Disclaimer: I own nothing. The characters belong to J.K. Rowling, all except the characters of Underworld in which belong to Screen Gems and Lakeshore Entertainment, also to the creative minds of Len Wiseman, Danny McBride, and Kevin Grevioux.

Author: Punk-Death-Dealer

Title: Toxemia

Chapter: Not What You Think

Crossover of Harry Potter and Underworld. Takes place after the end of Underworld, and the end of the fifth Harry Potter book (OotP).

Description: Selene and Michael run away from the war, trying to stay hidden. They happen to run in with a mysterious young boy who has a power that draws them to him unbeknownst to themselves. Harry who is dealing with the death of his Godfather Sirius Black assumes the two are in league with Voldemort, and that could only explain the mysterious deaths that have begun to happen. Selene and Michael end up at Hogwarts from directions of a strange man. A year full of love, confusion, war, and new forces follows in the wake of the first meeting.

The streets were quiet, too quiet. The two figures walked silently along the shadows of the deserted neighborhood. The female clutched piece of paper tight in her hand, while the male had his hood up and a bag over his shoulder.

"Are you sure this is the place?" He asked her his voice hushed as he shivered.

"No." She replied with caution, "I'm not used to getting letters from a bird either."

The man nodded, "The letter told us to go to Privet Drive, and here we are." He told her looking up at the sign, "How do we know this isn't a trick?"

"We don't." She replied in a cold tone as she walked forward one hand on her holster which contained one of her many guns. The man sighed and followed her silently.

They had been traveling for days, on only what a note said, a note that had arrived from a magnificent creature, one that could only be described as something from a fairy tale. The note told them to go to this neighborhood. They would be safe there with a house and supplies available.

The neighborhood seemed empty. The only sign of life was the light filtering out of windows and coming from the street lamps. The woman unfolded the piece of paper and glared at it, "Number Five." She muttered and closed it tightly in her fist again.

The man watched her with great interest as he walked slightly behind her. While her presence brought a sense of a somewhat cold demeanor, his was more comforting and more relaxed.

A noise was heard and both of them moved quickly, the woman pulling her gun from its holster and the man looking around the area cautiously.

Faint shouts could be heard and the man looked at her, "Wait here." He told her.

"Now is not the time to go running off." She told him forcefully the gun still held in her hand, even though she had lowered it.

"It shall only take a moment." He told her with sincerity in his voice. She sighed and placed her gun back in its holster and followed him towards the shouts. He gave her a small smile, thanking her for understanding his instincts.

A fairly large group of teenage boys were in a circle giving chants and shouts as a fight seemed to be taking placed inside of the small circle. The man proceeded with caution as he stepped into the small park. His foot falls not making any sound.

The woman stopped by a tree and leaned against it, not moving any further than she had to, she still had her suspicions about this place and the letter. The only reason she was here was because she had no other choice. She felt something move to her right and turned her head to the side, a boy was sitting on the swings his head pointing to the ground.

She watched him for a moment before looking back to the man, slightly interested in how he would handle the situation.

The man kept going though, still unnoticed by the small gang. With his hands in his pockets and the hood making his face hard to identify he stopped, listening to them shout.

"Get 'em Big D!" One of them shouted.

"Go on finish him!" Another yelled.

The man took a step forward and the height difference was considerably noticeable. He could see over their heads and see a very, very, large teenage boy beating on a younger boy who seemed only to be a child no older than ten or eleven.

The boy looked to be in bad shape already. Instincts taking over he spoke up.

"What's going on here?" He asked loudly making them all stop in their tracks and turn to face him.

They gave him scared looks as they staggered backwards, with his hood up and his dark clothes he did look quite intimidating.

"Beating on someone less than half your size?" He asked the large boy, "How about taking on someone more your size and age." His voice was low and his throat emitted a growling sound, Michael's eyes started to turn ice blue, but stopped and changed back into their normal deep blue.

The boy backed away and so did his friends. The man took a step towards them and closer to the smaller boy who was curled up into a ball lying on the ground.

"You all better run home and pray that I don't tell your parents of what you've done here tonight." They all seemed to take it to heart as they ran across the park and grabbed their bikes screaming curses and other mumbled words.

