Summery: One-shot. Harry's 3rd year. What does Mr Potter do when Draco Malfoy taunts him one too many times? Mild suggestion of DM/HP

View Through a Dementor

"What's wrong Potter?" I spat his name into the deserted potions corridor "Going to faint again?"

It did not occur to me to wonder why he was down there alone; we didn't have potions again until Thursday.

I was always doing this, knowing no other way to get those startlingly green eyes focused upon me, but when he froze and clenched his strong hands into tight fists I knew, in that small part of me that my father had yet to corrupt, that I'd gone too far.

He spun around, eyes spitting fire and pinned me with his firm body against the cold dungeon wall.

The low (and in my opinion rather seductive) hiss of his angry voice travelled down my spine and gave me chills.

"Have you ever heard your mother die, screaming to take her life instead of yours? Have you ever watched the curse that will kill her leave a madman's wand and been able to do nothing to stop it?" he paused in his monologue, waiting, but my startled eyes gave him nothing.

"Have You?"

I flinched, something I believe I've never done, when he yelled those last two words.

Severus decided that moment to swoop upon us in that old corridor.

Honestly, the man has the worst timing.

"What going on here?" he snarled, his usual snarky self… Professor Dumbledore must have spoken to him recently.

Potter pushed himself away from me and muttered a quiet 'nothing' to Snape; I'm sure to this day that the man didn't buy it but Harry stalked off before house points could be reduced or detentions given.

He left me there, with a lot on my mind, and once I'd escaped from my head of house I unwillingly sank into a deep thought.

Wondering if what he said was really what he faced when approached by a Dementor.