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Following graduation Ron and Pansy were married in a large ceremony at the Parkinson's residence. Gerard Parkinson was glad to see his only daughter finally happy for once. Two years after getting married they had twin girls, Amelia and Abigail. Both girls had red hair but Pansy's aqua eyes. The medi-witch told them that the likely hood of having more twins was 75, so they decided that two beautiful girls were enough.

Lavender and Blaise married in Italy that August near his hometown of Florence. They decided to wait to have any children since they both had been chosen to go on a modeling campaign for Gladrags. They became the most popular models the store had ever had and were able to retire after three short years. Their first born son, whom they named Antonio, was born the following year.

Harry and Ginny got engaged after she turned of age that August and planned to marry the following summer after Harry completed his auror training and Ginny graduated from Hogwarts.

As for Draco and Hermione, they married in a small ceremony on a remote tropical island with only their close friends and family to bear witness. Draco went into business for himself while Hermione worked at the ministry of magic in the department of magical law enforcement office. It was not her first choice, but she was happy none the less. After a year or so their first child was born. Michael Richard Malfoy. Hermione chose the middle name for her father. He had her curly brown hair and Draco's grey eyes. Then just two short years later they had a girl. Miranda Narcissa Malfoy. She was blonde and fair with deep blue eyes that could have only belonged to Draco's mother Narcissa. And as they say in stories, they lived happily ever after.