Title: Toxemia

Chapter: To Defeat With Love

Disclaimer: I own nothing, except the characters of Sean and Bridget O'Casey.

Author: Punk-Death-Dealer

A/N: There are probably some editing mistakes, but I ask you all who are sticking around to read this very...slowly updated story to forgive me. Without further delay...chapter ten!

It was dark, and he couldn't see anything. There was almost no breathable air in the room as he felt like there was something squeezing his lungs. Coughing and choking, he tried to take in shallow breaths. A cold chill erupted in his body and made him shiver.

"Harry Potter…" A voice called out in the darkness, "It's good to see you again. Pity that it isn't I that gets to kill you."

Harry was moving his head in every direction and trying to figure out where Voldemort's voice was coming from. "What do you mean?" He called out to the darkness.

A laugh sounded from the shadows in which Harry could not see. "Don't you know where you are?" When Harry didn't respond, Voldemort laughed again, "You're in your head, all alone. Who will save you now Harry? You can't even save yourself."

"That's not true!" He yelled trying to stand, but finding himself too weak to do so.

"Really…" His voice drawled out and Harry saw something move in the dark empty space.

"Get out of my head!" He screamed.

"Now now…no need for yelling…I'm right here." Voldemort said popping out of the shadows his evil face inches away. His red, soulless eyes glowing in the dark room. "Don't worry Potter, by the time you wake up, if you do that is…everyone you love will be dead and there will be nothing left for you to fight for."

Harry was panting in rage now his eyes clouded with anger as Voldemort disappeared once again into the shadows. He was laughing, Voldemort's evil laugh echoing through his mind. "Get out!" Harry yelled in a pathetic attempt. "Get out of my head…" He whispered his voice cracking.

He was left all alone in the darkness and he curled up as he lay on his side, suspended in the air by an invisible force. The silence was driving him mad and it seemed like he had been laying there for days when it had only been a few short minutes.

The more he lay there, the more he felt a little piece of him die with the passing time. He couldn't explain what was happening and he didn't remember much either. The world was empty and without any sense of time or will to move, he lay silently, curled up, his eyes lifeless and so was his soul. His mind was blank and he had no thoughts running through his head.

A warm tear rolled out of the corner of his eye, the air around him was cold, and almost as soon as it had left his face it turned into a small drop of ice. He wanted to shiver but his brain wouldn't send the message to his body.

Harry Potter lay crumbled in his own mind, trapped in a world of nightmares and ghastly thoughts that haunted him everyday of his life. What was once a strong and determined young man was now just a shell of empty thoughts and words, a heart full of shattered and unrecognizable pieces. Pieces that no one ever knew broke, and that cut him deeper everyday.

He had heard Voldemort's words echo in his head, but he had nothing in his power to change what was to come. He was too weak, and there was a war raging just beyond the walls of his mind. There was someone lurking in the shadows around him, waiting, and waiting for the right moment to shove him down once again when he gathered enough courage and determination to rise and fight the darkness once again.

Nothing had made him weaker than the deaths of those he loved. His mother and father, people he really never knew, and now, he wasn't sure they were the great people he had pictured most of his life, he began to doubt his expectations of them. Oh, but how he loved them so much, and he would give anything just to see them again, to hear them tell him how proud they were and how much they loved him.

But the voices would never come, and he would never see their faces. Nor would he see the face of his Godfather Sirius Black. He had gotten to know Sirius and he had come to love him, he was the only father figure he had ever known, and he was ripped from his grasp, by Voldemort.

It was always by Voldemort, it was his fault that he had seen so much death. Painful deaths, it was his fault, everything was his fault. Everyone he had ever truly loved had been killed because of Voldemort.

He felt his heart pounding in his chest, the blood rushing to his head was making pounding noises in his head and he clenched his fists. "It's all your fault…" He whispered hatefully through clenched teeth, "It's all your fault…"

Suddenly his body felt light and he sat up quickly his eyes burning with a deep anger, "DO YOU HEAR ME?" He screamed, "ITS ALL YOUR FAULT DAMN IT! I WON'T LET YOU KILL…" His voice got softer, "…anymore, not anyone." He was mumbling to himself at the end of his statement. However, there was no one laughing, no Voldemort, no nightmares, no voices, nothing he was alone in the cold darkness.

