Yep, another angsty poem by yours truly. My take on the broken, fallen angel thread that seems to be ever so popular. Clich├ęd, overdone, whatever, you all know what to expect now from moi!

By Sakina the Fallen Angel

Entangled in the blood rose thorns
I shed my mermaid tears and mourn
For all the broken times of past
Your bitter smooth heart of molten glass.

Broken by the truth and whipped by your lies
This angel of past has fallen from the sky
Her sky song trail of liquid tears
Has been left to fade for all these years.

Now nothing remains, no footstep too light
This angel has melted into the dead of night
Shattered by love, and fallen from grace
Nothing is left but her soft chiselled face.

The book is closed, the last chapter passed
And finally the truth is revealed to me at last.
I take a look at myself and now I know why
Angels carved in stone could never ever fly.

AN: I wrote this poem whilst looking for inspiration on how to continue my Crimson Sorrow fic; reading it through I hope I've managed to convey the same sense of hopelessness and despair that all my protagonists have been immersed in. Whilst we're on the subject, why not check out said fic?