Ah, yes another crossover from me. Well I had this in my head for a long time, and I feel that with the free time I have now, I can finally get started on this story.

You read the title right, its Kim Possible and the Resident Evil Universe molded together.

This will not be A RE game with the main characters replaced by Ron and Kim. No, this is a totally original story.

And if Disney or Capcom want to make a movie or game about it then they can offer to buy it from me.

Legal stuff: Kim Possible and all characters associated with Kim Possible are property of Disney, all characters associated with the Resident Evil series of videogames belong to Capcom. And the characters of Apotheosis, the various scientists and Umbrella agents, as well as Security officer Pellegrino (me) Belong to me.

Now sit back and enjoy the show, which is rated Teen for now but will change when it gets to that point. (You'll know when).

Apotheosis-(noun) - Elevation to the status of a God

Kim Possible: Resident EvilApotheosis

Chapter 1

A New Company in Middleton

The bell sounded at Middleton high school, signaling the end of classes for the day.

The students rushed out of the school building with great urgency, wanting to be anywhere but there.

The last two to leave the school was a Red headed teen, whose arm was wrapped through her messy blond haired boyfriend.

They were Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable, two famous teen heroes that saved the world on numerous occasions; and had been going out for almost 6 months.

"So Kim, we have the rest of the day together." Ron said, allowing a smile to cross his face.

"And you want to spend it with me" Kim said, returning his smile.

"P-shah', why wouldn't I want to spend it with you? I'd have to be incapacitated, or launched into deep space if I didn't want to spend my day with you."

"A huh" Rufus, Ron's pet naked mole rat squeaked from Ron's pocket.

"How about we get some Bueno Nacho first" Kim mused, ruffling Ron's hair.

"Sounds good KP, but don't do that! You'll mess up my essential Ron-ness." Ron protested as he quickly fixed his hair.

"Whatever you say Ron" Kim said, stifling a laugh.

The two walked arm in arm down the sidewalk towards the fast food place, passing something that caught their eye.

"What is that?" Kim asked, looking to the Construction site on their right.

"Looks like a new company are setting up shop in Middleton Kim" Ron said, pointing to the sign posted to the barbed wire wrapped fence surrounding the very large site.




"Umbrella Corporation? Does that sound familiar to you Ron?" Kim asked.

"It sounds like I heard of them, but I'm drawing a blank Kim. But apparently they will be opening soon." Ron replied, motioning to the completion date, which was next week.

Kim looked at the facility itself now. She was stunned by how she couldn't have noticed this before, the place was gigantic. It stood at least fifteen stories tall, it took up the entire lot as well.

"We'll ask Wade about it later. Right now I could go for a chimmerito" Kim said, rubbing her stomach.

"I hear you Kim" Ron said as he wrapped his arm around Kim, as they continued walking towards Bueno Nacho.

As the two approached Bueno Nacho, they noticed a sign taped to the front door.


"What's this about?" Ron asked Kim, who just shrugged her shoulders.

They walked into Bueno Nacho and headed for the counter, where Ned greeted them.

"Hey Ned, what's with the sign out front?" Kim asked.

"Bueno Nacho has been bought out" Ned said, sounding disappointed.

Flashbacks to Drakken taking over Bueno Nacho to conquer the world flashed through Kim and Ron's head.

"Who exactly bought it?" Ron asked with a sinister tone.

"The new Corporation in town, I believe they're called Umbrella" Ned said, dejected.

"Huh?" Rufus squeaked.

"When did this happen?" Ron asked again, growing worried.

"Late yesterday, they just showed up and bought it. I hear they're buying up a lot of places around Middleton." Ned said.

"Weird, what would they want a fast food place for?" Kim pondered.

"Anyway will that be the usual for you two?" Ned asked.

"Yeah Ned, sureā€¦" Ron said dejected.

Kim made her way towards their usual booth and slid into the seat, still wondering what was going on.

Ron joined her shortly with their tray of food.

Rufus scampered out of Ron's pocket and started chomping down some nachos.

"This is getting strange Ron," Kim said as she started eating her chimmerito.

"I can't put my finger on it Kim, but I don't like where this is going." Ron said as he bit into his Naco.

"I know what you mean Ron, a mysterious company-"

"Corporation Kim, it's a Corporation" Ron said as he slurped on his soda.

Kim fumed, but continued on.

"Fine, a mysterious corporation shows up with a new headquarters and starts buying up places in town. Something doesn't sit right with this."

"Well, we could contact Wade when we get to your place, see what he can find on this Umbrella Corporation." Ron said as he finished his Naco with a burp.

"Ron! Excuse yourself!" Kim said, sounding slightly disgusted, by Ron's habits.

"Sorry Kim, but its part of my essential Ron-ness" Ron replied, crossing his arms behind his head.

"Ugh, whatever Ron" Kim said rolling her eyes.

