Author: Pentangle

Title: Beginning

A/N According to me, Glorfindel and Ecthelion had been best friends until Ecthelion fell at the Fall of Gondolin.

Years later, in Imladris, a conversation takes place between Glorfindel and Erestor after the name Ecthelion is mentioned in the Hall of Fire. The conversation takes place in the library, late the same night.




It was Glorfindel who asked, though his hand paused while reaching for the board and he turned back to Erestor. "You are nothing like him."

"…No… He was silver laughter, a hind's grace, and open and warm as a child's kiss."

"You are cross as crabs."

"I do not deny it."

"Starched and inflexible."




"Funereal in dress and expression."




(Long pause) "May I call you my friend?"


"I need one. One who cares nothing for fables and myths."

"'Your life is no myth, but you are still a fool."

"You see? I need that."

"I can insult you without friendship."

"With friendship, 'tis no insult, but needed truth."

"You have known me an Age. Why now?"

"I was not aware there was a deadline."

"You have many friends."

"I have many admirers."

"I have neither."

"Then have me."

Pause. "Why?"

"Because with you I need not smile and smile and smile."

"No other reason?"

"Many. For one: horses and small children trust you."

"Must we embrace? Be maudlin?"

(Laughs) "Nay!"

"Then I will be your friend. (pause) I feel odd. (longer pause) Almost new."


"I am a friend."

"And you have one."

"…Yes…quite new. (pause) What now?"