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Chapter Twelve: And so it begins…

"Argh…my head" Draco Malfoy grumbled, pulling himself up from the heads' common room floor, remembering his conversation with none other then Blaise Zabini the night beforehand. He remembered what they discussed…lure her in, push her away, lure her in and push her away till she finally snaps and gives herself over to him, letting him have all.

Yes, my dear Hermione, this shall be a very interesting next couple of months…

Upstairs, a very different person was preparing for her day. She too, had a conversation with her best friend, the fiery Ginny Weasley. She was to seduce Draco Malfoy, and she even had a list to prove it. She looked at the first item on the list:

Be totally indifferent to him – he does not exist!

She looked at herself in the mirror, and she had to hand it to herself, she looked good. As it was a Saturday, she could wear casual clothing. She wore a dark denim straight mini skirt and a red halter-top. She didn't look slutty, she just looked like the kind of girl that you would want to know. Her hair was still its tailbone length, in definitive waves, flowing down her back, creating her ever-glowing angel effect. She wore little makeup, just some eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss, she didn't need much more. She had natural beauty.

Hermione opened up her door and walked out of her room with ultimate grace. She started walking down the stairs when she heard some mumbling. Draco.

"Stupid fire whisky, stupid mudblood, stupid Blaise, fuck it my head hurts"

She continued walking down the stairs to see Draco lying on the floor, with his hair messed up and his clothes all crumpled. Even in his dishevelled state, he looked damn sexy. Hermione would have given herself to him right away, if it weren't for 'the plan'. Okay girl, stay cool, you can do this!

As she walked off the stairs, Draco lifted up his head to see what looked like an angel descending from heaven. Whatever Blaise told me to do, it had not prepared me for this…He thought, taking in her stunning appearance.

"Well, well, well…look at who finally has come out of her room?" Draco managed to say, even in his hung-over state, he still could insult her every fibre.

Hermione didn't even look at him. She walked straight past him, as if he didn't exist.

What the fuck? Draco thought. Usually she would walk over here and slap me, or tell me to fuck Pansy or something…she's been planning something. Probably with Weaslette. I will not let her beat me at my own game!

He watcher her arse sway out of the portrait door, his subconscious realising that this plan of his meant nothing at all, and it wont make her have the feelings that he had for her have for him. It doesn't matter, Malfoy's always win!

You go girl! Hermione thought after she walked out of the door, doing a little victory dance in the middle of the hallway. If he believes Malfoy's always win, he is surely mistaken…

Later on in Hogsmeade…

"Hermione, come and grab a seat!"

Hermione looked in the direction of the voice. Although she couldn't see a face because of all the people milling around her, the messy raven hair gave it away. She started making her way along to the table and sat down.

"Hey Gin, Ron, Harry."

Both Ron and Harry nodded in acknowledgement at her, while Ginny continued staring into space. Hermione waved a hand in front of Ginny's face.

"Gin, Gin? Hello? Anybody in there?"

"Shh. Man candy, 12 o'clock," Ginny muttered. She then smiled in what seemed like a random direction to Hermione. After a few moments of this, she seemed to return back to the world with, "I think he likes my skirt!"

Upon hearing that sentence, Ron immediately leapt into 'overprotective big brother' mode.

"Who? Who likes your skirt? Speaking of it, didn't that scrap of material once reach your knees?"

"I'm not eleven anymore Ronald, you don't have to watch my every move. In fact, you have no right."

"I don't want you gallivanting off into the night like some…some…. some scarlet woman!"

"Well, too late. You sure have missed the opportunity to stop me…countless times." Ginny sat back in her chair, arms crossed and with a smug smirk on her face.

Ron's face started to turn purple, but before he could explode, Ginny quickly looked at her watch, and with an impish grin announced, "Sorry, gotta go, have a dat- I mean, appointment to go to! See you later!"

"What kind of appointment? You mean like a medical appointment? Like an annual health inspection?"

"Uh…yeah….an inspection…a very thorough inspection…" And without another word, she dashed out of the establishment and into the street.

Sensing a lecture from Ron coming on, Hermione quickly stood up and said, "I'm just going to look at some books. See you back at school."

Harry looked up at her, his eyes pleading, Don't leave me. Please don't leave me here with him. Not now.

"Are you sure you don't want me to come with? Need help choosing books?" He said out loud.

She stared right back at him, a most un-Hermione-ish smirk upon her face. "Not right now, unless you're interested in muggle romances?"

Judging from the horror stricken look on his face, she took it as a no, and flounced out into the street in the direction of Flourish and Blotts, leaving a furious Ron and terrified Harry behind.

She walked along the street, looking in on Fred and George at Weasley's Wizard Wheezes ("Say Herms, fancy a Giggling Gingerbread? No? Well maybe our special of the day then, a Choking Chocolate? They're amazingly realistic, and now you can get them in packs of 12 for just 2 sickles!").

Wandering on, she finally reached her destination and immediately retreated to the back of the shop, where she knew all of her favourite books were. Her personal motto was, after all, "the dustier, the better." She searched through all the stacks until she found the perfect – well, in her opinion it was – book.

With this, Snape will never be able to stop me from getting 100 on any Potions' tests again! I will be…unstoppable! She thought gleefully, looking down at the newest edition of Potions: A history. Hermione immediately started to read it, soon becoming so engrossed in the book that she just stayed there, leaning against the bookshelf, drinking in every word.

A few minutes later, she felt something creeping up her neck. She absentmindedly lifted up a hand to swat it away, but instead of hitting an insect of some sort, it landed on another hand. A strong, masculine hand.

Huh? She thought.

The other figure, whoever it was, drew closer until her back was up against his chest.

"Hello Granger. What a pleasant surprise."

Malfoy she thought, knowing instinctively who the voice belonged to.

"Do not touch me Malfoy"

"But, I know you love it…so why stop?"

"Malfoy, when did I ever tell you that I enjoy you putting the hands that have touched the Slytherin sluts, touching me?"

"Well Granger, you never really verbalised it, but, by those little whimpering noise that you usually make…"

Hermione then stood up, looking him straight in the eye.

"Listen, you bastard, leave me alone!"

She then turned around and started to walk away. Great, the plan is ruined! Suddenly, she felt the strong hand on her shoulder once again. She then felt that odd pulling sensation from her belly-button. As if I were being apparated…oh Merlin!

When Hermione opened her eyes again, she found herself this keeps getting better…outside the shrieking shack.

"Let go of me!" Hermione screamed.

"Hermione, Hermione, Hermione" He started, taking slow steps towards her, her taking a step back each time to match his own. "I know you want me Granger, you always have"

Hermione then felt her back against something hard. Shit, a tree she thought to herself. I'm trapped! She then noticed his face very close to her own, smelling his strong cologne.

"Malfoy" She breathed, "let me go, please". She softly uttered.

"But, I don't want to" He replied.

Suddenly, Hermione felt his soft, warm mouth upon her own. He broke away, and looked her in the eye. He didn't want to hurt her, he just wanted her consent.

"Yes" She uttered and then, she felt his mouth upon her own once again.

She felt him sucking on his bottom lip, as if asking permission to let his tongue enter her mouth.

She opened her mouth, only to receive his soft tongue entering her mouth. She whimpered in satisfaction, only to have him grunt in approval in response. Not so suddenly, she felt his strong hands come off her hips and wind their way up to her breasts, to only begin massaging.


Hermione looked up at Draco and smiled.

"Lets take this back to our rooms" He ended, and apparated them away.

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