"When it is dark enough, you can see the stars."
Charles A. Beard

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The bell rang and amazingly all the students ran out of the class and to lunch. A scoff left the remaining student's throat as she slowly stood up. She picked up her textbook and went to leave the class. The teacher smiled and she raised an eyebrow without opening her eyes. The teacher just sighed and continued to smile.

"Have a good day Gaz," the teacher simply said.

"Yeah right Ms. Phobia," Gaz mumbled.

She left the class and quickly made her way down the never-ending halls. Stopping in front of a locker, she kicked it and it swung open. Gaz tossed her book inside and reached down to pull out her next text. It was a health book that made her want to gag. She may be a junior, but it didn't mean she liked staring at the human anatomy. A growl made it to her ears and she kicked the locker shut. He was standing at the other side of the hall waving a fist at the metal door. She ran a hand through her dark purple hair and continued to watch him.

"You dare defy me and not open!" Came the high threat.

The corner of her mouth lifted up and replaced the stoic look with a smirk. Gaz leaned against the locker and continued to watch the show with amusement. A bell sounded and signaled that she was late for lunch. She didn't care as long as she got to watch the'idiot' make a moron of himself. It amused her to no end that he did ridiculous things. She stuffed her hands into the jacket she wore and barely smirked. The black skirt she wore slightly rose as she reclined against the lockers. The hanging straps with metal buckles at the end clinked against the locker door. Her skull necklace rested against her breast. The whiteness of it contrasted against the crimson of her strapless corset.

Her slender pale hand reached out of her pocket and picked a single piece of lint away from her jacket.The jacketwas a sheer black that was woven much like a spider's web.Finally, a bang had echoed through the halls. Her eyes strayed to the boy providing entertainment and found that he had punched his locker. Gaz opened her eyes a bit to reveal dark amber orbs.

"Way to go genius," Gaz mumbled as she noticed the boy turn to her.

His eyes lowered a bit into a glare and she raised an eyebrow. She recognized the motion as a glare because his pupils were thin. The violet in his eyes had deepened in color. Her eyes moved to the fist size dent in the locker and smirked. It stunned her at how stupid he could be.

"What do you want…human?" He questioned.

Gaz just closed her eyes once more and turned her emotions off. The stoic look fell back into place as she watched him. Footsteps sounded down the hall and she mentally rolled her eyes. A gasp and laughter echoed through her mind. She gritted her teeth and fisted her hand.

"Ha! Some mighty alien you are Zim! Can't even work a locker!" The voice taunted.

"Pathetic human!" Zim shouted and pointed at Dib. "I was testing the locker's resistance."

"Moron," Gaz mumbled.

Dib raised an eyebrow and glared at Zim. His eyes narrowed behind the glasses. Gaz frowned as she imagined the dramatic effects. Her brother-Dib-glaring at Zim as his black trench coat swayed in some unknown wind. His legs were in a battle ready stance despite the looseness of the black jeans. Gaz sighed and truly shut her eyes. He still wore that same outfit with a stoic smiley face.

"It's only a matter of time before you end up on the wrong end of the scalpel," Dib assured.

"It is not a matter of time…it is a matter of," Zim began as he briefly thought, "time."

"I just said that!" Dib growled.

"No you didn't," Zim quickly said.

"Yes I did," Dib growled.

"Silence!" Zim growled.

"Idiots," Gaz mumbled as she pushed off her locker and began to walk to lunch.

"Yes…walk away in fear!" Zim shouted at her.

Gaz stopped and Zim froze. She slowly looked over her shoulder and opened one eye to glare at him. Dib was already backing up, but Zim remained rooted to the spot. Gaz internally smirked as she watched him freeze. His green skin went a bit pale and his eyes had that look that reminded you of a doe in headlights. Her eye narrowed as she fully turned around to face him.

"What did you say?" Gaz dangerously questioned.

"Um…nothing," Zim mumbled.

"That's what I thought," Gaz said as she turned to live.

"Pathetic worm-baby! You think you can scare Zim." He yelled out to her.

Gaz quickly turned around ready to attack. The green skin boy was nowhere to be found. She furrowed her eyebrows and looked at the empty spot.

"He will pay," Gaz darkly promised.

Dib shuddered at his sister's darkened voice. Gaz disappeared down the hall and Dib sighed. He was glad that his sister had sent no threats his way. It was amazed him how every person in this school feared her. He shrugged and figured that he had better get lunch before it got cold or mutated.

