Authors Note: Okay, everyone who hates the new season because Jackie and Hyde aren't together and aren't even acting like they were in love before raise your hand. Yup, that's what I thought. The writers aren't writing this season very good, in my humble opinion, because they are having Jackie and Hyde act like nothing ever happened between them. The problem with that is that something did happen; they were (are!) in love. This is what I think should happen this season. Everyone's making one, so I decided to do it too. And, like the real show, the chapter's names will be of songs of old bands. I'll use Aerosmith songs, just for fun. I'll try not to make it the same as everyone else's.

Summary: Takes place in the 8th Season, during and after Fun It. Jackie and Hyde bottle up their feelings because they can't stand getting hurt again by each other. The final season leads them through tragedy and self-discovery. But will it lead them together again?

Chapter 1: Same Old Song And Dance

The basement. The place of sweet moments between lovers and friends, of heartbreak and loneliness and of dim times where no one can truly remember what happened but boy it was funny. But for Jackie, it became increasingly hard to go there day after day. Every time she went in there, she had to put on her game face, which was ironically the Zen face that Hyde taught her. It was so ironic because she had to use it because of him.

Stepping into the dusty basement was like a slap in the face to Jackie. It was her reminder that she and Hyde were no longer together. On more than one occasion she wanted to run from the basement crying, but she couldn't let him see her that way. And she definitely couldn't let that skanky tramp see her that way. Pride was the only thing that Jackie Burkhart had left. Well, that and unimaginable beauty.

She was there by herself for the first time in weeks. Donna was with Fez, getting her hair done thankfully because Jackie knew that if she had to sit there and look at her red roots any longer she would have had to puke. With Kelso and Eric gone away, and that slutty Sam in Vegas for a bit, there was no one left but her. Almost no one, that is.

Jackie sighed and brushed a piece of her brunette hair back behind her ear. She hated when it got into her face too much, it tickled her skin the way Steven's beard used to when he had it. That's before he shaved it for me, she thought and felt a tear starting to come to her eye. Quickly, she blinked it back and breathed deeply. No. You're not crying here, she told her mind and looked around. On the round table in front of her, she found an old copy of Cosmo that she had brought to the basement a week or so ago and started flipping through it. Soon, she found an article about Farrah Fawcet and began reading intently. She didn't even notice that a new body had entered the room.


Hyde had given the keys and the rights as manager to Randy for the day. Man, he needed a break. Corporate America was starting to weigh him down. Coming through the glass slide door, he stopped at the refrigerator to grab one of Red's beers. Then he headed for the basement, thinking he'd have it all to himself for once.

Half way down the stairs he noticed a certain brunette sitting on the couch, her head down. He felt his chest constrict. There was the girl he loved. He still did, God help him. He wasn't supposed to. She'd cheated on him and he didn't know if he could get passed that. She did, he heard another part of him say and he mentally kicked it in the nads for reminding him. Yeah, she'd always taken him back, even when he didn't deserve it. Why did I have to run away to Vegas? I could have just come back here and wallowed silently with my stash. Then I wouldn't have married Sam and I wouldn't have made Jackie so miserable. He silently laughed at himself at his last thought. He had broken up with her once so she could live her life without him holding her back, so she could be happy. Well, they were broken up and she wasn't happy. She's not living her dream, either, the voice chimed in again.

Hyde would have kicked the voice again if what it said weren't true. Jackie was miserable and it was his fault. Her life would have been great if he just would have told her the thing that had been on his mind since she went wedding shopping with Eric. He wanted her for the rest of his life. He couldn't say that though, so he ended up causing what he was trying not to. Her pain. Sure, she tried to pretend everything was fine but Hyde knew her. After all, she didn't have a pair of rose tinted glasses to fall back on. It wasn't like he was happy with Sam, anyway. She was cool and really hot, but that's all she was. She was no Jackie.

Gathering up his strength, Hyde fixed his tinted glasses and walked down the rest of the stairs. When he got to his chair, he grabbed the remote and sat down. He glanced over once at Jackie, who he saw was reading Cosmo, before flipping the TV on. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw her glare at him, most likely for ruining her reading time.

Jackie knew that he'd been there the entire time. She loved him long enough to know when he was around. It was a kind of sixth sense that she had grown in their time together. When he was going through the channels, she couldn't help but say, "It took you long enough to get down here."

Noticing the coldness and bitterness that was in her tone, his heart flinched. But he recovered and responded, "Whatever, I just didn't know if I wanted to come down here or not."

Jackie rolled her eyes, trying to keep from showing how hurt she was. "So, you were debating whether or not to come down here with me? I guess I didn't realize how much of a plague I am. Don't worry, I won't disturb you anymore." Despite her best efforts at being cool, her pain slipped into her words. Hot tears started to come to the surface of her mismatched eyes so she dropped her magazine and walked out the door.

"Jackie?" Hyde said as the door shut. He never meant to hurt her, but he always seemed to. And that's why I'm better off with Sam. I don't love her and she doesn't love me. No feelings, no emotions, no way I can hurt her. But if that's true, why do I still make Jackie cry?


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