The royal family had been gone for a whole year now, and for some reason most of Narnia and its people were able to live with this fact; living their lives as if nothing was the matter.

Tumnus frowned down slightly at his pack, and he took a few more cans of sardines and packed them away beside his supplies for making tea.

They had sent search parties out looking for the Pevensies for three months, but they had turned up nothing. Despite Tumnus' insistence that they keep looking for them, the Centaurs and most of the dogs had insisted just as hard and long that they were nowhere to be found, and that perhaps they had gone back to their own land where they had come from. Besides, Aslan had even warned them that the royal family may leave them some day, so what was the point of continuing to look for them?

Tumnus packed away a few more scarves, and he then nodded to himself, closing up his pack with a smile. Nodding to himself, he placed his hands on his hips and he looked around his cave one last time.

When Tumnus had told the son of the Beavers what he was going to do, he had laughed at him and told him that he was mad to even think of such a thing.

"We looked all over for them, Tumnus." He said calmly. "They're gone and you need to accept that."

But there was no way Tumnus was going to accept that Lucy was gone from him forever. Calmly he placed his pack over his shoulder and he stepped outside, shutting and locking the door to his small cave.

"We're ready, Mistah Tummy!"

Turning around, Tumnus smiled faintly at the three Animals who had agreed to come with him on his quest to find Lucy and her siblings. Mr. Fox and his son Brer were there, as well as a Badger who had been a Lord of Narnia when the royal family was still around.

"How long are we going to take looking for them, Tumnus?" the Badger asked, adjusting his pack slightly.

"For as long as it takes." Tumnus said. "We're not going to stop until we find them." The Badger cocked his head to one side slightly at this answer, but being a Badger, he nodded at this answer.

"Good. Then we haven't a moment to lose!" he said. "Come on."

"Ar' we goin' ta fin' dem taday, daddy?" Brer asked his father. Mr. Fox looked at Tumnus with somber eyes and he simply shrugged as Tumnus started to lead the way towards the Lamppost where he had first met Lucy.

"I can't say for sure, son." Mr. Fox said. "I can't say for sure."