The man looked down at the boy, "Hey…" He whispered, "Are you alright?"

The boy moved his arms away from his head and looked up at him.

"You should head home it's late."

The young child nodded and the man stood up. "T-thank you…" the boy told him. He held out his hand and the boy took it hesitantly. He pulled him to his feet and watched as the boy scurried home.

"Was that necessary?" A voice asked.

He faced the woman a grin on his face, "Yes it was. I was once that boy."

"I hope you got satisfaction out of scaring kids half your age." She told him as she started walking across the wet grass.

His grin fell and he followed, a nervous silence falling over them. Their journey was quiet as they walked along heading back to where they had started. A squeaking noise made them alert and their heads snapped around in the opposite direction. A swing was moving, the only one that seemed to be in working order. Whatever had caused it to move had run away. The man gave her a questioning look and she looked around the empty park.

They walked quickly around the corner after they exited the park. The man hit something, or rather someone and stumbled backwards his eyes and ears alert.

The woman placed her hand on her gun. The man stopped short grabbing the person by the shoulders. They were almost as tall as he was and he looked at them. It was a boy and he had messy raven hair and mysterious green eyes. He wore glasses and had an odd scar on his forehead.

He had baggy clothes and looked rather pale and skinny. The boy pulled away from his grip a look of awareness in his eyes. They watched him with silence something about him drawing their attention and holding it there.

The boy, who had a surprised look on his face, backed away slowly and then broke off into a sprint and ran home.

The man looked at the woman, "Did you feel it too?"

She nodded and watched the spot where the boy had stood moments before; she shook her head and began to walk, "C'mon we have to find that house."

It wasn't long before they reached it. Every house looked the same; the only difference was that the number on the mailbox said 'five'. The man surveyed the area noticing oddly that the house next to theirs' had what seemed to be the remains of iron bars on one of the top windows.

The woman walked towards the door and twisted the knob, the door clicked open and she turned to him, "Michael." She hissed and he jumped, "C'mon before you're seen."

He took one more glance at the house before entering number five Privet Drive.

Harry Potter sat silently on the swing, like every other night. His arm wrapped around the rusted chain and his eyes focused on the dirt on the ground before him. He heard shouts break out in the silence and looked up.

Dudley's gang seemed to be beating on Mark Evans again. That was the second time this week. Harry stood, but did not dare go any closer. He wished that he could, he knew what it was like to be on the receiving end of one of those beatings, and he couldn't bring himself to do it however.

He had felt a cold presence a few moments earlier and was sure that it wasn't something good. His ears picked up the noise of rustling grass and he looked to his right. A man was heading out to where Dudley was beating on Mark.

Harry felt the cold presence again; biting at the back of his neck and making his hairs stand on end. His eyes followed the sense to a tree, where he could make out the outline of a woman.

An image of Bellatrix Lestrange ran through his mind and he felt anger coursing through his veins. He studied the figure. He did feel cold while he stared at her; he also felt a strong sense of death. He heard a deep voice and his attention focused on the hooded man in the middle of the park.

"Beating on someone less than half your size? How about taking on someone more your size and age." Harry almost snickered at the look on Dudley's face as the man made a growling noise and provoked him.

"You all better run home and pray that I don't tell your parents of what you've done here tonight." His voice echoed as Dudley and his gang ran away in terror and grabbed their bikes.

Harry gave a small laugh as he watched them. Even with the guilt hanging over him he still found the situation funny.

He watched as the man spoke to Mark and helped him up. His eyes moved back to the woman who was walking towards him. The cold feeling was almost gone and she stepped into the dim light with him. She exchanged a few words with him. Her pale complexion reminded him of his potion teacher,


The man smiled, and she said something else. He studied them for a moment before they started moving. He realized that he needed to get home and started to run, cursing the noise the swing made as he hit it by accident. He vaulted the gate and landed swiftly on the sidewalk and began to run to beat Dudley home.

Breathing hard he ran around the corner heading in the opposite direction he had intended to but found himself running into someone. They held onto him and he looked up. The same man from the park stood before him. His shaggy hair and worn clothes reminding him of Remus Lupin.

