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Robin leaned against the door frame watching his worlds twirl and twist together. His home, his fathers friends and what was left of his old world, Raven. Diana sat in the middle with her back against Shayera's, braiding Ravens hair. A bowl of finished treats for the birds forgotten by the fire, which was quickly dimming out. And he wondered, when did he lose her? What were they, were they even friends?

Yes, of course you're friends.

Then why didn't it feel like he could just on in there and talk, like a friend…they were in between friends and lovers. Purgatory. She turned her head and their eyes caught. Diana tied off her braid and gave her a shove towards him.

They met, in the middle of the door way.

"Mistletoe…" Robin nodded upward.

A smile flicked across her face like the fire that was casting orange light across the room. The two women watching were forgotten. The world turned black and all they could see were each other. All that mattered, didn't really matter and all the tension, the salty tears, the broken promises, lies and accusations, were all forgotten.

Their lips met. Soft and sweetly a little kiss. They broke apart and she knew it wasn't that easy and he looked away. She turned away from him and walked to his room, her room. It didn't matter.

Half laughing, half crying…she wasn't sure anymore…Rachel screamed into his pillow. It smelled like him, the pillow did, like new clothing and cranberries – fresh. Lifting her face from the satin she let out a sigh and wiped away her tears. It was going to be different now. She refused to let him consume her, the rest of her time at the manor would be about herself. She stood up on the bed and let out a laugh, she must have looked crazy – with her hair half braided (half had come out) Robin's shirt, laughing.

She jumped off the bed and reached for the radio. Cranking up the volume she tuned into an up-beat song about two lovers who had to leave each other. Dancing around the room she sung out the chorus. Shayera pulled open the door, Diana peering over her shoulder. Raven spun and saw them, but suddenly she didn't care.

Throwing her hands over her head she twirled moving with the drums. The two older girls at the door exchanged smiles before joining in on the fun. The music pulled at their bodies, pushing at their minds. When you dance you can't think or else your movements are jerky and calculated, when you dance – really dance, you're just being free and you.

Flash found them like that, jumping up and down screaming. He was immediately beside them screaming too. Smirking he pulled Rachel up onto his shoulders. She reached up stretching her fingers to the ceiling on the shoulders of a complete stranger and you know what? She never felt better.

G0 Aay

Raven walked into the room to find a group of seven adults talking in hushed voices. Her entail reaction was to get out—fast, but Shayera had patted the spot between her and Diana so she made her way across the room.

"Hey cutie, we were just talking about you." Diana said, wrapping an arm around her shoulder.

"We heard that you were leaving after Christmas. That true?"

Slightly uncomfortable with the arm around her Raven nodded.

"Where are you going to go?"

Ah, the infamous question, where? Honestly she didn't know. Everything was so messed up and she felt so lost and so alone. It wasn't a new thing, begin alone. There was no joke, no one to lighten the mood, no Beast Boy. She felt the soft flutter he put into her heart.

All tender like the wisp of feathers, a baby bird against her rib cage. Like the bird couldn't be free. And was it Beast Boy? Had she trapped him in her chest? She realized suddenly that she was running. Always running somewhere when people wanted her here.

Like she ran away from Beast Boy, when he said he loved her. Loved her- god how ridiculous it all seemed and there was her heart pounding to get out. The baby bird all of a sudden knew how to fly. The hand on her shoulder brought her back.

"No where."

Shayera had pulled Raven onto her lap and it wasn't until than that Raven noticed everyone but them had filed out of the room. New courage found the need to be held and she leaned against Shayera.

"Would you like to come with us?"