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Angel watched as Xander made his way through the kitchen. He wondered if it would be better to confront Xander with his suspicions or to remain snoopy and broody about it. Because we all know Angel so well I think we can all predict which choice he went with.

After putting a pack of blood in the microwave, he made his way to the living room where the others were.

"I'm going to be staying here today, if you want to all of you should go ahead and find a hotel to stay in. Charge anything you need to my card," Angel told them and took out one of his credit cards.

He went to hand it to Wesley, but Cordelia intercepted it. "Don't worry. We'll only use it for necessities." Angel cringed as he considered the cost of Cordelia's so-called "necessities."

The others said good bye to Giles, and Fred and Cordy hugged Angel to the point of nearly crushing his ribs. Then the four human members of the Fang gang left for the hotel. (after Angel made Wesley promise to keep an eye on Cordy's spending)

"I'll be getting some tea," Giles said wearily and slowly made his way towards the kitchen.

Angel nodded, forgetting for a moment what he was supposed to be doing and instead collapsing into the armchair. Resting his head in his hands, he began sobbing as he thought over the events of the past couple of days. Buffy was gone. The woman he had loved more than any other woman was gone. Forever. There was no getting her back.

After a few moments he sensed Giles returning to the living room. He quickly stood, wiping his face to rid it of any signs that he had just broken down then watched as Giles entered the room with his tea. The watcher looked so much older, like he had suddenly gotten ten years older in only the past two days. "Will you be staying with us long?" Giles asked the vampire.

"I'll be staying as long as you guys need me to." He replied.

Giles nodded and sat down on the couch. A few moments later the beep of the microwave alerted Angel that his blood was now heated.

"I'll go check on Spike again. You should get some rest," Angel remarked to the watcher before reentering the kitchen.

He looked around the kitchen for Xander only to find the mess the boy had left behind. He must have taken his food downstairs. Angel searched the cabinets for a mug then poured the blood into it, throwing the packet away. Then he decided that he'd join the two downstairs. Maybe he could figure out just what was going on between them.

He grabbed the mug and walked down the stairs to the basement. He was greeted by the sound of laughter and the ending of some story that Xander had been telling about when he and Anya had been together.

Who was Anya? Angel briefly wondered before he heard Spike speak up.

"Ya think that's bad. There was this time that Dru and I…"

Spike stopped when he sensed Angel on the stairs.

"Oi! Poofter. Ya eavesdroppin'? Or are you so old that it actually takes you that long to get down the stairs?"

Angel walked into the room choosing to ignore the comment that the blonde vampire had just made. He was slightly surprised to see both of the younger males eating the breakfast that Xander had made.

"Since when do you eat food?" Angel asked sitting on the unoccupied cot across from where Xander and Spike were seated.

"For slightly over 120yrs now," was the remark he received. Why didn't I know that?

"We're gonna need someone to go grocery shopping soon." Xander announced around a mouthful of eggs.

"Pet, swallow then talk. That's disgusting." Spike exclaimed reaching for the last piece of bacon on the plate.

"Yeah, and like you're adding Weet-a-bix to your blood isn't." The brunette retorted while attempting to grab the bacon first and only managing to get a small piece of it. He frowned at it then tossed it in his mouth while taking another piece of toast.

Angel watched as he broke off the more burnt edges handing them to Spike, who ate those, while he ate the barely toasted part of the bread.

Finally Angel couldn't take it any longer.

"What is going on with you two?"

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