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Chapter 1

It was Chemistry class, and Raven couldn't help it but stare at the clock. She felt like she has been sitting in her seat for a day, when in fact only half an hour passed. She sat lifelessly on her seat and rested her chin on her palm, pretending that she has been listening the whole lecture. She pulled out a notebook (something she would call her personal diary) and scribbled notes in the back page; biting the tip of her ballpen, she thought of what she could write. She then started designing a letter K, with tiny hearts bordering it. Then a letter E, and V… and I would guess you know it. Kevin. She looked proudly at what she just did and closed her notebook gently, carefully placing it at the bottommost part of her backpack. Minutes passed and Raven thought she would die from boredom then and there.

"And now class, I hope you have listened diligently as you will be given a pop quiz," Mr. Smith, their new Chemistry teacher announced as he was holding and giving out papers to each student.

Oops. Raven thought nervously as she was given a piece of paper by the teacher. She smiled casually to him as she thought that he had a clue that she wasn't listening. He smiled back and continued walking, handing each a paper. Raven examined it, and thoroughly studied each question. "Who am I kidding?" She whispered softly so that no one heard. She knew that the second the bell would ring, she would pass her paper to the teacher with nothing but guessed answers. Minutes passed, and of course, she expected it. All guessed, nothing quite sure. The bell rang as each student stood up and submitted the paper on the right part of the teacher's desk.

Raven was about to leave the door when… "Ms. Baxter, please stay. I would like to talk to you for a couple of minutes," Mr. Smith interfered.

"Good luck Rae," Chelsea said as she grabbed her books and slipped it in her bag.

"See you in the cafeteria," Eddie added.

"Well, hopefully if you see me after. Yes Chels, good luck to me." Raven replied as she slid off the strap of her bag and dropped it in the floor. She pulled the chair and faced the teacher as if she knew what he was going to say.

"Raven, I'm really bothered about your behavior lately. You used to get high grades, but now it goes down. And I'm sure you don't think I'm stupid enough not to see you either daydreaming or jotting stuff, but anyway, it shows you're not participating in the class," the teacher explained.

"Look, Mr. Smith, I'm sorry. Maybe stuff just keeps bothering me, and with 'stuff', I mean personal stuff. Well, anyway, I'm sorry and I'd try my best to listen next time." Raven apologized.

"Okay, as long as you would do better, no problem. But one more disappointing behavior in class, well I think a conference with your parents would be necessary," "You may go." He said as he started checking the papers.

"Thank you, and I will do better, I promise." Raven said as she pulled the strap of her bag to her shoulders and turned the knob of the door.

Raven stepped out of the room surprised to see a large crowd of students all gathered in front of the bulletin board. She squeezed her way and said a lot 'excuse me' until she finally saw what the all were talking about. It read on a blue piece of paper on big, bold fonts:

Selected teachers would decide on a few talented students who are capable of joining the "2005 Talent Competiton", to be held in the auditorium at Friday, Dec. 16.

Written in smaller fonts were, "The selected students would compete once more with other students from different schools until the (as we would call) 'champions' would be selected." Finally at the bottom it said "approach Mr. Lawler to know more".

At first Raven thought it was absurd, as memories of her not-so-successful chances flashed back to her head. As she remembered dancing in front of a janitor, well, an undercover janitor, she thought it was so thwarting. Of course, that was until she had a vision…

The sound of applause filled the room, and Raven's hand was up high together with Kevin's hand. They took a bow as the judge said over the microphone, "Very nice Ms. Baxter and Mr. Maxwell." Raven saw herself with a huge smile across her face…

"Wow." Was all Raven could think about after seeing her vision. She looked once more at the paper, scrolled her eyes, "December 16? Well, I have 2 weeks to practice!" She stated as she looked around for Kevin, hoping to see him in the tight crowd. "Yes!" There he was. He caught Raven looking at him and gave her a friendly wave. Unluckily for Raven, there came Alana with her posse. Alana started talking (though Raven could not really hear the words), a "Great! See you in my house tomorrow!" was all she heard as Alana said it loudly as if she wanted to rub it in to Raven.

Yah, Great. Just Great. Raven thought as she escaped from the crowd.