Then he felt it. A warm feeling began to grow inside of him, and his body was tingling. His mind became clouded and he felt himself floating. Feeling light headed he fell flat onto his back. Soon the warm feeling blanketed him and he there was nothing to describe how he felt. The pain and the dark thoughts had been pulled from his mind and replaced with warm gestures and gentle feelings. Everything was replaced with love.

It filled him and brought his cold body back to life, back to the warmth that it had once possessed. He felt his mind become intruded with the thoughts of his friends, of his family, and the people who believed in him and were there for him. His heart was swelling and beginning to beat faster and faster as the blood from his heart was pumped outwards and through his chilly veins. All the feeling began to return to his limbs and he smiled.

The feeling was overwhelming and he had never been more thankful for it. His eyes were closed basking in the warmth and the feeling of love that the energy had brought with it. Suddenly, he could see a trace of orange beyond his eyelids. He could feel the heat from the light. Harry's eyes snapped open and his green eyes stared, entranced by the light that was high up above him.

Warmth was emitting from this light and Harry felt the feeling that was wrapped around his body, and twisted in his veins begin to grow stronger. It was then for the first time in a long time that he heard a noise. It was faint at first but it began to become louder and clearer as it seemed to echo off the cold and empty darkness of the hollow of his mind. His ears prickled at the sense of the noise and he found his heart was beginning to race.

He felt the warmth press greatly against his scar. The heat becoming almost unbearable as it knocked him out of his trance like state and his hands flew up to his forehead. As soon as the feeling had come, it had gone. There were no lingering pains, no sick feelings in his stomach, and no one mocking him in his mind.

The voice was now as clear as it had ever been and instead of the booming and malicious voice of Voldemort, this voice seemed quiet and soothing. His ears opened up and he listened for the life of him becoming more and more curious and entranced by the voice coming from the warm light hanging high above his weightless form.

"Get well soon." The voice was strong even though it seemed to be very distant. Pain evident in every syllable. With his fists clenched tightly at his side his body began to tremble and sent shivers through his spine. He body was tingling in pain as he tried hard to move. To wake and to reach this light he was desperately longing. Painfully he moved his hand up trying to grasp at the light. It was nearly blinding.

This beautiful and angelic voice still lingered inside his head and he clenched his jaw. His eyes open wide and his green eyes burning. The voice was registered deep in his mind it had been imprinted there since he was eleven.

No matter how hard he tried he couldn't reach the light. Harry tried for what seemed like hours and no matter how hard he tried or pleaded…he simply could not reach the bright glowing object above him. Finally it had started to fade and he felt himself start to grow cold. The person was gone and had been for sometime now. He was alone and trapped inside of his mind again now. He felt terribly defeated and for the first time in hours he uttered one word. His voice was cracked and full of regret as warm tears came to his eyes and he was engulfed in a large gust of wind.

"Hermione…" He croaked defeated his body burning and tingling in sensations. Sharp pricks of pain emerging all over.

It was the sound of screaming that alerted the old nurse and roused her from her deep slumber. Throwing back the covers and jumping out of her bed with her wand in hand she ran quickly to the bedside of the lone patient in her wing. Harry Potter.

With one arm outstretched above his head his mouth was open and was emitting one of the most blood curdling screams she had ever heard. Much like when one was under the Cruciatus curse. His eyes open and his face contorted in extreme pain. "Mr. Potter!" She asked in alarm.

Almost at once the doors burst open. It was blue blur as Dumbledore himself swept into the room with quick strides. Harry Potter lay in the bed, white as a ghost with sweat dripping off of him his clothes soaked and sticking to his skin. His other fist lay curled closed at his side, his knuckles white.

The Headmaster rushed over and quickly surveyed the scene noticing Harry's toes were curled in pain as well as he began shaking uncontrollably. Madame Pomfrey moved to restrain him as his hand fell and he began to go into convulsions his arms wrapped around his stomach and moans and small screams were coming from his throat. With a quick flick of her wrist his limbs were contained and he was no longer thrashing about.