His eyes moved to the woman. Her hair was messy and black, and her eyes a dark green. He felt a chilling sensation run down his spine as he pulled away and stared at them. They were staring right back at him and he felt like they were reading his thoughts. With small steps he backed away and began to run from them and back to number four.

Once he reached it he ran inside and up to his room, not even stopping to hear Dudley complain about a man harassing him in the park. He shut the door and slid down onto the floor the images of the two strange people stuck in his mind.

Their clothes seemed weird and so did their behavior. The woman made him think especially. She wore a leather body suit and a long leather jacket. A paper clutched in her hand and a deathly chill surrounding her. The paper struck him as odd since it was parchment, and not normal muggle paper.

He wondered about the strangers but didn't ponder on it too long as the memory of the past school year returned to him and he became once again lost in his stupor.

Michael went up the stairs as the sun rose over the horizon. The house had one room that had no windows, it was a bedroom too. Selene was asleep in it now having been awake for most of their journey.

They had found another note on the table when they had entered. A man named Albus Dumbleore was the reason they were there. The note said the house was being paid for and that they need not to worry, the shed in the back of the house held supplies that they might need. He told them within a few weeks they wouldn't have to hide here anymore. He peered out of the upstairs hall window.

People were leaving for work, normal people. He watched them cautiously. All of them seemed to be uptight, and very punctual. It was the type of thing you expected to see in a movie. All the men were leaving for work at the exact same time, and the women were waving them off.

Michael shook his head and stepped away from the window. The thoughts of the young boy they had ran into last night still fresh on his mind. He couldn't describe what he had felt from the boy and it scared him.

There was an unexplainable raw power that came from the boy. His eyes held fear, and despair. He had never felt anything like it. It scared him to think that there could be so much power in such a young boy. Even the power in him seemed no match.

Turning his head he headed back downstairs, only after glancing longingly at the door in the shadows of the upstairs, where Selene was sleeping silently on the other side.

Michael longed to explore his surroundings but would never leave the house or Selene alone, the danger that followed them seemed unwilling to slow down and he couldn't lose the only person he had left. Deciding that the back yard was not far he went through the kitchen and out of the large glass doors.

The yard was fenced in a particularly small, it didn't matter to him, the place he had lived at had no yard at all, and that was when his life was normal.

A noise caught his attention as he heard something coming from next door. Grabbing the edge of the fence he pulled himself up. A very skinny woman stood by her door barking orders at a young boy. He was on his hands and knees pulling weeds out of a beautiful garden.

The woman looked up and gave him a surprised look before it changed into a nervous smile and began heading into the house. Michael gave a perplexed look to the boy who was now covered in dirt.

The boy turned his head and looked up. He fell over and had his hands supporting him as he stared at Michael.

Michael gasped; it was the boy from last night. Without another word he let go of the fence and landed on the ground. Weird things were going on in this neighborhood, and he would rather not find out what it was at the moment.

Grabbing a packet of blood from the refrigerator he sat down on the couch. Tearing it open with his teeth he looked around. He found a new taste for it, he hadn't liked it before, but now, it kept him alive, and strong. Glancing at the windows he sighed. If they were going to be living here for awhile, he would have to sun-proof the house. He would look in the shed after he finished.

It had been almost two weeks since Harry had seen the man peering over the fence. The same man he had ran into the night before then, and the same man Uncle Vernon kept talking about. True number five made Privet Drive no longer a normal neighborhood. Every morning, the windows were covered with wood, and every night the wood was taken down allowing you to see inside of the house. If you dared to.

On one of his nightly walks he noticed two figures standing in the living room. The man sitting down and the woman pacing back and forth. There was only a small light on in the room and it was hard to tell what was going on.

Harry blamed it on them for the weird occurrences throughout Privet Drive, and Little Whinging. People had been found dead. Stripped of clothing and bullet wounds in their chests. A few of the bodies seemed burnt, which was odd.

There was no way to explain it, all Harry knew was that he didn't like the feeling he got from them. The woman never left the house by day, and the man never left it by night, unless they were both together, and still, the woman would not leave the house during the day.

It occurred to him that she may have some sort of illness, but she didn't seem ill, just deathly pale.

