A/N: Embarrassingly enough, the inspiration for this fic came from What a Girl Wants ;; When uh the main character (what's her name? Sorry, forgotten) and her mum tell each other how much they love each other (yeah, cheesy, whatever… it was sweet :P ) and uh one of the sentences was "I love you a million red M&Ms" … and so yeah…

Warning: Boy loving boy… nothing explicit

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A Million Red M&Ms

"Ne, Yuki, how much do you love me?" Shuichi asked suddenly.

Yuki looked up from his laptop, his fingers hovering over the keys. "Who said I loved you, brat?"

Shuichi pouted. "You're so mean Yuki!" he whined. "But I know you love me really…" he grinned and crawled over to his lover, resting his head on the writer's thigh.

"Do you now?" Yuki smirked and hoisted Shuichi onto his lap. "And how do you know that?"

"Well, why else would you let me hang around if you didn't love me?" Shuichi asked.

"Maybe I just like the sex?" Yuki nipped playfully at Shuichi's neck, making the singer squirm and giggle.

"Yuki!" he swatted at the older male. "I'm trying to be serious!"

"You? Serious?" Yuki snorted. "Fine then- let's be serious. How much do you love me?"

"I love you a million red M&Ms!" Shuichi beamed.

Yuki blinked. "… What?"

The singer blushed. "It's from What a Girl Wants."

The blond smirked. "Watching chick flicks now, are we?"

"Shut up!" Shuichi pouted. "Ayaka-chan wanted to watch it, and Hiro made me stay as well." he grinned. "It doesn't matter anyway, because I love you a million red M&Ms!"

Yuki rolled his eyes. "Now you're just being a baka." he ruffled his lover's pink hair. "Go back to your lyric writing. I need to finish this book."

"But you never told me how much you love me!" Shuichi protested.

Yuki shoved the singer out of the office. "And keep quiet!"

"But Yuuukkiiiii"

Yuki slammed the door shut, a genuine smile on his lips. He opened the love story he was currently working on and scrolled to the top, and added in a short paragraph.

Perhaps this will answer Shuichi's question, Yuki thought. He scanned what he had just written and gave a satisfied smile. It'll do.


Shuichi was walking past the bookstore when he saw Yuki's new novel on display. He entered the store and picked up the book, flicking through it.

He never told me that he finished it, Shuichi thought, and paid for it.

He always read Yuki's books- and, admittedly, they were really good. I hope this one has a happy ending. I don't think I can stand it if the heroine dies again.

He flicked open to the front and was surprised to find a dedication.

But Yuki never writes a dedication! Shuichi thought, amazed and slightly jealous. Who on earth could possibly mean so much to him that he would dedicate a romance book to them?

He read it, and it took a full minute before the words truly sunk in.

For my koibito, Shuichi.

There aren't enough M&Ms in this world, no matter their colour, that could possibly show much I love you.

Grinning like the love struck idiot he was, Shuichi sprinted back home to Yuki, intent on making him the happiest man in the world that night.


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