"LET ME GO!" He hollered. Both adults looked alarmed as Harry's eyes were wide open and he yelled his voice full of pain. They exchanged quick glances before Madame Pomfrey quickly released the restraints. Just a few seconds after he was released Harry's body seemed to give up. Becoming limp as his chest rose and fell heavily. His lips were moving as he mumbled to himself and his eyes were half open. Dumbledore leaned closer to hear the words that were escaping his lips.

"Hermione…" The word was repeated over and over, whispered, and said with longing. His eyes closed once again as he slipped back into the darkness. The word faded into nothing.

"Headmaster." She spoke softly as if scared to disturb this thick silence.

He looked over at her, his eyes no longer containing the familiar sparkle she had come to know so well over the years. He was tired, worn, and worried, he was truly worried. "I was on my way to check up on him." The statement was simple and she nodded at his words. "It has been as I've feared. In this weak state, Voldemort has taken control of Harry's mind. He has locked young Mr. Potter inside of his head."

"What should we do?" She asked warily.

"This is his battle. Harry is strong and grows stronger everyday. I fear there is nothing that we can really do." He turned to face a window watching the moon high above the castle. "I shall have Minerva summon Miss Granger in the morning. Harry seems to have responded to her presence. He needs to be surrounded by those who love him."

"Yes, Headmaster." She gave once last glance over at the boy whose eyebrows were furrowed in pain. Silence once again engulfed the room and both adults stood still eyes falling to the boy who has lived through a lifetime of suffering and now was trapped in a world were he could relive it all. Trapped inside his mind. Only time would tell. Time that they didn't have.

It had been true. The screams she had heard that night. It wasn't a dream at all. It had been Harry. Her heart hurt thinking about how much pain he must have been in. The scream haunted her still. He hadn't stirred in two weeks since then. She spent more time in the Hospital Wing than she would care to admit. Then again, it had always been about him. About Harry.

She felt absolutely helpless, knowing he was there just below the surface of his eyes. Hiding from the world that he had lived in for sixteen years. There was something they weren't telling her. About why Dumbledore thought it best for her to be with him. Something about the close bond they shared and he needed to be surrounded by love to give him strength to fight.

Fight what exactly was the question though. Nothing seemed to make sense anymore and she was miserable. Ever since Harry fell, her good terms with Ron had turned sour and he spent more time ignoring her rather than giving up and apologizing about it partly being his fault. She was done trying to make him. She wasn't as worried about Ron as she was about Harry at the moment however.

Classes had been a blur and it was almost as if she was on autopilot. This hollow and empty feeling was driving her mad and she was restless. Feeling useless was horrible and she wished desperately that they would tell her something, anything on how to help him. The only information she had gotten had been out of the cold and secretive Selene.

It amazed her that someone like her could be so cold and mean to outsiders and yet still have a great air of compassion. She realized now that there was so much hurt that lay behind those green eyes. That all that had happened to her she would hide from prying eyes. All except Michael. The carefree but determined young man. How she wished Harry would open up to her like that, because until then, she had no idea what was plaguing him so.

Her grip on the quill she was holding in her hand slowly loosened and fell slowly to the floor her eyes trained on the weak boy lying before her. She held back the tears that threatened to fall so often now. Selene had told her that Harry was no longer in a coma, but merely not able to wake. The only sound he made seemed to be small moans of pain. It had been two weeks and she had all but given up hope. Harry had been through worse things than this, hadn't he? He could survive through this more than anything, right? What was so different about this time in the hospital wing that was so different from all the others?

"Why you?" She asked in a whisper.

"Because it has to be." A voice said from the doorway. Hermione looked up quickly and used the sleeve of her robe to wipe the fallen tears away from her eyes. When her view focused she saw Selene leaning against the wall near the door of the Hospital Wing. "You can only be strong for him."

