Chapter 2

It was chilly in San Francisco as blankets of snow nearly covered up the entire place. The month of December has brought joy to Raven, as she constantly sees kids (about the age of 5) throwing snowballs and building different sizes of snowman. As for her, it's a month of hot chocolate and fluffy blankets.

Raven sat in her purple couch with a stereo beside her and a cup of warm milk in one hand. She got drained out from putting CDs and pushing the previous & next button. She finally planned to dance, but the problem now was the song. It was already 10:45 pm, but she thought to herself that staying up late would be worth it. It took a couple of minutes until a song finally satisfied Raven. She ejected the disk, place it in its case, and stuffed it in her bag. Closing her organizer (with a hectic schedule on it) she let out a sigh of satisfaction. She then gobbled the last of her milk and set herself onto bed. With lots of plans and thoughts in mind, her excitement hindered her from sleeping. It took a lot more cookies and milk until she finally drifted off to sleep…

That morning…

It was now a cool morning in San Francisco. Raven skipped along the stairs and sat down in the counter, making herself comfortable with a cup of hot chocolate and a plate of eggs and bacon in front of her.

"Good morning mom, dad." Raven greeted as she took a sip from her cup.

"Good morning honey," both said in unison.

Raven looked around while the room was in silence. Seems like they have something to prepare for, too. Tonya was reading a thick-paged law book while Victor has been reading a bundle of cookbooks. As she turned her head to the back, she saw Corey giving a lot of effort finishing his homework.

"Why Corey, I can't believe for the first time ever you actually thought of doing an assignment!" Raven said in astonishment as she bit of her bacon.

"Yeah, well, there's this really hot teacher, and all boys in our class are trying to get her attention," Corey explained proudly.

"Were leaving in 10 minutes, why didn't you do it yesterday?" Replied raven as she looked up the wall clock.

"C'mon, you know about the new video game down at the arcade! It's heaven for people like me."

"Right." Raven just nodded in agreement. "Sometimes little brothers can be really odd." She thought to herself.

"Okay, well that's the last of it!" Tonya exclaimed as she folded the page of her book, and slammed it in contentment. "You two ready to go?" She added as she grabbed her purse.

"Yup, ready." Raven responded as she scooped the last of her scrambled eggs and popped it into her mouth. She then place the strap of her backpack on her shoulders as a sign that she is ready to go.

"Corey? You done with your homework?" Tonya asked as she walked to the counter and got her keys.

"Uh, yah. Just one last question. I'll catch up with you." Cory replied still concentrated on his paper.

"Well, hurry, or you're going to be late for school." Tonya notified as she and Raven walked out the door. Cory just nodded and started computing with his fingers.

Five, six, seven… "Okay, done!" Corey whispered to himself as he rolled up the paper in his hand and hurried outside.

In school…

The halls of Bayside were full of students either talking, planning, or making arrangements with other students. Raven opened her locker as she grabbed 2 books and carried it in one hand. She then closed her locker shut and walked herself to her next class, Biology. There in class all were talking about the competition, and Raven thought of how hard of a competition it would be. She then spotted Eddie and Chelsea in the second row, and it seemed like they were arguing.

"Hey, what are you two talking about? Are you going to join the competition too?" Raven said as she took a seat.

"Yes, and we can't just get along!" Eddie replied, exasperated.

"Well, a story about dying trees and a helpful girl has two advantages! One, a good show, and the other, it would teach everyone a good lesson!" Chelsea said, trying to prove her point.

"And that is… what? Never to do a presentation like that!" Eddie replied, still frustrated.

"Then let's see what your good plan is, Eddie!" Chelsea said as she crossed her arms.

"A simple rap, you know me," Eddie answered with a laugh.

"Eddie, Chelsea doesn't know how to rap," Raven reminded.

"Yeah Eddie! And you know, in the story of the dying trees, all you have to do is sway!" Chelsea reacted as she acted out the swaying.

"Well, who said you need to rap? All you have to do is go 'yo' or something," Eddie explained hoping she would consider.

"Then let's ask Raven!" Chelsea suggested as she turned to Raven. "Raven, my best friend, which do you think is a better plan?"

"Look, guys, I'm not comfortable making this decision… Just work it out between the both of you." Raven replied encouragingly.

"Fine. Well, Rae, who are you going to partner with?" Eddie said, desperate to change the topic.

"I don't know you guys! I mean, I had this vision with Kevin being my partner, but now he's in Alana's evil hands!" Raven exclaimed.

"Now that's weird." Chelsea commented.

"I know! When I see something in my vision, it always happens! Of course, it's the future," Raven answered hopelessly.

"You did say that it always happens, so maybe you'll be partners with Kevin through something else." Eddie said as he wanted to cheer up his friend.

"I hope so."

That Afternoon…

Students from different levels gathered in one room as Mr. Lawler explained everything. Raven, Eddie, and Chelsea sat in the middle aware of his showering spit.

"Now, please pay close attention as I will explain all rules." Mr. Lawler started as he passed each one a copy of the rules. "Please follow along as I read." He added.

"In the first paragraph, you would see the rules." "Each participant must show up with a pair." He read aloud the first one.

"Now all of you know that as long as you don't have any partner, you must find for one in order to enter." He explained. All nodded in response.

"Next, there must be no cheating- that's a common rule. Now you may ask in what instances could you cheat; well, no group must have the same steps. Exactly the same steps. Okay?" Once more, all nodded.

One raised his hand from the corner. "What if we have the same steps but we didn't know that another one has it too?"

"Like I said, exact steps. The judges would know what's unintentional and intentional." Mr. Lawler made clear. The girl from the corner nodded in understanding.

"And the last, of course, this competition requires sportsmanship. No one must destroy the reputation of another team, also no one must do anything affecting one's performance." He clarified as he looked around the room. Everyone (for the third time) nodded.

"Now, as you would see in the second paragraph, those are the consequences, the most common being disqualification. Now let's skip that and move on to the prizes." "For the third runner up, they would get $100 shopping spree, and $150 for the second, $200 for the third, and for the champion, a $250 shopping spree and they would get to star in a random commercial." By this point all students talked to each other in excitement.

"Now for the next two pages, you could self-read it at home, I expect that all of you would." Mr. Lawler verified with all participants. "Now you may go home and good luck to all of you." He greeted as he opened the door for all students.

In the hallway, the three were so eager to win the competition and they couldn't stop talking about what commercial they may endorse.

"So Rae, who are you planning to make your partner?" Chelsea asked.

"I don't know, but for now, I have to plan at home. See you guys tomorrow." Raven waved a goodbye as she walked her way to her house. Both waved in unison and went separate directions.

The truth is, Raven was really bothered about who her partner would be. Would Kevin really be her partner one way or another?