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Sonic woke up in a room he could swear he hadn't fallen asleep in. There was a foul odor in the air, and on top of that, it was so dark that he couldn't see an inch in front of his nose. Suddenly, the lights flickered on, practically blinding the blue blur. When his eyes finally adjusted to the brightness, he saw that he was in a room with metal walls and no visible exit. Oddly enough, there was a manhole cover in the floor on the opposite side of the room.

"What's going on here?" he wondered aloud. Then he saw the tape recorder. Oddly enough, the words "play me" were written on it. Not knowing what else to do, he quickly obliged. At first there was only static, then a raspy voice met Sonic's ears.

"Hello, Sonic…you don't know me, but I know you…you take pride in yourself for being the fastest thing on two legs…you claim to be a protector of all that is good, yet you scoff at the weaknesses of others…so now you shall face your own weakness…there is only one way out of your current situation…tell me Sonic, are you going to let yourself die today, or are you going to do something about it…make your choice, you have one hour…"

"Is this a joke?" Sonic shouted. Then he noticed a cro-bar lying next to the manhole. Curious, he took the bar and pried the cover open. Peering inside the hole, Sonic found himself staring at his own dim reflection in a pool of what he hoped was water…

Slowly regaining his senses, Knuckles found himself in what appeared to be an old warehouse. Sitting up, he discovered an odd looking device strapped around his waist. Sitting on the floor next to him was a silver tape recorder with the words "PLAY ME" written on it. Not knowing what else to do, he pressed the play button.

"Rise and shine, Knuckles…you are the last of your race and have sworn to protect the Master Emerald from harm…but if you're so intent on protecting it, then why do you let it slip through your fingers so easily? A treasure hunter who can't protect his most valuable treasure, how sickening…let's see if you value your pitiful life as little as you seem to value that gem…the belt you're wearing is loaded with explosives…find the key before time runs out, or your body will match your temper…" When the tape ended, Knuckles was dumbfounded.

"What's that supposed to mean?" He shouted. Looking down, he noticed a padlock was clamped onto the belt buckle…

When she opened her eyes, Rouge had expected to see the walls of her apartment in Night Babylon. Instead, she was met with complete darkness, the smell of decay, and the pressure of a metal object clamped uncomfortably tightly onto her head. Intending to remove the object, she tried to lift her hands, only to discover that she was loosely bound to the chair in which she sat. Panicking, Rouge struggled against her bonds, until a previously unseen video monitor crackled to life next to her. When the static finally stopped, she found herself staring at the face of a particularly disturbing ventriloquist's puppet. Turning to her, it spoke in a garbled voice.

"Hello rouge…day after day, you profit from the suffering of others around you…yet you never consider the consequences of your routine pilfering…so now we're going to play a little game…here's what happens if you lose…the device you're wearing is attached to your ears…if you don't remove it before the timer in the back runs out, then the most powerful of your five senses will be your downfall…Here, let me show you…" The picture then zoomed out to reveal the puppets arm as it gestured toward a table to the left. Sitting on the table, clamped onto a large cannonball, was the device that rouge was currently wearing. A few seconds later, it emitted a high-pitched ring, not unlike the sound of a smoke detector going off, followed by the cannonball violently splitting in two. As Rouge screamed, the picture cut back to the puppet. "There is only one key to remove the device…I won't tell you its exact location, but I will give you a hint…it's over your shoulder, where you never look…tell me Rouge, would you give up that which you treasure to save your own life?" It began to turn around as if to walk away, but suddenly looked back at her. "By the way…if you want to live, it would be in your best interest to make use of that scalpel on the ground…" Seconds later, the tape ended. Not wasting another second, Rouge struggled against her bonds until they broke. Standing up, she felt a slight tug on the back of her head, followed by the sound of a clock ticking. She had unwittingly started the timer when she broke the wire that connected it to the chair. She tried tugging the contraption off, but the clamps were practically digging into her skull, and when she tried to release them, her fingers found a padlock holding them shut. Before Rouge could panic any further, she felt a sharp pain in her left wing. Grasping the appendage, she felt a small object embedded under the skin of her wing membrane that should not have been there. Then she realized what the scalpel was for…

Amy did not know where she was or how she had gotten there. From what she could see, the only door in the room was locked and there were three large, odd-looking buttons on the opposite side of the room. The tape recorder didn't make things any better.

"Awake already, Amy? To any passerby, you appear to be an innocent, respectable young woman…but by nightfall, you stalk a certain blue blur…are you truly his biggest fan? Or do you secretly want to hurt him? Let's find out…you may have noticed the three buttons on the far side of the room…each one can be activated with a single hit from your hammer…however, only one will open the door…choosing the wrong one may come as a shock to you…or it may reveal your true feelings about Sonic…ask yourself, Amy…would you take the life of someone you claim to care about if your own life depended on it? Choose wisely…" She had to choose whether to save herself or spare Sonic's life…

Shadow had just gotten out of another identity crisis, only to find himself with a new problem. For about an hour, he had been shouting the usual questions, with a few less-than-child-friendly words mixed in.

"Where am I? How did I get here? Who's responsible for this?" When he saw the tape recorder, the words "play me" written on it. And press Play, he did.

"Shadow…this is your wakeup call…because of your missing memories, you frequently race across the map, looking for answers to your past…however, you never seem to show remorse over those who you've scarred along the way…so now I present you with a challenge…the only doorway leading out of this room is sealed by a special combination lock…the combination is written on the bottom of one of the glass bottles…but have a care, Shadow…every single one of those bottles is filled with Nitroglycerin…so let's see if the so called 'ultimate life-form' has a steady enough hand to prevent your ultimate doom…or we'll see if those bottles are as volatile as your temper…"

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