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Part 3 of 3

When Buffy awoke on Christmas Day she was initially disappointed to realise Spike was not there with her, then she remembered why and a smile filled her face. Today was their wedding day, and in traditional style they had refrained from spending the night together. They'd traded one gift each, late on Christmas Eve and kissed each other goodbye until the ceremony the following day.

Buffy hopped out of bed, wrapping herself in a silky robe as she went over to the window and pulled back the drapes. She gasped as she looked out at the landscape, a thin layer of white all around. A couple of days ago the weather had started to turn colder but still the reports had said there was only a slight chance of a white Christmas. Still, here was the snow, making the grounds around Giles House appear like a seasonal card, and still falling from the sky at quite a rate.

"Perfect" Buffy said to herself, watching the snow a moment longer before hurrying to get her wedding dress from the closet along with the matching shoes and accessories. She had no doubt Willow would be along at any moment to help her get ready, the red-head was chief bridesmaid after all, even though Dru had also been allowed to believe it was her. Little Dawnie from the hotel, and Tara who had become as much a part of the family as anyone were to make an even four bridesmaids.

"Hey" Willow grinned as she entered the room, already wearing her dress, and carrying a tray with breakfast on it for her friend, "I thought you'd be up by now"

"I didn't think I'd be able to sleep at all" Buffy admitted, "but I was tired enough I got a few hours. Oh Will, did you see outside" she enthused and Willow nodded.

"I guess you got your fairytale setting for your fairytale wedding" the red-head smiled as she unzipped the cover of the wedding dress and carefully eased it out, "I guess you should eat and wash up and everything, since it does take a while to get you into this dress" she urged, when Buffy again became transfixed by the beautiful view from the window.

"Oh yeah, I guess" the blonde replied, shaking herself out of a dreamy daze. Today was going to be perfect, she just knew it. She was marrying the man of her dreams on Christmas Day, with snow falling outside her window, and family and friends all around her. The only thing that spoiled her perfect mood was her thoughts as she was fastened into her wedding dress. She glanced towards the door almost as if she expected Faith to appear again like last time, but of course she didn't.

Buffy apologised to Willow when she realised she'd spoken to her, and yet she'd heard not a word of the sentence. The smile was soon back on the blonde's face as she showed her friend the beautiful bracelet Spike had given her last night to be her 'something new', but nothing could completely eradicate the feeling of disappointment deep down inside when she thought of her cousin, and Faith's absence from her big day.

"This is bloody ridiculous" Spike cursed as he attempted to tie his tie for the fifth time, "I've been tying these bleedin' things since I was a nipper and now..."

"I think it's called nerves" Wes pointed out with a smirk as he helped out his friend and tied the tie for him, "Though I really don't see you have anything at all to worry about"

"I know" Spike sighed, "Can't help it though, just want to get up to that altar and hear my girl say 'I do'. I don't care after that, I just want this to go off without a hitch y'know?"

"I know" Wes nodded, checking his appearance in the mirror one last time and glancing at his watch, "Another half an hour and it's all systems go, so to speak"

"In more ways than one" Spike smirked as his cell-phone rang into life on the table, "Hello, luv" he smiled as he took the call, "Everythin' okay?"

The voice on the other end was so loud that Wesley could almost hear what the young woman was saying from across the room, and she didn't sound entirely happy.

"C'mon, pet, you know the deal" Spike reminded her, "You said you could do this, and you know what it'll mean to Buffy"

The girl seemed to give in at that point and her volume dropped a few decibels as she spoke again.

"Right, see you soon then" Spike said eventually before ending the call and turning to his best man, "That's the main surprise sorted out, now I just need to track down that Uncle of mine"

"Last I saw him he was reciting his speech to the statue in the main foyer" Wes explained with a hint of a smile.

Spike rolled his eyes, and exited the room to go in search of Giles. In the absence of his own father (which he was entirely glad about) he felt like he needed a quick word with Giles, before the older man did his duty as acting-father of the bride.

Buffy was alone in her room, counting the minutes, the seconds even, til she could go downstairs, see Spike, and become his wife. It was all she wanted and yet as the time drew nearer her legs started to feel unstable and yet at the some time as if they wanted to run. She was nervous as hell at the prospect of the wedding ceremony and petrified of what it really meant. Though she knew it was ridiculous, deep down she was still worried about losing Spike somehow. He'd never leave her, she was certain of that, nobody could love her as much as he did, and she knew she'd never love anyone quite the way she loved him. Still, sometimes people were forced out of your life, given no choice in the matter, like Buffy's parents.

The blonde smiled sadly as she stared down at the picture by the bed. Joyce and Hank Summers, her wonderful parents, who'd been cruelly torn from her when she was just eight years old. It wasn't fair.

