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Summary: Takes place in the 8th Season, during and after Fun It. Jackie and Hyde bottle up their feelings because they can't stand getting hurt again by each other. The final season leads them through tragedy and self-discovery. But will it lead them together again.

Chapter14: She's On Fire

Hungry girl she's the skinniest thing

She's sayin' the word I'm losin' steam

She's on fire

A week had passed since Sam left and Jackie had to admit it was the best week of her life. Since Sam went away, she was once again getting closer to Hyde. She didn't know if Fez said anything but if he did, it was working. Hyde was coming back to her.

Of course, if they did want to make another go of it, there would still be a lot of ground to cover before they could get to a good place. She still had a lot of hurt in her and she knew he did too. Those kind of things just didn't go away because they were being nice to each other. But for now, she was happy.

Well, that wasn't exactly true. At the moment, she was completely miserable. It was the end of summer, nearly 100 degrees out and they had a blackout. Great.

"Steven!" she whined.

"No, I'm not fanning you again. Hey, why don't you fan me?"

"Because it would take too much effort and it's too hot!" she yelled before shifting uncomfortably. The couch in the basement was hot, the fabric getting damp in the humid air. The only light that was in the room was a small candle that Mrs. Forman gave them before she and Mr. Forman went for a drive. If he had enough gas, Hyde would have done the same thing. But he used it all when he and Jackie went to the Hub the night before. Thinking on it, he grimaced and wrinkled his eyebrows.

Without anything to do, Jackie stared into the candle flame. 'This would be romantic if it wasn't hot,' she thought. She sighed and heard Hyde groan at her sigh, something he insisted on doing without ever realizing he did it. "Steven."

"What?" he growled.

"Well, you don't have to be mean about it!" she snapped before turning away from him, focusing her gaze on the shadows flickering on the wall.

"Well, Jackie, it's hotter than Satan's asshole in here, I can't help it. So quit asking me!" he said, facing her back. Without his permission, his mind registered the curves of her shoulders in the sun dress she wore. He wanted to touch her, needed to, but couldn't let himself. Especially since she was mad. She would probably slap him if he tried.

"Steven," she said as she turned herself so she could see him out of the corner of her eye. "I was just going to ask if you wanted to play a card game. I saw a pack of cards upstairs before we came down here. Why do you always assume I'm asking you for something?"

"Because you always are," he answered lamely.

"Well, I wasn't this time."


"You know, you're such a...a... meanie!" she threw back at him, hating his usual dismissive comment.

"Well, you aren't Miss Mary Sunshine either!" Hyde was getting angry. He would soon start saying stuff he didn't mean. But, considering the last week, Jackie knew he wouldn't be mean about it.

In the seconds after he spoke, she remembered his words after he decided Sam could stay. They were mean and aimed to kill; they were vicious and they stung like hell. But his last remark wasn't like that. It was in the way they used to fight, where he would be an ass and she would be a bitch but neither crossed that line where the other cried. Okay, most of the time they fought that way. But they were emotional people (even if Hyde never admitted it) so sometimes things got out of control. And he didn't lose his control in his anger this time so she lost control in hers.

Barely thinking anymore, she spun around and closed the distance between them. She met his gaze and saw his eyes clouded over with surprise and lust. She could feel his warm breath on her lips as she pressed her mouth to his. At the touch, he pressed himself closer to her and wrapped his arms around her, one at her lower back, the other at the base of her neck. He grazed his tongue against her lips and she parted her mouth, wanting to get even closer to him. The fire that had been building for months exploded and soon they were clawing at each other's clothing. Hands and lips drifted over exposed skin, each not wanting to let go.

Hyde moved down to her kiss her neck and she moaned softly. He brought his lips back up to hers and kissed her with so much emotion she felt like she could burst.

Jackie faintly heard a buzzing seconds before light hit her closed eyes. The sudden brightness drew her back and she opened her eyes to the newly lighted room. The power had come back on.

As if the darkness held their passion, they stopped as quickly as they started. Jackie fixed her dress and muttered something about seeing Donna before she rapidly walked out of the room. Hyde watched her go and once the door had closed he turned on the TV. He watched it for hours, now not noticing the intense heat. He didn't think about what had happened but every now and then, his eyes glanced at the still burning candle.

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