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Chapter 6

Final Fight!

"Ginny skipped down the hallway, eating a Popsicle and leaping over the occasional puddle of exploded potion the reviewers made last chapter. She was happily humming to herself without a care in the world…

"Until, suddenly, out of the shadows jumped… a boy! He was a naughty little pervert and tried to do things… terrible things to her!

"At the very instant she seemed doomed to become overpowered by him, with a great burst of energy, Ginny turned it all around and he ended up a gluttonous mass in a full-body bind on the floor, oozing pimply pus all over the floor!

"The moral? Women have more power than they know! We have the power to overcome these disgusting boys! Whose with me?"

Hermione's inspirational speech ended with complete silence from the crowd of girls she was speaking to. The only sounds came from a cricket chirping and Ginny, who was sobbing hard into her handkerchief.

Hermione shouted louder. "Women have power! Whose with me?"

At this the girls in the crowd all realized their cue and cheered. They all stood up, every girl in Hogwarts, and chanted, "Up with women! Down with boys! Yaah!"

They were all in the Great Hall, which had been barricaded against the boys struggling to get in. Hermione stood on a table and was waving a Hogwarts flag and screaming at the top of her lungs.

"Hogwarts is our school, and we will take it back if it's the last thing we do! No pervert is going to stand in our way of victory! We will fight, and we will win! No more perverts in Hogwarts! Not in our school! THIS IS OUR TIME!"

Then Hermione fell off the table.

Nevertheless, the crown cheered insanely for the incredibly motivating speech. It had taken Hermione and Ginny nearly twelve hours and several bottles of baby oil to get all the girls in one place. Now Hermione was convincing them to fight and end this war. Ginny was sewing outfits at the speed of light, since Hermione had thrown all of hers in the potion during the last chapter.

Once Hermione had finished, Ginny stood up on the table and silence fell once again.

"Girls, we cannot do this without the proper preparations! Now, everyone! PUT ON YOUR BATTLE COSTUMES!"

All the girls laughed, and Hannah Abbot said, "What for?"

Ginny seemed genuinely stumped by that question. Hermione intervened and said, "Do you doubt the outfits? Now, get dressed!"

Ginny stared at Hermione. "But, I thought you hated my outfits!"

Hermione glared back. "I do."

After the girls had gotten dressed in their respective outfits, which included several Barbie outfits, genie suits, Fanta girls costumes, and Wonder Woman boots, the girls started to prepare for the fight. They all stretched out, pulling off jumping jacks and high kicks. Hermione coached them, blowing a whistle and ordering them around.

"You call those jumping jacks? I want fifty more! Don't pull her hair out, save your energy for the boys! And will someone please get that dragon out of here?"

But before they could practice enough to be ready, the door of the Great Hall burst open to reveal the boys, all just as perverted as ever.

"Battle stations! Battle stations! The boys are here, so get ready! This is not a drill!" Hermione shepherded the girls into formation.

Ron, the leader of the perverts, stepped out in front.

"Hermione! I challenge you!" he shouted, as he picked his nose.

"Fine! I accept your challenge!" Hermione shouted back, as she fixed her hair.

Ron and Hermione took center stage, which happened to be flashing with neon lights. Ron spun around really fast and dressed himself in a white disco suit. Hermione was already dressed in her own disco suit (fashioned by Ginny) and stood opposing him. Then the battle began!

The crowd of boys sang, "And they were dancing, and singing, and movin' to the grooving! And just when it hit me, somebody started singin' PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC, WHITE BOY!"

The girls sang right over them, singing, "And it's a THRILLER! THRILLER, BABY!"

(A/N: I'm sorry if these aren't the right lyrics. I'm not the expert on disco, or on Michael Jackson, for that matter.)

Hermione and Ron sent all sorts of spells at each other, both of them keeping in step with the music. Then, right when the fight was approaching climax, the curse on all the boys wore off. Ron was left standing, rather dazed, wondering what was happening.

"Hermione? Why are you wearing one of Ginny's outfits?"

The girls just laughed, and Hermione was so relieved she started making out with Ron right in front of everyone. Then Ginny got upset that her spotlight was being stolen, and started making out with Harry.

And thus it ends, with Fred and George sitting in their shop, laughing maniacally about the whole thing.