Vernon was sure that all of the incidents were gang related and even had the nerve to blame it on wizards. Harry knew that wizards couldn't possibly do this, but the fact remained that whoever had done this, had to be in league with Voldemort.

These weren't natural deaths, and the police still had no clues or evidence of what had done it. Terror was starting spread and people no longer felt safe in Little Whinging.

Harry had refused to open any of his letters from his friends, and he had received many. There could be something going on and he would never know. The death of Sirius was still haunting him, the near death of his best friend Hermione was also, and he was just as much convinced that he was also the cause of the deaths taking place.

Someone was after him, someone working for the Dark Lord himself no doubt, and was on a mission to make him suffer and dig himself deeper into depression.

He shoved his hands in his pockets as he began to walk outside and away from the Dursley's. Voices caught his attention and the cold feeling of a small breeze against his skin made him shiver. A dark feeling washed over him and he found himself staring at Number Five, Privet Drive.

"Michael…" The voice hissed, "He knows…he knows we're here."

Harry ducked behind a tree. His mind racing. Could they possibly be talking about him? What if they were, they would take action, or they would leave. He didn't know what would happen and he kept listening.

"Calm down Selene." The man told her, "Even if he does know, he wouldn't do anything, not now, not in front of everyone, not in front of mortals." Mortals…Harry thought.

"Yeah, well it happened at the subway station. Didn't it?" Her voice rising.

"That was different and you know it. I was different then. Besides, it only happened because they were after me. You were just in their way." The man, Michael said sounding a bit depressed.

He heard the door open and heard footsteps coming down the driveway. He felt sweat drip from his brow in the muggy air of the night. His breathing increased when the footsteps stopped.

"You shouldn't go out there. You'll be seen." Michael told her his voice closer than it had been earlier.

A moment of silence passed, "What is it?" He asked.

The woman didn't reply and Harry felt something grab the collar of his shirt and pull him around the tree. He let out a small yelp, but was quickly silenced when he felt a cold hand over his mouth.

His eyes were wide with fear as he found him staring into icy blue eyes. "What are you doing?" She asked him.

He couldn't find his voice as he noticed her blue eyes changed back into green ones. "N-nothing." He stuttered.

The woman, Selene let go of him and he stumbled backwards, fixing his glasses he stared at her. The man came up to her and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"What have you heard?" She asked him.

"Nothing." He lied, "I was just passing by." In truth he didn't want to mix with these people, besides the sneaking suspicion that they worked for Voldemort, they had a dangerous quality about them.

Selene looked at him for a moment before glancing at Michael, "I don't believe him."

The man sighed, "He is just a boy."

"Don't tell me you can't feel it too. He is not just a boy." She argued eyeing Harry cautiously.

With each passing word it made Harry suspect them less and less of being with Voldemort, the mysterious deaths still seemed to point in their direction anyhow.

The man looked at him, "I feel it too." He whispered, "He knows nothing Selene. Just go on his word, we can't risk it being found out."

"Go." She ordered to Harry as she turned and walked back up to the house. Her coat flowing behind her. The man stayed and watched him for a moment.

"Excuse her, she is not well." He told him before heading back to the house himself an apologetic look on his face as he turned away.

Harry was very confused about what had taken place. They were hiding something, something big and didn't want anyone to know. The only problem was that he didn't know what they were hiding. If he had to guess, he would have to link it with the mysterious murders and deaths over the course of the last two weeks.

The woman scared him the most. Her eyes were an icy blue, it struck him cold in his heart, and then they changed back to a dark green. It just wasn't possible that a person could do that. Unless they were magical and had the same ability Tonks did.

He doubted it, if they were, they would know who he was. He wouldn't be just some boy. His mind kept drifting as he walked along the dark streets not really paying attention to where he was going. This summer seemed more eventful than the last one had been.

Harry knew he shouldn't say that, since last time Dementors attacked. He couldn't believe they would send him back to such a place where he could be in even more danger since Voldemort's return.

The woman's words still echoed in his mind. She said he was not just a boy. Then what in the hell was he? If two people could sense him not being ordinary, that did make it kind of strange. What did they mean by not a just a boy anyways? These new thoughts didn't help his mood any.

