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Chapter 28

Final Verdict

Vin lit his cigarette outside of the courthouse, leaning against one of the outer walls. The proceedings in the case of US vs. the Umbrella Corporation were drawing to an end; all they really had to do was wait on the jury's verdict in the matter.

Taking a long drag on his cigarette he leaned on his cane, which he had to rely on as his new 'temporary' leg for at least another 4 months. Hell, it was four months since the Middleton mishap, as the news so eloquently put it. He spent the first month and a half after getting out of Middleton in a hospital bed while he was to be diagnosed and fixed up. He had to go through 3 surgeries on his leg alone with another four on his right shoulder, repairing all the damage done by it being 'popped' back into place the wrong way that night.

In all his life he never planned on being a smoker, yet here he was, outside a courthouse smoking a cigarette. He was disgusted and ashamed of himself for even buying the damned things, but when he was off the morphine; it was the only thing that could dull his pain. Plus it wasn't like he was a regular smoker, in the past three months out of the hospital he went through, maybe two packs of cigarettes.

He glanced back through the glass doors at the crowd of reporters swarming around two familiar faces with their families behind them. He really couldn't blame the reporters; it did make for a big headline around the world. "Teen hero survives night in Umbrella nightmare, seeking revenge on the Company" And that was only the NY Times headline, this story was like wildfire across the globe, If the jury didn't find Umbrella to blame they'd still be out of business being that no one would want any part of a corporation that sick, besides that spot was taken by Hench Co.

Not that he really cared about them getting the publicity and having him fade into the background, in fact he much preferred to be left out of the spotlight, and the less he dealt with the news and reporters the better. Especially since he was contacted by the FBI offering him employment with them when the trial of Umbrella was over and done with, after he fully recovered of course.

The sound of the door caught his attention. He turned to see who it was, it was Bonnie.

"Hey" She said.

"Hey" He replied, taking a drag on his cigarette.

"Can't believe it's almost over, this whole mess is finally going away"

"It doesn't really go away Bonnie; it just gets shoved into the back of your mind for the rest of your life."

"I know…but what I wouldn't give to completely forget this entire stupid thing. The horrors I've seen, the friends I've lost…"

She drifted off at the end, Vin was sure he heard her sniffling, but he wasn't going to pursue her about it. Having been there himself he knew that it would only hinder the healing process.

"Still haven't found the dipshit have they?" She asked, whipping her eyes.

Vin shook his head, knowing who she meant. He really wished he could understand how the hell someone could flee like that at least 3 different times at 3 different locations. But no matter what the odds, Albert Wesker always seemed to slip away into the shadows, slip away alive. Any free time he had at his new job he'd spend trying to hunt the bastard down, that was a promise.

Bonnie took another look at him, curling her nose up as she sees the cigarette.

"You still smoking those disgusting things?"

He shrugged,

"Only thing other than drugs that dulls the pain, so yeah"

"Whatever, I'm heading back inside. I can't stand cigarette smoke"

"Ironically neither can I" He said with a smirk.

She headed back into the courthouse. From the original group that escaped the city all those months ago, the only ones that actually showed up for the hearing were Kim, Ron, Wade and their families, Bonnie and her family ( Parents were out of town that week on business, sisters were out shopping in Upperton at the time). Chris, Jill and Carlos were each brought in as witnesses but were now back at their secret STARS location plotting against Umbrella, and himself. He learned that shortly after Mr. Possible touched down with the F-22 escort they had at the nearest air force base both Shego and Dr. Drakken slipped out of there un-noticed and have kept a very low profile for the last four months since the incident.

Truth be told, he didn't know if there was any chemistry between himself and Shego, she did help him deal with some of the harder times in there and kept him from completely loosing it, but he didn't know if that was the makings of something special or if it was just comradely under pressure. He also didn't think it would've worked out between them anyway, she was evil after all.

The door again swung open, bringing the relative quiet of the outside to a roar of reporters and flash bulbs. Not surprisingly Kim and Ron both emerged from the door, pushing the reporters back inside so as to not disturb them for now. Thankfully the police kept them back for the two of them, allowing them to be relatively alone with Vin outside.

"Enjoy you're talk?" Vin kidded.

"So not, they're like parasites" Kim said, shuddering slightly.

"Always asking the most ridiculous questions, they even asked if Rufus was some genetic mutation of the virus!" Ron argued.

"Yeah!" Rufus agreed.

"I'm just glad they're not after me" Vin said smiling.

"I tried to get you on the hook, but they wouldn't have any of it" Kim replied with a sly smile.

"Just as well, my new employer wouldn't be very thrilled about me giving a statement to them" He took another drag off his cigarette.

"Who exactly is you're employer?" Ron asked.

"That's classified Ron, couldn't tell you even if I wanted to" Vin replied with a slight grin.

The door opened again, amidst all the flashes Mr. Possible was able to get through and out to them.

"Sorry to cut your conversation short guys, but the jury has made their decision."

"Well, that was fast" Ron said, slightly taken back by the suddenness.

"Really, I thought things like this take time?"

"Apparently not"

Vin tossed his cigarette to the ground and stepped on it, putting it out.

"Let's not keep them waiting" he said before he gingerly walked through the doors with his cane down to the courtroom.

"All Rise for the honorable Judge Jonathan Palsies"

Everyone rose from their seats, with the exception of Vin who remained standing at the back of the courtroom, knowing the rising and sitting would do murder on his leg.

The jurors were in their places as the judge made his way to the podium.

"Be seated"

Everyone returned to their seats, the judge looked at the defenses table before he turned to the jurors.

"Has the jury reached a verdict?"

"We have your honor"

One juror rose from his seat, a piece of paper in his hand which he passed to the bailiff, who then handed it to the judge.