Hermione watched her closely as she walked towards the bed. Her pale skin just lighter than Harry's own. Selene only glanced at him for a second before walking away from the bed; it was when her back was facing Hermione that she spoke. "Sometimes things happen that don't make any sense. Most of the time life isn't fair. When I think of Harry, I know what it is for him to be able to do. To have a destiny sealed with other's decisions."

She turned and looked at Hermione, "I know his power, his feelings, but I don't have any idea of who Harry Potter actually is." The vampire crossed her arms over her chest. Hermione tilted her head for a moment before giving her a knowing nod.

"He is the only one to ever survive the Killing curse." Hermione began. Explaining the story of Harry Potter to someone who had never heard it before. Explaining their adventures, their fallouts, their battles, and Voldemort. The story lasted late into the night, almost time for Madame Pomfrey to kick them out. Selene had listened patiently, watching this extraordinary boy with caution as she took in all the information. Six years of adventure, death, and friendship.

Hermione gathered her books and slung her bag over her shoulder. She bent down and gave Harry a kiss on the cheek, whispering encouraging words in his ear before pulling back. Aware that Selene had watched the whole exchange. Together they walked out of the Hospital Wing. Down the hall and to the stairs when it came time for them to split up Selene put a hand on Hermione's shoulder.

"They didn't tell you that he called out for you that night did they? That it was your name he mumbled as he fell back into his slumber." Her face was stone as she spoke.

"Why are you telling me this?" Hermione asked in shock at what the vampire standing before her just admitted.

"Because, secrets aren't worth being kept if all they do is make things worse. I know things you couldn't possible imagine. I know things about Harry Potter that he has never told you. I know that he needs your help more than anything right now." Selene turned away from the young girl before her and took a step towards the dungeons, "Secrets are what tore apart our races and led us into a war that would forever scar and wound people for centuries. I would rather have this one end before someone is forced with the decision to throw away everything truthful."

"There are reasons you're here besides teaching isn't there? Like why you lived next door to Harry this summer. Why are you helping when you're name is on a death warrant over the world in more communities than one?" Hermione asked her brown eyes shinning in determination as she held a book to her chest.

Selene turned slightly and her gaze fell to the floor. "Because I started to feel something for a mortal, a lycan, a hybrid. I would rather end this now and have it end before he gets hurt. I've lost my family, everything I've known…I-I don't think I could go through it again. I can't lose him to the darkness that has claimed me. He is so full of life and warmth, the things I've been deprived of for centuries. This war is mine now, through my actions, I have signed away my immortal life, and I've taken his with me."

The vampire's eyes darted up to meet the gaze of the curious teen. In her green eyes swirled the dark depths of mirth that had been hidden behind the cold and lifeless barrier she had formed so long ago. Her posture broken in her realization that had just spilled from her usually tight lips. Without another word she turned and continued her brisk steps towards the dungeons, leaving Hermione standing at the landing of the stairs wondering about the answer she just received.

Hermione's head was spinning with thoughts as she made her journey to the Gryffindor tower with her book clutched tightly in her hands; her knuckles white and her stare blank, left in a daze. The only thing that she was registering at the moment was the feeling of aching deep within her chest for the pale boy, oblivious to the world around him, who slept in a fitful nightmare.

The sound of the door opening brought him back to reality as he stood by the fireplace. The warm flames dancing against his form as he turned to meet the gaze of the woman who stood, unmoving, from the spot where she entered. Her raven hair hiding her face from him but the pale tears were evident against her ivory skin.

"What's wrong?" He asked moving forward towards her. Michael stopped moving, mere inches from her. She lifted her head slowly, a lone tear rolling down her cheek and her eyes shimmering with a sadness he didn't recall before. Silently he embraced her in his arms, not sure what was happening, only wanting for it to go away.

"I don't know…" She replied quietly against his chest, where her head now rested. Her arms wrapped around his middle and she held him to her. He ran his hand along her back in a soothing motion still unsure of the situation. This was a side of Selene he had never seen before and in truth it was becoming an interesting encounter.

The feeling of her against him was almost driving him mad as he held her there in the middle of the dark room. He wanted to remove the pain she was feeling right now, he wished he could give her an answer as to what was happening, but he had no clue.

