a different theory or know what it really was? Just wondering.

Guess who Sophia will meet first on Elicoor…any guesses…you'll see for sure in the next chapter. :)