The judge looked at the paper, and then at the defendants, his features remained emotionless.

"Will the defendants please rise."

The Umbrella corporation executives as well as their lawyer rose from their seats as the counts were read out.

"On the first count of treason in the first degree, how do you find?"

"We find the defendants, guilty"

"On the second count of bribing government officials, how do you find?"

"We find the defendants guilty"

"On the third count of unorthodox treatment of test subjects, how do you find?"

"We find the defendants guilty"

Quiet murmuring was heard throughout the courtroom as the final count came up, if they were found guilty here, then Umbrella would be over and done with.

"On the final count of Mass Murder of the citizens of Raccoon City and Middleton how do you find?"

There was an anxious pause as everyone held their breath.

"We find the defendants, guilty"

The courtroom erupted in a mixture of applause and cheering, the sounding of the gavel soon drowned out the cheering till the room was quiet again.

The judge turned to the defendants.

"You will all be placed in local facilities until further sentencing, this court is adjourned."

The bailiffs took the Umbrella executives back to their holding cells while the courtroom cleared out.

Leaving Kim, Ron, Wade, Bonnie and their families celebrating before they went out to meet the media.

Vin just smiled to himself, Umbrella was done with. No government of facility on this planet would think of doing business with them now. The FBI took possession of all of their research and findings and stored everything of theirs into a Warehouse in the outskirts of D.C., a literal maze of stored materials that dates well back to the early thirties. Nobody would ever find the materials Umbrella worked with to create their monsters ever again, it would be impossible.

Slowly the group made their way to the back of the courtroom, where Vin was still standing.

"Mr. Pellegrino…" Mr. Possible said, with everyone looking on.

"I can't thank you enough for what you did, bringing not only our daughter, but her friend and partner as well as us out of that place. I know you obligated to watch out for them or even save them, but you did. You've done so much for us that a simple thank you really isn't enough…"

"It's more than enough Dr. Possible; it's more than I ever got from anyone. I can't tell you how much it means to me"

Before they could say another word, Mr. Possible enveloped Vin in a large hug, catching Vin by surprise.

"Thank you…thank you so much…" He said softly before he started crying.

"No sir, thank you…If it wasn't for them I wouldn't have any other reason to keep going in there. They saved me as much as I saved them…"

Both men were at tears by now, as the rest of the families joined in on the hug. Kim, Ron and Bonnie just stayed back and smiled, a faint "awww" was heard from Rufus.

"If there's anything you ever need, you know where we are" Mr. Possible said as they finally broke the hug.

"I'll keep it in mind"

Kim, Ron and Bonnie took their turn to go and give Vin a hug. After all he was the person who saved them from imminent death several times in there.

"If you need us for anything, well you know" Kim said.

"Yeah, yeah, call you, beep you…yada, yada" Vin kidded.

"So, will we see you around?" Ron asked.

"Never know…." Vin said with a smile.

He let the families walk out first, and as predicted they were swarmed with the media for a second time.

He shook his head, and turned towards the exit on the opposite side of the courthouse, still grinning.

Umbrella was gone, he and the others were alive, and the future finally had a glimmer of hope for him.

Now if he could just remember where he parked…



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Its been two years since the disaster at Middleton, a lot has happened since then…

Ron: "Kim, have I told you how much I love you?"

Kim: "Every time I look down at my finger you do Ron" She said before leaning in and kissing him passionately.

New boundaries have been reached…

Vin: "Are you sure about these enhancements?"

FBI technician: "Absolutely, these will help you in more ways than one"

Vin: "Tell that to my girlfriend"

And new monsters are being unlocked…

Monkey Fist: "What is this? Umbrella Corporation? Hmm, what were they up too…"

Just when they though the past was locked away where no one could get it…

Phone call: "May I speak with Special Agent Pellegrino?"

Vin: "This is Pellegrino, what do we have?"

Phone call: "Sir, we have a problem down here, I think you should see this"

Someone unleashes a new kind of evil

Sensei: "I sense a great evil that has been unearthed"

Yori: "Can it be stopped Sensei?"

Sensei: "I cannot say"

FBI agent: "It's all gone sir, all of it"

Vin: "Every box with the damned Umbrella logo on it is gone? What the hell was in them?"

FBI agent: "Everything we tried to hide"

Wade: "Monkey Fist is working on some kind of serum, something that is supposed to bring him to be the Monkey King"

Kim: "Any other leads Wade?"

Wade: "Only some bizarre occurrences in a small town in Spain as well as some old artifacts that may point out the name of this serum he may be working on"

Kim: "And what is this serum called?"

"The best I could determine, its called the Monkey's eye"

Fist: "Soon this serum will allow all to obey me, making me the Supreme Monkey King! Wahahahahahahaha!"

Two groups of heroes must now reunite to stop a madman.

Kim Possible

Ron Stoppable


Vin Pellegrino

And Introducing,

Monkey Fist




Yori and

Leon Kennedy in….

Resident Evil 4: The Monkey's Eye

Kim: "You know those things will kill you"

In the distance they heard a cry before the roar of chainsaws carried across the wind.

Vin: "So can those things, what's your point?"

Coming soon to a Fan Fiction Board near you!

Ok, not the best preview in the history of previews so let me sum it up for you.

A loose following of RE: 4 where Monkey Fist is actually co-bad guy with the other main evil person in RE: 4. Kim, and Ron are engaged to be married (it is two years from now, anything's possible) and both are accepting the help of Yori to try and stop Monkey Fist, where they also run across Vin who is also trying to stop Monkey Fist's plan.

Several elements of RE: 4 brought into play for this one, including the merchant (You read that right!)

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