He didn't know how long he had been walking, or for the fact that he had seemed to be walking in circles around the place. He was back in the alley way, where he had faced the Dementors last year.

He felt himself shiver, expecting something to jump out and kill him. Nothing ever came and Harry shoved his hands into his pockets. Pointing his head towards the ground he began to walk quickly from the pitch dark alley.

A faint howl caught his ears and his head snapped up to the top of the buildings around him. There were no wolves near Little Whinging. Not anything. He heard it again. What if Voldemort had recruited the werewolves? That was no going to be good, and neither was this.

Panic rose in his chest as he began to run. He heard thunderous feet hitting the ground somewhere behind him as he rounded the corner.

He suddenly fell backwards when something landed in front of him. Pushing himself backwards he looked at the figure that stood hunched over before him.

It stood up. To Harry's amazement, it stood on its back legs. The creature was huge. It looked like a wolf but had the build of a man. He would have said it was a werewolf, only he had seen one before, this werewolf was much larger and menacing. Not like the skinny and weak looking werewolf Remus had turned into.

Its black eyes stared at him and its large jaws opened. It roared. Its large teeth covered in blood. Behind its head Harry could see the moon…it wasn't full.

Harry stood and jumped back his hand grabbing at his wand in his pocket. The monster pounced at him.

It all happened so fast Harry didn't know what to make of it. The sound of a gun went off and the werewolf fell to the ground in convulsions. Something wet had hit his face and splattered soon turning cold, but he hadn't noticed at the time, it wasn't what worried him. He only feared who was on the other side of the gun.

He turned his head slowly away from the withering animal. The woman. Selene. She stood on top of the building. Twin guns in her hands. "Get out of here." She barked at him.

Harry stumbled backwards and hit a wall before turning around and running. Looking back over his shoulder. Selene jumped off the building and landed next to the werewolf. With her boot on his chest, she shot him three more times.

The animal slowly changed back into his human form curled into a fatal position. Selene looked up at him, her eyes glowing in the faint light, they were an icy blue. For fear of his life, Harry Potter ran like hell all the way back to the Dursley's. Panting he ran inside.

"Where in the bloody hell have you been boy?" Vernon asked as Harry started to run up the stairs.

"Out for a walk." Harry replied skipping stairs until he reached the top and raced to his room. With one last burst of energy he slammed the door shut. Glad that he had made it away from Vernon without much trouble, because he sure didn't need and more tonight. Running a hand through his hair he sighed. Then froze, something sticky was on his fingers.

Bringing his hand close to his face so he could examine it, he noticed that it was blood, but it wasn't his own.

He looked at his snowy white owl, "Hedwig. We have a serious problem."

Grabbing his quill and a piece of parchment, Harry began to write.

Michael felt movement beside him and he opened his eyes. Selene was sitting on the bed next to him. Looking like she was lost in thought and he knew that it could only mean one thing.

"Another one?" He asked and she nodded silently. Selene had been out, she didn't want to kill anything and would usually just shoot them with a tranquillizer that they had been supplied with in the shed, knocking them out and then drive them away from where they had started. Ever since Viktor's death, she didn't want to kill innocents, but if need be, she would.

"I had to kill him. He was trying to kill that strange boy. Then more of them showed up. They ran away, which was odd." She told him standing up and clenching her fist tightly.

Michael sat up and looked at her back, "Selene…"

"He knows we're here. He knows and he won't stop until we're dead." Her voice held no hope for them as she slammed her hand against the wall making a large hole.

"We'll leave tomorrow night." Michael told her, trying to soothe her and calm her down. If Selene didn't feel it was safe to stay there, then it wasn't. Her instincts were better than his. He stood up.

"Where would we go?" She asked turning to face him the expression on her face hard to make out in the dark, but the emotion in her eyes were simple, fear.

"I don't know." He replied placing his hand on her shoulder gently, "Far away from here."

A/N: So ends chapter one. If you've seen Underworld, you shouldn't be that confused, but if you haven't, you can ask me any question you may have. Remember this story contains two main pairings. Harry/Hermione; Michael/Selene. Other pairings will form along the way. Next chapter should be more interesting. Oh, and if any of you can guess what line Harry used from the movie Underworld, I will post the chapter earlier than I have intended to.