"Dr. D, just what are we doing here?" Shego asked, taking in the large empty warehouse in the industrial section of Middleton.

"This, Shego is our newest Lair!" Drakken exclaimed, his voice echoed in the warehouses vastness.

"You're kidding me right?" Shego said.

"I never kid about new lair's Shego, and besides, we are this much closer to Kim Possible and her sidekick, whose name escapes me." Drakken said as he started wondering about the side kicks name.

"Ugh, look Drakken, he's not a sidekick anymore. He's her partner, and his name is Ron. Its' not that hard to remember you know" Shego said.

Dr. Drakken was going to respond when he caught Shego's glare. He decided to skip it and move on to another topic.

"Anyway, now that we are closer to Kim Possible, we can now effectively spy on her and get to know her fatal weakness!" Drakken exclaimed.

"Are you with me Shego?" Drakken asked.


"Shego?" Drakken turned to where he last saw her.

She was sitting behind the only furniture in the warehouse, which happened to be a desk. In her hands was the latest copy of the Examiner which she was calmly reading.

"You say something Dr. D?" She asked, not looking up from her paper.

Drakken began to yell out grunts and assorted vowels, never really saying a actual word.

"Calm down Dr. D, jeeze." Shego said, turning the page.

"Honestly, why do I even bother" Drakken said to himself as he sat on the corner of the desk.

He started reading the front page of the Examiner, which he could see clearly in Shego's hands.

"What's this new Corporation in town?" Drakken said as he finished reading the title.

"Apparently they are a renowned global corporation that has decided to set up shop here in Middleton. And their new facility will be up and running within the week it seems" Shego said.

"Does this corporation have a name by any chance?" Drakken asked.

"They are called the Umbrella Corporation, does that sound familiar to you?" Shego asked as she set the paper down on the desk.

Drakken started to rub his chin.

"The name sounds familiar, but I can't put my finger on it. What do they do exactly?" Drakken asked.

"Everything, it seems." Shego said.

"Hmm, we'll have to look into that Shego" Drakken said as he started to chuckle.

Kim and Ron entered the Possible house and headed for the couch, where the were surprised to see Kim's father.

"Dad? What are you doing home so early?" Kim asked, her father was usually at the Space Center working on some top secret rocket for the government.

"Some one bought the Space Center!" He said, clearly agitated.

"Oh no" Ron muttered from behind Kim.

"Dad, you weren't fired were you?" Kim asked, growing concerned.

"No, no my job's safe Kimmie-cub. It's just that they sent us all home while they renovate the Center for the new Company that bought it, they apparently want to link us up with their new building." Dr. Possible said, sounding sad.

"What Company?" Kim asked, her suspicions were rising on which company might be behind the purchase.

"Some new Corporation, I think the name was Umbrella but I can't be sure" Mr. Dr. Possible said.

They all heard the front door open and close.

Kim's mom came into the living room, where everyone was.

"Mom? You Ok?" Kim asked, growing increasingly concerned over both of her parents being home so early.

"I'm fine Kimmie, it's just that the hospital was bought out by a new Corporation in town. We are all off for a week until the renovations are finished." Mrs. Dr. Possible said as she slumped down into the couch beside her husband.

Kim and Ron looked at each other; both of their faces were of disbelief and confusion.

"It wasn't perhaps bought by the Umbrella Corporation now was it?" Kim asked.

Her mother gave her a surprised look.

"Kimmie, how did you know?" She asked.

"They've been buying up businesses all over town, they bought the Space Center, and Bueno Nacho!" Ron said, growing increasingly worried on some super villain plot to take over the world.

"This is officially off the weirdness charts" Kim said, looking at her parents.

"This Corporation, if it's legit is up for owning all of Middleton" Ron said.

"I'm calling Wade in on this now." Kim said as she reached for her Kimmunicator.

Soon on the screen was the familiar face of Wade, Kim and Ron's go to guy, and all around computer genius.

"What's up Kim?" Wade asked.

"Wade, I need you to check into this Umbrella Corporation. Apparently they've been buying a bunch of businesses in Middleton, including the Hospital and the Space Center."

"Not to mention Bueno Nacho!" Ron interjected.

"The Umbrella Corporation?" Wade asked

"Yep, that's them Wade" Kim said.

"I'll look up what I can, I'll get back to you with what I find." Wade said.

"Thanks Wade, you Rock!" Kim said before the screen went off.

"This just keeps getting stranger and stranger" Ron said, rubbing his chin.

Rufus nodded in agreement.

"Whatever this Corporation is up to, it has to be big." Kim said as she got close to Ron.

"Well, if Wade comes back with a legitimate company I don't think we have anything to worry about Kim" Mr. Dr. Possible said from the couch.

"Maybe you're right dad, maybe you're right" Kim said as she looked out the front window of their house.

Then why doesn't this feel right.

