"All things are possible, except skiing through a revolving door."
Fortune Cookie

Look to the Sky (Epilouge)



It had been less then three months since they had arrived back on Earth. Their project was late and Professor Membrane somehow made Lydia into toast. They had proudly received a 'D' for effort. The teacher said they had a terrible marriage and he was going to pity them with a 'D' for doom and divorce. Gir had gotten back into his routines of going out at night. Skoodge had come to live with Zim on Earth much to Zim's protest and Gaz's persuasion. The little Irken was slowly learning about Earth. Dib had remained on Zeta with Tak.

Gaz chuckled at her stray thoughts. It amused her that her brother wished to remain on Zeta. He had grown attached to Tak and Klavier. Gaz was happy that he had found somewhere to belong. If she ever spoke that aloud, she would kill whoever heard. Dib wished to learn more about Irkens, him and Tak agreed the information might come in handy one day. Gaz frowned and brushed her hair back. This was their last year of High Skool. Gaz was mentally excited about graduating. Her and Zim had agreed to live on earth.

She still wasn't used to openly showing affection, it was foreign…as foreign as Zim. Zim was also awkward when he tried to show affection. It was worse for him because he had grown up without affection. Gaz softly smirked; it was always nice to embarrass him in school. She was slowly adjusting to her new way of life. Gaz sighed and stared up at the darkness of space. The stars winked at her as she remained in thought.

Whenever she was with Zim, he would try and touch her. It was just a simple brush of the skin to assure him that she was there. He no longer released that pheromone and Gaz no longer smelt honey. She remembered that night; it was burned into her memory. Now she was content with the awkward nights they shard together. He still had instincts, but they were as mad as him. She softly chuckled at the thought and remembered all his weird attempts at trying to be romantic.

Gaz definitely thought that she could be with him forever. His ego and insanity were things that kept her amused. She could no longer make fun of his plots of world conquest, but she could make fun of his plots at trying to be romantic. Gaz briefly scowled before she began to chuckle. She remembered their first night together and laughed. After he had shouted out 'victory for Zim', she had slapped him. She knew one could be proud, but that just was creepy. They had repeated the night for a few days happy at the experience.

"GIR! What are in these waffles?" Zim shouted.

Gaz grinned and began to laugh as she watched run out of the house and around the yard.

"I put happy sauce in it!" Gir proudly shouted and began to cackle insanely.

"What the hell is it?" Zim growled as he shoved dirt into his mouth.

"Wasabiiiiii!" Gir replied as he began to dance.

Gaz smirked and began to laugh at him from her point in on the roof. She was on the neighbor's roof. Gaz hoped that he would wash his mouth out before he tried anything.

"Look at that!" Gir shouted.

Gaz turned her gaze back to the sky with curiosity. Zim had turned around and his mouth dropped open. Dirt fell out of his mouth along with grass as he watched in fascination.

"Hello Invaders!" Gir shouted and waved.

"This sucks," Gaz mumbled.

"Sure, they come nowthey never came when I called them!" Zim ranted as he clawed at the air.

"We're doomed!" Gir cheered as he continued his dance.

Gaz slid down using the gutter and walked up to Zim. She stood beside him and took his hand. They both gripped each other as they wondered about this new situation.

"Squeak," was what Mini-moose made.

"Hey Mini-moose! Where have you been?" Zim questioned the little purple moose.


"I think that's insane!" Zim shouted as he pointed to Mini-moose. Gaz raised an eyebrow in question.


"Well…it might work," Zim agreed as he put his free hand on his chin in thought.

"He says we should fight! Blood and guts!" Gir cheered as he ran around them.

"Think we should?" Zim questioned as he raised an antenna in question.

"Yeah…I guess so," Gaz mumbled as if it was a painful decision.

They watched as hundreds of humans looked out their windows and gathered in the streets. Thousands of metal balls the size of pool balls dropped below the clouds. They hovered in the air all over the world and a transparent communication link opened. Gaz raised another eyebrow and squinted her eyes in boredom. Red and Purple appeared on the screen.

"People of earth!" Red loudly said.

"We come in peace," Purple snickered.

"Not really…we've come to destroy you!" Red laughed as he stared down at all of them.

"Yeah," Purple agreed.

"So…this is a warning before we enslave your race and turn your planet into a…well just prepare for your doom!" Red finished as Purple clapped.

"And get the curly fries ready!" Purple shouted as the link was shut off.

"Let's prepare," Zim laughed as he grinned.

"I'll get the curly fries!" Gir shouted as he ran into the house.

Gaz glared at the Invader ships and smirked. Now she didn't have to worry about going to college.

Author's Note about Xenocide:

I like this ending even though it frustrates me to no end. It makes me think about a lot of 'what if'. I do have a vague idea of where I would take this…but it is vague…very vague. I think I would base the sequel off some of things in my one-shot.
I have an idea and want to know what you think about it. If it seems to overdone I'm going to skip it.
The first idea is to write about a war on earth and it will focus on ZAG and RAP. I want to know if anyone would want a RAPR...if not I can write the story without it.
Please leave a review and tell me what you think