She lifted her head slightly catching his gaze and holding it for a moment. Her gaze flickered to his lips, they were thin and sharp, she leaned forward and captured them with her own. Michael, slightly surprised by her actions responded with just as much fervor. While his hands pulled her closer, her own hands began to explore the muscles along his back.

The kiss became more passionate after a short pause for breath. This time their tongues battling as Selene's hands found their way under his shirt and began to lift it upwards. They broke apart just in time for her to pull it over his head. Her eyes were filled with lust and mirrored by his own as they crashed back together moving towards the bed in their haste.

All the built up tension and frustration of the past month starting to spill over the brim of the deep enclosure that they had buried their emotions into. Michael's skin was like fire underneath her fingers and her fingers like ice to his burning skin. With his hand on her back, he began to unzip her leather corset, all awareness being lost.

They stayed in that position for a moment, Michael hovering above her, and her sharp teeth pulling at his bottom lip as he pulled back slightly. Reaching her front zipper of her leather suit he began the motion once again. Their eyes locked at that moment and soon Selene was free of the suit that felt like a second layer of skin.

Michael exhaled heavily as he leaned back down kissing her softly on the lips before trailing down her jaw and onto her exposed neck. His hot breath against her skin making her shiver. Selene's fingers became tangled in his thick locks of light brown hair. A moan escaping her lips as his teeth slightly scraped against the tender flesh of her neck. Her eyes closed momentarily before opening once again, only now and icy blue. Michael pulled away his eyes black with blood lust but they quickly returned to the deep blue he was known for. Selene's hands came down and tugged on his belt.

He watched her for a moment before grabbing her hand and bringing it to his lips. Pressing his lips against it he leaned back down to capture her lips once more.

The flames in the fireplace dancing in the warmth of the room and against the two bodies on the bed. Clothes strewn about and pillows falling to the floor, small moans and gasps filling the silent room, accompanying the crackling of the wood in the fireplace.

Selene stepped out of the bathroom her form clean. She smiled slightly when she noticed that Michael's scent still lingered against her skin. The sensation of his hands and fingers that had roamed still imprinted against her body. Her eyes spotted him standing near the door examining the sleeve of his shirt. Her footfalls were silent but not silent to him as he turned when she reached him.

His hand came to rest upon the lower side of her cheek. She pressed slightly against the feeling of his calloused hands the warmth radiating from there. Her damp hair slightly curly and wavy. Michael leaned forward and kissed the top of her head. Selene closed her eyes at the feeling, still amazed at the tenderness at which he cared for her when she also knew how dangerous he could be as well. Last night their relationship had changed drastically, she knew that. If she would've known that she would feel like this, she would've done it a long time ago.

"You ready?" He asked his voice gruff. She nodded and he bent his head giving her a chaste kiss on the lips. Pulling back slowly he gave her a small smile his blue eyes sparkling in delight. They stood in silence for a moment, Michael's arm tightening on her waist and pulling her towards him. Her arms came up to rest against his chest, her hands laying palm down.

That same fire erupted within her once again spreading throughout her body. This was something she had never experienced. Never felt, this emotion, this warmth that made her feel slightly light headed, like everything was a dream. It was indescribable and yet, perfectly able to be understood. Every part of her was on fire. Michael leaned forward his breath coming in a small warm against her ear.

"Beautiful…" He breathed kissing her where her jaw and ear met. The contact making her knees go weak. Left her wondering where her cold and warrior like resolve went to. His arms held her against him, his heart beating wildly beneath his chest sending small vibrations against her finger tips. He pulled away from her the warmth his touch brought her quickly fading. Silently he led her out of the room. Selene following wordlessly behind him her eyes focused on the path in front of her.

A loud crash made Hermione jump from her position by the stairs. Slightly frightened she looked for the source of the noise. A gasping moan made her take of running…the sound was coming from the Hospital Wing. Her books fell with a clatter against the floor and she received odd looks from the people walking past.

