Tumnus felt utterly miserable for what he had done an hour ago, and for a moment he paused and thought about going back to ask Brer to forgive him for yelling at him, but he thought about it and he shook his head, turning back and continuing his journey, telling himself that after he found the royal family and brought them back to Narnia, all would be well once more, and he could ask for forgiveness then of the Fox family for what he had done to little Brer so unjustly.

Overhead, the crow flew in the air, and it looked to the right, and if a crow or any good of bird could smile with a beak, this bird did as it made a dive at Tumnus, pecking his cheek and drawing blood as it flew away from him, causing him to stare after it in wonder, holding a hand to the blood on his cheek.

Tumnus blinked in confusion, and he slowly looked down at his hand, wondering why the bird had done such a thing to him. He did not remember ever having offended a crow in his life, and he knew for certain that if he had, he would have made offends before any of them would come after him like this.

"How odd." He said, wiping away the blood with a bit of his scarf, and he shrugged a bit, switching his pack to his other shoulder before he started off on his journey once more.

The crow on the other hand, smiled as it played with a drop of blood that had slipped between his beak on his tongue, and it laughed inwardly as it swooped down to the ground, landing on a rock where a group of men were sitting.

The men were of the Calormen kind, and were in fact a slaving party who had decided since the royal family was gone, to become bold and try to collect some goods to sell back home. All they had been able to capture however, were a few Horses at the moment, and they were talking about leaving with just these, when the crow loudly cleared its throat, and the leader turned and rested his hand on the hilt of his blade, narrowing his eyes slightly.

"And who is this?" he asked. "A spy for the barbarian Narnians perhaps?" The crow snickered softly, and shook his head, wiping the blood from its beak with a wing before it took flight once more, landing on the man's shoulder as if they were old friends of some kind.

"I am merely a crow who wishes to help you." He said calmly.

"And how can you help us then? By hopping into a cage and allowing us to sell you?"

"Talking Horses are all fine and good but what about a creature you could see off as a pet, or a rare kind of game one can buy and then let loose into the desert to hunt and kill at their own leisure?" the crow asked, tilting its head to one side.

"I am listening…what sort of creature is it?"

"The creature I speak of…is a Faun."