Author's Notes: Oh, the joys of Cedric/Harry slashy love.

Beta'd by Opalish, the all-powerful Empress of Hell.


Harry, Cedric has long decided, is like a complicated Arithmancy equation. No matter how long he works, though, he can't seem to solve it because the problem keeps changing.

Shy divided by awkward . . .

He watches Harry in the hallway, taking the long way round to his classes just to catch a glimpse. He gets sucked into the younger boy's gaze, endless swirls of green and gold and sometimes Cedric has to remind himself that grabbing fourteen-year-old blokes and snogging them in the corridors isn't something Amos Diggory condones.

Or the rest of the world, for that matter.

Awkward times gorgeous plus brave . . .

He can't get enough of Harry because he doesn't understand him. He's awkward and shy around Cho and yet when Cedric's mates mock and jeer at him he simply rolls his eyes and shrugs his shoulders, putting them in their place without ever saying a word.

He's so damn beautiful when he laughs, but he doesn't laugh much and Cedric wants to put a hole in Ron Weasley's head when he hears that they've gotten into a row. He sees the hurt in Harry's eyes as Ron walks passed without acknowledging his presence and nearly Avadas the little git.

He's a little frightened to know that he would do it; he would do it without a second thought if he thought it might make Harry smile.

Brave minus tragedy squared . . .

He's almost embarrassed by the dreams, dreams in which Harry suddenly turns around from where he stands (in front of Cedric, always in front of him in everything) and kisses the older boy, fiercely, desperately, before pulling away and vanishing into the air.

He wakes up with an empty, aching feeling and hates the fact that snogging Cho can't even make him forget it anymore.

Tragedy squared times the square root of untouchable . . .

It's only as he watches the emerald light slide through him (emerald; Harry's eyes, and he's drowning, drowning) that he's finally able to crack the equation.

Awkward times gorgeous plus brave minus tragedy squared times the square root of untouchable equals perfect to the 10th power

Perfect to the 10th power equals Harry.

(Cedric throws the pencil down, crowing triumphantly. There's nothing quite like finding the answer, and he finally has – even if it's too late, passed twelve o'clock and he's sure that Filch will catch him.)