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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The Hero of Time and Heroine of Hyrule

By: Sylis "The Twilight Fox"

Chapter 1: Meeting the Fairy Boy


As the sun peeked over the horizon, a cucco could be heard all throughout Hyrule. The sun shined over the glassy surface of Lake Hylia, the marble cliffs of Gerudo Valley, the mysterious green forest that is the Lost Woods. But there was one place where the sunrise was always beautiful, Lon Lon Ranch. As the animals all began to wake, a young girl with fiery red hair began to fidget in her bed, the sun shining brightly on her face. She slowly opened her eyes, revealing eyes that matched the color of the ocean. She yawned and stretched as she readied herself for an early morning of work. She threw her legs to the side of the bed, greeting the morning sun. She got up, replacing her nightgown with a white work dress, with a blue pattern stitched into the bottom, a yellow piece of fabric going over her shoulders and tied in front of her chest. When she was ready for the day, she exited her room and into the hallway. She stopped at the first door to hear a loud snoring.

"Oh dad…" Malon sighed. She walked downstairs and got some milk for herself. She went to start a fire to warm up the stove, but when she opened it up. Oh yeah, firewood. She got up and walked into the next room grabbing some firewood. After starting the fire, she put a pot of coffee on the stove. Maybe he will stay awake after some coffee. She waited a few minutes, but still Talon didn't come downstairs. Malon was getting upset now. She looked around and grabbed one of her father's Super Cuccos. "You're going to help wake up my dad." Malon walked up stairs and quietly opened up her father's bedroom door. There was Talon, fast asleep as usual. Malon placed the cucco by Talon, scratching it under the chin. Like it was an activation switch, the cucco crowed very loudly, startling Talon.

"What in tarnation!" Talon yelled as he was awoken by the cucco. He quickly stumbled out of bed, his face meeting the wooden floor. He looked up to see Malon. "Well good morning sweetheart." Talon greeted his daughter.

"Sleeping late as usual huh dad?" Malon giggled softly. She helped her father up. "Remember what day it is?" Malon asked with a tone of excitement in her voice.

"Let's see… Monday?" Talon asked.

"Well… Yeah, but do you remember what we have to do today?" Malon asked.

"Oh that's right, we are delivering milk to Hyrule Castle today." Talon said.

"That's right! Now don't forget your promise!" Malon said.

"Don't worry, I didn't. I am bringing you along with me to the Hyrule Town Market." Talon said as Malon cheered getting very excited. "Now you go get the wagon ready, I'll be out in a minute." Malon ran outside to get the horses and the wagon ready.


Hyrule Town Market, Talon and Malon were on the road that led to the castle.

"Now Malon, I want you to wait here for me to get back. Can you do that?" Malon nodded, watching her father ride up to the castle. She returned to the Town Market, she began to look at all the buildings and all the people. Wow, it is really noisy here, now I miss the quietness of the ranch. She tried to play with a young girl who was chasing a cucco, but she said she didn't want to play with Malon. She sighed and walked over to the fountain and sat down. Maybe this wasn't such a great idea… At least at the ranch I could play with Epona. She sat there for a few hours, still waiting for her father. He probably fell asleep again… he is hopeless. It was about noon now and Malon started to grow hungry. She pulled out a small lunch that she had packed, just in case this happened. She was about to eat it when she heard someone yelling. She turned around to find a young boy, must have been her age, dressed in a green tunic and a long green hat which his blonde hair stuck out of. He had a wooden shield on his back and a very small sword, which could have been mistaken for a dagger.

"Hey kid! Move it!" An adult yelled at the oddly dressed child, pushing him on the ground. The boy hit the stone ground pretty hard, but did nothing. He just stood up and walked away. He started walking in her direction, but stopped to talk to someone else.

"Excuse me, do you know where I can find Princess Zelda? I must speak with her immediately." The young boy asked.

"I have no time for your games boy." The adult said, quickly turning away from him. The boy sighed and sat down on the fountain, not noticing Malon.

"This is hopeless…" The boy said to himself, or so it appeared. Just then, a ball of blue light with wings flew out from under his hat. Hey… that looks like… Malon thought to herself.

"You can't give up, I know these people are rude, but there has to be one helpful person here." The ball of light said.

"Yeah I know…" The boy responded.

"Excuse me." The boy looked over to see whom it was that had spoken. He saw a young girl his age with fiery red hair that went down to her back. "I'm sorry to interrupt, but… you look different. Your clothes are very unusual and is that… a Fairy?" The boy blinked a few times before answering.

"Well, yes. This is a fairy." The boy said.

"Does that mean you are from the forest?" Malon asked.

"Yeah, I am from Kokiri Forest." The boy said.

"I've never seen a fairy boy before." Malon said with a laugh. The boy was confused, he wasn't sure what she was laughing at. "My name is Malon." She said with a smile on her face.

"My name is Link." Link replied returning a smile of his own. The fairy started flying around Malon.

"And my name is Navi, I'm helping Link!" Navi said.