"And this here will be your station. It is your job to screen the scientists and make sure-"

"Make sure that they have the proper clearance before letting them into the gene lab, I got it Garry, Christ" Security Agent Pellegrino retorted, obviously annoyed with the scientists demeanor in treating him like a new officer and not as a 5 year veteran with the Umbrella Corporation.

"Right, sorry. You know what they say, old habits die hard" Garry Shielding laughed.

"Yeah, right just stow it Garry, I know what the hell I'm doing here." Pellegrino snapped.

"Sorry Agent Vin, I'm not used to dealing with people. I'm a scientist after all you know." Shielding responded, noting Pellegrino's aggravation towards him.

"Yeah, I know. You're about as happy to be hear as I am I bet." Vin said as he settled behind his new desk.

"Yep, I didn't want to come to this place. Especially after all the problems this Corporation has had" Shielding said.

"Christ, don't remind me" Vin responded, memories of Raccoon City came flashing back to him.

"Well, I'll let you get settled in here, we officially open in a week. But we've already had the labs open and operational for the last 3, so don't think you have nothing to do here." Shielding said walking away.

"Got it Garry, thanks for the tour" Vin said as he watched Shielding leave the area.

"Jackass" Vin muttered.

He then kicked his feet up on the desk and started surfing the internet on the company computer.

Agent Vincent Pellegrino had been with the Umbrella Corporation for the past 9 years, signing up for their security officer job in early January 1998. His skills with a firearm, and dealing in the scientist areas elevated him to being enrolled into the Umbrella Task force. The Task force was Umbrella's secret SWAT team, sent in incase one of their experiments got out of control, or if they needed something for a experiment but didn't want to pay anyone for it. The Task force was know by Vin's fellow agents as the 'MERCENARIES' paid to do whatever the Corporate office wanted them to do.

Then the incident in Raccoon City occurred, and Vin's squad was one of five sent into the city. Vin learned all too quickly why he was called in, to test their latest monsters on some of their best agents.

Vin was the only one of his squad of six to make it out of the city, before Umbrella covered it up with a well placed Nuke.

He threatened to quit then and there, telling the world about what he saw. But Corporate had other ideas, and quadrupled his pay to keep him quiet. For Vin the money talked, so he accepted it, not realizing that he put himself in a no win situation. He was now property of the Umbrella Corporation; he had to do whatever it was Corporate told him to do. And his latest assignment was part of what Corporate wanted.

Hey, over 100k a year for sitting on my ass and surfing the web for 8 hours. I'm not going to argue with them.

Vin heard footsteps approaching his location, his hand instinctively went to the right side of his chest, where his gun holster was.

That was the other thing he enjoyed about this job, he was required to be armed at all times in the building. Although he could care less about his company issued 9mm Beretta.

Three scientists approached Vin's desk. Vin kept his left hand on the butt of the holster.

"Ah, you must be the new guy" One of the scientists said, offering his hand to Vin.

Vin didn't move.

The Scientist hesitantly drew his hand back to him.

"I-I'm Dr. Rams, and these are Dr.'s Stevenson, and Flanders" The scientist said motioning to his colleagues.

"You three authorized to be here?" Vin said.

"Yes, yes we are." Rams said.

"I need to see your ID, and Security clearance Cards please" Vin said, sliding a tray across his desk to the waiting scientists.

"Of course, of course" Rams said, dropping his cards into the tray, the others soon followed.

Vin grabbed the tray and looked over the IDs. Then he took the Security cards and slid them through the Computer, all three were cleared.

Vin put the cards back in the tray and slid them back towards the scientists.

He then brought up the security clearance window on the computer, and typed in the authorization code.

The large glass sliding door to Vin's right slowly hissed, and began to open.

"You three are cleared, be safe now" Vin said, as he turned back to the computer.

"Thank you, ah Agent Pelligrini" Rams said.

"Pellegrino, Dr. It's pronounced Pellegrino" Vin said, sounding a little agitated again.

"Ah my apologies, Agent Pelligrini" Dr. Rams said as he stepped into the doorway.

"Friggin' Dolt" Vin said under his breath.

"Well, let's see what the hell you guys are working on down there" Vin said, before he brought up the Umbrella projects window.

It was one of the things Vin did while he was on the job, even though he usually wasn't authorized to do so, he wanted to get as much info on what they were working on just so he had some information that could potentially bring the company down.

It was one of the things Vin started doing after the fiasco in Raccoon City, he almost died for this company and they didn't even send the families of those who lost agents there any compensation. It sickened Vin how cruel the company he worked for could be.

If he could get anything on Umbrella that could bring them down, he wasn't going to let a security clearance code stand in his way. Besides, he secretly swiped all the access codes from the security office when he picked up his side arm.

I went through hell once for this Corporation, I'll be damned if I go through it again.

Slowly he entered the security clearance code and started skimming through the files.

In case anyone was wondering, or hasn't figured it out yet, things in Middleton will end up getting very out of hand with Umbrella in town.

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