"I so wish you were here" she said softly, picking up the framed photograph, "I keep telling everybody this is my fantasy wedding, but it can't be truly perfect without you" she said, fighting tears so as not to ruin her carefully applied makeup, "I hope you're watching from somewhere, and that you know how happy Spike makes me. He means so much to me, he's what I was waiting for, even if I didn't know it" she smiled, kissing her fingers and placing them on the picture, before putting it back on the nightstand.

Willow came into the room just then. She'd gone to check all was okay with the arrangements downstairs, where one of the old ballrooms was being transformed for the wedding ceremony and another for the reception. All was well, and everything was ready. All that was needed was the bride. Willow had been about to barge into Buffy's room two minutes ago but waited outside the door when she heard her talking as if to her parents. She smiled to herself as she finally went in to the room. Okay, so Joyce and Hank couldn't be at the wedding, but it only strengthened the argument that Buffy would be so pleased by one extra addition to her wedding party.

"Hey" the red-head smiled, "You almost ready to go?" she checked.

"Ready as I'll ever be" Buffy replied, checking in the mirror that her make-up still looked okay and her veil was attached properly.

"Don't worry" Willow told her, "I just saw Wesley, and Spike's kinda shaky nervous too. It's a big deal, you getting all big with the I do"

"Thanks for reminding me why I should be panicking, Will" Buffy rolled her eyes.

"Oh, I didn't mean to..." Willow began apologising and the blonde was about to tell her it was fine when someone else did it for her.

"Hey, she's messin' with you Straight-Laced" Faith rolled her eyes, "Stuff might've changed with B, but that sarcasm don't ever fade"

"Oh my God" Buffy gasped at the sight of her cousin. Whilst her presence was shocking in itself, the thing that stunned her most was that Faith was standing between Drusilla and Dawn, and wearing a dress in the same colour and style as the other two brunettes. As long as she'd known her, Buffy was sure she'd never seen Faith in such an outfit. Though she was prone to wearing dresses when they partied sometimes, they were always black, short-hemmed affairs, with plunging necklines, and not even enough material for a handkerchief. This was a full length pale coloured silky bridesmaids dress and she looked very uncomfortable in it.

"Oh my God!" the blonde gasped again, rushing at her cousin and hugging her tight, consequences be damned..Though she never said a word about it, Willow was almost certain she saw tears in Faith's eyes in that moment.

"Geez, B, anyone'd think you were pleased to see me or somethin'" the brunette smirked as the two young women parted and Faith wriggled awkwardly in her dress, "Y'know you're marryin' one hell of a guy. I still don't know how he talked me into hangin' around, and I'll be damned if I know how I ended up in this dress"

"You have no idea how perfect you just made today" Buffy told her with tears of joy in her eyes that she fought to hold back for a while longer, "All of you, you look great and..."
"And you need to get your butt in gear, girl!" Faith interrupted, "Got a guy down there waitin' to get hitched to you"

"She's right" Dawn agreed, "Don't wanna keep Spike waiting"

"The prince of cups expects a picnic, and today is his birthday" Dru grinned, apparently agreeing with the rest.

Buffy just smiled and took a deep breath as her bridesmaids led the way out the door, and they found Giles outside on the landing, waiting for them.

"Oh my dear" he gasped when he saw her, "You truly are a vision Buffy. Indeed, all of you look wonderful" he told them, as the bride took his offered arm and the group of people made their way towards the main staircase and down to the room where the guests, and more importantly Spike was waiting.

The soon-to-be-wed couple were stunned by the sight of each other, but pleasantly, as Buffy was led down the aisle by her God-father, towards the man she would marry - he was the only person she had eyes for in the whole room, and he for her.

"Hello, pet" Spike whispered as Buffy reached his side and the music ended.

"Hey" she replied, "Thank you so much" she said quickly and quietly, "For Faith"

"Wanted it to be perfect as it could be" he smiled, so glad to have pleased her.

They were forced to be silent then as the ceremony began and the registrar talked of love and commitment, checked nobody objected to the marriage and helped Spike and Buffy through their vows and the exchange of rings. Tears were shed by many, as well as meaningful looks that said this would not be the only wedding amongst these at Giles house. Before the the night was out, Wesley hoped there would be an engagement ring on Willow's finger, but that would have to wait until this event was over.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife" said the registrar, "You may kiss the bride" he told Spike, who wasted no time in showing the world how much he loved his new wife.

A cheer and a round of applause went up amongst the large congregation and thought she would deny it to her last breath, even Faith had to try very hard not to shed a tear.

"I love you" Buffy whispered, smiling widely when she and Spike parted for air.

"Love you too, Mrs Rayne" he smirked, holding her to him, "Merry Christmas, luv"

Buffy continued to grin, staring at the man by her side as he took a hold of her hand and they turned to walk back down the aisle.

Those few words he had just said might be the best she'd ever heard in her entire life.

The End

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