"Well it is really nice to meet you both. Say Link, I know we have only met… but would you like to be my friend? I don't have many friends because I usually am at the ranch. No one stops to visit me at all. But you seem different then all the other kids I have met, but different in a good way. So what do you say?" Malon asked.

"I don't see why not, you are a lot nicer than all the rude people I have talked to so far." Link said.

"Well then it's settled! It's nice to meet you Fairy Boy, I mean Link!" She said, trying to hold in her laughter. "So what are you here for?"

"Well I need to see Princess Zelda. It's important." Link replied with a serious look on his face.

"Oh. Well, right before you came, I was going to eat some lunch, would you like to have some?" Malon asked, holding out the food she had packed.

"Thanks Malon, but I'm not that hungry." Link stood up. "Besides I really have-" the growling of his stomach interrupted Link. He blushed slightly, sitting back down. Malon handed him some food, then both finished off the lunch pretty quickly.

"So you want to get to Hyrule Castle then huh?" Malon asked, looking at Link.

"Yeah, do you know how to get there?" Link asked.

"Yeah, It's actually up the road. But getting in there will be a problem. You would have to get around all the guards." She looked at Link who didn't seem phased by this what so ever. "Aren't you afraid of getting caught?" Malon asked.

"Just a little. But I don't have time to be afraid. Do you think you can show me to the road?" Link looked at Malon with a smile on his face.

"Yeah, I can do that." Wow, he sure is brave. He is so cool. Malon giggled at her thoughts as she stood up.

"What's so funny Malon?"

"On it's nothing." Malon grabbed Link's hand and started dragging him to the path to Hyrule Castle. "Come on!" They followed the path until they saw the gate, a guard was standing in front of it.

"Hmm, well it doesn't look like I'll be able to get through there… Hmm." Link looked around, noticing some vines that were growing from the wall. He walked over to the vines, testing their strength. "Ok, I should be able to climb up this." He looked back at Malon. "Looks like I'll be heading to the castle now. Thanks for showing me the way." He smiled. He was just about to start climbing.

"Link! Wait!" Link turned around. "Here take this with you." Malon pulled out a weird egg. "I've been incubating this egg for awhile now. A cucco should hatch pretty soon."

"What's a cucco?" Link had never heard of one.

"It is a white bird that crows during the sunrise. If you scratch it under its chin, it will crow really loud. If you find my dad, could you wake him up? He'll probably be sleeping by a bunch of wooden crates." She sighed after saying that.

"Sure, I can do that." Link nodded.

"One more thing… Could you visit me at the Lon Lon Ranch? No one ever does and it gets very lonely." Malon looked to the ground.

"I'll visit." Malon's head shot up when she heard this.

"You will?" Malon was so happy, she ran up to Link and hugged him tightly. "Oh thank you! We can have so much fun!" Link blushed slightly, never really being held like this before. She let go of Link after a minute or so of thanking him. She smiled. "Well good luck Fairy Boy." She giggled. "And thanks again!" She started walking back towards the town market, waving to Link as she walked.

"Wow… She is really nice…" Link said to himself.

"Link, we have to get going." Navi said as she flew out from under Link's hat. Link nodded and started to climb up the vines. Making his way past all the guards, Link found a rock wall he could climb to get past the main gate. Hmm there are guards there. Link jumped into the moat, finding a few rupees at the bottom. He swam in the moat until he reached the end, climbing out, he found an older man, sleeping against a bunch of wooden crates. That must be Malon's father. He felt the egg that Malon gave him begin to move. He pulled it out and watched as the shell began to crack. After a few minutes, a cucco pushed its way out of the egg. Link stared at it, amazed by the miracle of life that had just happened in front of him. He then remembered what Malon told him. He then walked over to the sleeping man by the crates. Scratching the cucco's under the chin, it began to crow very loudly, waking up the man.

"WHAT THE!" The man sprung up in complete shock. "Can't a man get a little shut eye?" He looked down at Link. "Oh, hi there. My name is Talon and I am the owner of Lon Lon Ranch."

"Hello sir, my name is Link. Malon asked me to find you and wake you up."

"What? Oh boy, Malon is going to let me have it for sure. Thanks kid! MALON, I'M SORRY!" Talon ran off in the direction of the gate.

"Well, now that I have taken care of that, I just need to get inside some how." Link looked around, seeing a small opening on the side of the castle wall. Water was coming out of it. "Hmm…"


Back at Lon Lon Ranch. Nightfall had come, Malon was bringing Epona to the stall with the rest of the horses. Just as she brought in the rest of them, the ranch hand, Ingo met her.

"Nicely done Malon." Ingo said to her.

"Thanks Mr. Ingo."

"You are a hard worker, unlike that father of yours. It is a good thing you do not take after your father. Such a lazy bum." Ingo went on.

"Please don't talk about my dad like that, he really is a good person." Malon pleaded.

"Alright child, calm down. You best be getting to bed. It is getting dark." Malon listened to Ingo, telling him a good night. She headed to the house and entered her room. She thought about her new friend that she had met at the market. Link is such a cool boy. I can't wait for him to visit. He better keep his promise. With those thoughts on her mind, she fell asleep pretty quickly.


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