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Set in The Goblet of Fire

Chapter one – George, Quidditch and Leprechaun Gold

"Cassie, wait up," George ran to catch up as Cassie made her way out of the great hall. As usual, everyone gave her a wide berth. There was no chance that she would accidentally touch anyone's hand, or bare arm.

Cassie turned to see the red-haired Weasley coming up behind her. "Summer was so boring without you," he said.

"Now, that's a lie, and I didn't need to read your mind to figure that out," she glanced at his face as she continued towards the stairs. "If you were so lonely, you could have sent me an owl."

"I don't know where you stay during break," he said, feigning a look of hurt dismay. "You, however, could easily have written to me. I'm sure an owl would have had no trouble finding the Burrow, and then I could have sent you a reply."

Cassie stopped and faced him. He had been following so closely behind her that they bumped into each other. "George, when we hugged goodbye at the end of term, I accidentally touched your hand. I already knew that you wouldn't write to me. So, what would have been the purpose?" She turned and continued towards the stairs.

"Prophecies don't always have to come true, you know," he called after her. "You could have taken a chance," he started after her. "Chicken," he whispered in her ear as he caught up with her.

"Speaking of prophecies, how did my little tip pay off for you at the World Cup?" She smugly glanced back over her shoulder as they ascended the stairs.

"Not so well as one might think, and lower your voice," he said as they approached the crowd gathered outside the portrait of the fat lady. "Bagman paid us in leprechaun gold. You would think that you would have seen that one coming," he scowled at her. "Balderdash," he called to the portrait.

"I only saw you and Fred ecstatic over Ireland's win, and Krum's catch of the snitch," she smiled at his discomfort. "I saw nothing of wagers, gold or duplicity. Besides, you know my visions are imprecise snapshots of the future. It's not like I can dial up the weather forecast." She started forward as the portrait swung open.

"On that note, there's something we'd like to discuss with you," George said, climbing in after her.

Cassie was about to ask what that might be when she heard Fred call from across the room. "'Oy, Cassie, over here." She saw Lee Jordan and Fred already seated in some of the squashy armchairs in the corner. George turned towards them and motioned for Cassie to follow.

She hesitated for moment, then thought, "What the hell, no one else is going to invite me to join their group."

She selected the only remaining armchair in the trio and made herself as comfortable as she could while still keeping an ample distance between her and the boys. "I'm afraid to ask, but what is it you need," she leaned in towards them, "Or shall I read your future?" As she already knew they would, both Fred and Lee unconsciously pulled their hands away. She could see George out of the corner of her eye and he didn't even seem to flinch. This was what had made her notice him last year.

Usually any prophecies she had were of impending doom and disaster. Not many people wanted to know of the forthcoming death of a loved one. Even the smallest premonitions she had were usually not of the sunniest sort. Failing midterm grades, detentions, lost quiditch matches, and unfaithful lovers were more the lot. For that reason, most people made sure that there was no skin-to-skin contact between she and they, for even the smallest brush of a hand gave her a vision into their tomorrow.

But last year when she had bumped into George in the crowded hallway outside of transfiguration, he hadn't jerked away, and the vision that she had had of him had been the first one to ever make her laugh. When he asked her what was so funny, she had described the flashes of the future she had seen in which he had transfigured Malfoy's books into rabbits which had quickly scattered throughout the great hall before the Slytherin student had a chance to recapture them.

He laughed with her and thanked her for the idea. She had studied him intently for a moment and then warned him to not proceed with the prank until Snape had passed through the great hall so that he wouldn't receive detention. When she watched the scene unfold before her the next day, it was exactly as she had envisioned, with the exception of the aforementioned detention.

George had seen her watching from one of the balconies and had silently saluted her before turning back to watch the mayhem of his making.

They had had other encounters in the spring and they had all been the same. Small moments to make her laugh, nothing terrifying, no horrible deaths, suicides, or murders. It had been a great relief to finally have some sort of human contact that didn't lead to the way of insanity.

She focused on the triangle of young men now seated around her. "What is it now," but she already had an inkling as to what they were going to ask.

"We want to know if you can help us figure out how Dumbledore is going to prevent underage wizards from entering the Triwizard Tournament," Fred looked at her expectantly. "George volunteered to help"

Cassie glanced up at George sitting on the arm of the chair she was seated in. She loved looking into his blue-green eyes and the face that didn't grimace whenever she came close to him.

"I'm not sure how ethical this is, guys," but then any excuse to hold George's hand would do.

"We're just looking for the chance to enter. It's not like you're helping us to get picked by the judge," George said, kneeling before her and holding out his hand. She looked into his eyes and just as before, there was no fear. She lightly laid her fingertips against his and closed her eyes, trying to make sense of the flashes of color that flooded her mind. "You have a long white beard, and a mustache," she whispered.

"That's too far in the future, Cassie, lass," she heard Fred say distantly, and then a "Hush" from George.

"No, I can see parts of the great hall in the background, and Lee looks the same, but Fred has a beard also."

"Well, obviously, you two took too much aging serum." Lee said as she broke contact with George. "Only a drop or two would be enough to age you two sufficiently to fool the judges."

George was still watching her from his kneeling position in front of her. "Did you see anything else?" he asked her softly. Sometimes he was so serious it was hard to remember that this was the same lad whose exploits filled half a filing cabinet in Filch's study.

"No, no rabbits, no melting cauldrons, no leprechaun gold." She resisted the urge to touch his hand again, and rose instead, backing away. "I'd better go now. It's getting late."

"Would you like someone to walk you back to your tower?" he called after her.

"No, I'll be okay. I've never gotten lost before." She walked backwards towards the portrait hole, keeping him in her sight as long as possible before climbing through. She then began the long walk back to the tower.

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