The cafeteria was nosy and she gripped her Game Slave tighter. She could hear every chewing sound, hear every breath, and feel her head throb. Gaz hated how she was so aware of everything. She found that everyone was chewing to loud or breathing too much. Her eyes traveled to Dib and found him poking at the green jello. A soft clink made it to her ears and she just about snapped. Her head whipped around and landed on the offender. He was two tables over and poking his peas with a spoon.

She gazed at him in an attempt to get him to notice her glare. Zim was oblivious to the look of doom. She took in what he wore today and noticed that he had attained some normal clothes. His hand reached down and scratched at the jean material on his knee. The long sleeved shirt was tight on him. The shirt was a red material that clung to his body. She noted that he still wore the same black gloves. His feet touched the floor and she truly took in his height. When he stood, she only reached a bit below his shoulders. He was close to being about six feet.

"Look at him," Dib growled. "He's planning something."

"Shut up," Gaz growled as she tightened her hold on the Game Slave.

A flash of red light and she looked at the screen on her game. Red letters flashed the words 'Game Over.' She growled and turned off the game. It was the first time she had lost to the game and she hated it. She hated it as much as she hated her fascination. Her eyes narrowed as she gazed at Zim.

'Fascination,' Gaz thought.

"One day I'll bring him down," Dib promised.

Gaz had ignored and continued to stare at the alien for a bit. She knew he was an alien. It didn't bother her that he wasn't human; everything human she met was usually stupid anyways. Zim was 'stupid', but his antics usually entertained her and pissed her off. Gaz smirked as she watched his face get slammed in the peas. She waited for him to start acting like he was dying. Dib also watched waiting for the drama. Zim sat up and spat a pea out before he wiped his face clean. She heard a muttered insult and then stood up once the bell rung.

'Stupid Skool,' Gaz thought.

"You didn't eat," Dib pointed out.

"What's your point?" Gaz questioned.

"You seemed distracted," Dib replied as she frowned.

'Distracted,' Gaz thought as she walked to health.

Gaz could hear Zim making gagging noises as the teacher explained sex. She was almost tempted to turn around and stare at him. He sounded as if he had been caught in the rain again. Gaz turned her attention back to the poster above the chalkboard. She groaned in mild annoyance.

"These are the consequences of unprotected sex," the teacher continued. Gaz silently swore that this teacher was related to Ms. Bitters.

"This is disgusting," Zim spat.

"Any questions?" The teacher questioned as he glanced around the classroom.

Zim had his face down on his desk looking ill. The other students sat around with dazed look on the face. Gaz remained calm as she wished this class would just end. The teacher smirked and focused his attention on Zim. He reached into his desk and pulled out bag flour. Gaz raised an eyebrow at this knowing where this was going.

"Zim!" The teacher called out.

"What…What!" Zim shouted as he sat up.

"Zim…you have just had unprotected sex and now have a child…congratulations," the teacher dryly said as he placed the bag of flour on Zim's desk.

Zim's eyes widened as he stared at the flour. Zim immediately jumped out of the desk and away from the flour. He pointed at the teacher as a look of horror dawned on his face.

"You are disgusting! I have no child nor need for this!" Zim declared.

"You must raise the child with the unfortunate mother," the teacher continued as he glared at Zim.

"There is no mother!" Zim spat as he shuddered.

"Gaz Membrane…I congratulate you on yourdoomed marriage," the teacher sighed as he walked away.

"What?" Gaz coldly said as everyone in the room froze.

"You and Zim will raise the child or else I will fail you," the teacher simply said.

Zim grimaced and Gaz glowered. Every time she minded her own business, the teacher's poked at her.

"I will raise this earth-worm with its earth-worm mother," Zim began as Gaz dropped her head in her hand. "Zim will raise it better then you all!"

"Glad that you have confidence, I will assign you each a partner and you all will have to come up with a baby name, jobs, bills, and issues," the teacher stated. "I will also want a paper on what you have learned."

Gaz turned to the flour and noted that it was a white bag with the word flour printed in red. Zim had finally sat down and noticed Gaz staring at him. He chose to glare at her and her eyebrows furrowed.

"It has your brains," Gaz commented.

"Flour has no brains," Zim said as his look turned to confusion.

"My point," Gaz said as she turned around.

"I want you all to spend time with you spouse and child," the teacher called out.

Zim reached out to grab the bag, but Gaz already held it. He glared at her and she glared back. They glared for a minute before Gaz sighed.

"I watch it all the time since your dog would eat it," Gaz said.

"He would not…yes he would," Zim sheepishly admitted.

"I will be coming over at five so you can see your child," Gaz stated as she left the room.

Author's Note:
Sort of Edited 1/11/06,Went through and corrected a few things, thanks to Invader Maz and Tamagoakura lordtamagochan for pointing some things out