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Note - This story is rated for sexual...ness. FEMSLASH. Rachel/Phoebe.

(During Barbados)
It was sunny. At last. Rachel was sat on the side of the pool, wearing merley a skimpy black bikini as her legs kicked the aqua water lazily. Her hair, soft as silk, shone in the burning sun. Rachel moved her head, and her breasts wobbled slightly. Phoebe could see all of this from her room.

(Phoebe's fantasy)
Rachel was in the shower, small drops of water falling over her lightly tanned skin. God, she was gorgeous. She took a cloth, and began rubbing her pussy. And that was when Phoebe walked in, simply wearing a towel. Instead of screaming, or even being shocked, Rachel smiled when she saw Phoebe.
"Come join me in here, honey," she said to Phoebe, a small smile playing across her gorgeous full lips.
Phoebe could feel herself pulsating. She let the towel fall off her slim frame as she walked towards the shower. She pulled the door open, and stepped in beside Rachel. Sub-conciously, Rachel lightly licked her own lips as she looked Phoebe up and down. Rachel stepped closer to Phoebe, pushing her breasts against hers. Phoebe sighed happily.
Rachel started pushing her wet (in every sense of the word) pussy up against Phoebes, and Phoebe's mouth found Rachels left nipple. Rock hard and attractivley trembling. Phoebe's tounge swirled around the nipple, before sucking on it like a baby. She claimed the other nipple with a hungry hand. Rachel squealed in delight. Then Phoebe let go, much to Rachels regret. Then, Rachel spread her legs, still standing, and Phoebe got down on her knees. She kissed the top of Rachel's pussy, then dove deep into her clit with her tounge. Rachel groaned loudly as Phoebe tasted the inside of Rachel, swirling her tounge and moving it back and forth. Rachel pushed Phoebe's head deeper inside her thighs with her hands, which then started running through Phoebes hair.
"Phoebe!" Rachel squealed, as she had done many times before whenever Phoebe had done something outrageous, or just generally typically Phoebe. But this time there was more of a longing to her voice, "Oh, Phoebs! Oh that is IT! Baby harder, please, deeper, oh this is so hot, you're so hot, fuck me with your tounge! Oh, honey! Mmm! Right there, there, RIGHT there! AHHHHHHHHH"
Rachel screamed in ecstacy, bucking her hips and riding out the feeling that was so much more intense than anything else. Phoebe lapped up her cum, looking up at Rachel. She got up off her knees, and Rachel had a wild look in her eyes.
Rachel dove two fingers into Phoebe, and Phoebe felt like she was flying. Her breasts started bouncing up and down as Rachels fingers dove deeper and harder and FASTER into Phoebe's aching pussy. Phoebe started helping out two, pushing herself onto Rachels rotating fingers. She felt like she was going to explode, and Rachels fingers started moving so fast that they seemed a blur. Phoebe slid down the side of the shower, taking Rachel with her, so they were both on the floor. Phoebe's head rolled back. She let loose a high-pitched scream as she came, and her legs flew up in the air. She never, ever, ever, wanted this feeling to end...

(Back in the real world)
Phoebe put a finger up herself, just as Rachel entered the pool.