She skidded around the corner into the large room her eyes darting around. Hermione's eyes landed on his bed, the bed was empty. Rushing over she spotted his foot and soon his whole body came into view. He was shaking and his eyes were slightly open, his breathing in small pants and gasps while lying upon his side against the cold floor and his body quivering.

What scared her most was that his face was littered with cuts and there was bruising around his left eye. She gasped in shock falling to her knees beside him. His eyes opened, a deep red color instead of their natural emerald, he reached out. The color was drained from his face and tears of agony escaped from his eyes.

His lips moved but only gasps and moans emitted from them. Her hands made their way to his shoulders trying to steady him while tears started to form in the corners of her eyes, part out of joy that he was awake and the other out of horror of not knowing what was happening to him. "Harry." She pleaded begging for him to say something; anything.

Harry's hands gripped her lower forearm, his fingers like ice. He shifted and his hair fell across his forehead exposing his scar for her to see. It was glowing a bright crimson red the area surrounding the wound looked burnt. The skin cracked, slightly bumpy, and swollen. The pressure on her arms was beginning to hurt. She winced in pain her own grip on his shoulder's weakening.

Footsteps echoed through the large open room, becoming faster as they moved. From the sound there were two pairs thudding against the floor. Hermione could see their shadows against the floor reflected from the moonlight that was lighting the dark sky. "What's happening?" Michael asked dropping to his knees beside Hermione.

Harry let out an unnatural hiss his lips beginning to move and words spoke in an almost nonexistent language uttered from them. His face became contorted in severe pain and he yelped in a strangled scream. Hermione came upon a realization her brown eyes opening slightly in the revelation. "Voldemort…" She whispered. There was a pause when she froze a memory playing out in her head. Love…

With a hesitant movement she placed her hand against his forehead. Covering the irritating and burning scar with her palm. Harry tried to move his head away from her. "Please Harry." She pleaded once more increasing the pressure against his scar. He told her over the summer that love, was what Voldemort could not stand, and was what protected him from the killing curse. For the first time in her life she felt completely and utterly helpless.

Biting her lip she met the gaze of Michael who was now holding down Harry's arms without much trouble but a look of concentration was upon his face. Selene hovered near them her arms crossed over her chest and sending frequent glances towards the door waiting on the arrival of the Headmaster and the Nurse.

Making up her mind she removed her hand from his bloodied forehead and replaced it with her lips. The burning sensation against her lips making her want to pull back, but she was unable to give up on him just yet. Her vision was filled with deep crimson eyes that made her clench her own eyes shut. The sound of distant screaming filling her ears and she clenched her teeth. A powerful blast of wind shot out from his scar, pushing Hermione away slightly.

Selene brought her arms up as the blast made her slide back. Michael fell back onto his elbows sliding a bit against the tile. "What in the fuck?" He asked scrambling back to his feet. The sight that greeted him made him stop. Selene gripped his arm and he exchanged glances with her.

Hermione was lying against Harry's chest which was moving up and down in deep breaths. His arms wrapped around her shoulders and his bright green eyes burning in exhaustion. He blinked slowly as Hermione sobbed into his chest.

"T-Thanks…" He whispered his voice hoarse and scratchy. His lips trembled and his fingers gripped into the material of Hermione's robe. Her shoulders shook as she pulled away from him tears streaming down her face.

"I was s-so worried about you." She told him her mind clouded with a happiness she had long forgotten how to feel. He gave her a shaky lopsided smile his body still trembling from exhaustion. Michael moved forward his eyes locking with Harry's for a moment.

"I think it is best if we move him back to his bed so he can rest." Hermione untangled herself from him and Michael slid his arms down, lifting the boy with ease from the floor onto the soft mattress. Harry sighed, relishing the feeling of something beneath him. He moaned when he shifted and Hermione moved beside him gripping his hand and placing his glasses on his face.

His gaze shifted to her, his fingers curling around her own, slowly. He nodded to her as Dumbledore and Madame Pomfrey came rushing into the room. "Mister Potter." Dumbledore said a bit alarmed as he came to stop in front of the boy lying against the pale sheets. Covered in wounds that seemed unexplainable. He smiled his eyes twinkling, "It's good to see you awake."