"What is that thing?" Inuyasha asked as he leaned against the wall. Kagome was putting a small plant on the doorway of Keade's hut.

"It's called mistletoe. I thought this place could be a little more festive since Christmas is next week," Kagome answered him. She took a few steps back to admire it.

"What's Christmas?" Shippo asked as he came in with his arms filled with sticks for the fire. The snow melted off his clothing as he got closer to the warmth of the flames to poke in the sticks, warming up the stew Keade was stirring.

"Christmas is when you celebrate being with your family and friends and give gifts to each other," Kagome said. "Oh yeah! I remember now, I brought gifts for you all!"

"Ah, Lady Kagome, you are always so thoughtful," Miroku said with a smile on his face as his hand reached out to Sango's butt.

"PERVERT!" Sango yelled out as she smacked him in the face.

"I sense jewel shards!" Kagome cried out suddenly. Just then, the bamboo matt that covered the doorway flapped open, snow whirled in, and Kouga appeared, looking as cocky as ever.

"Kagome, I thought I'd come to see you," he said as he came in front of her and grasped her hands.

"How nice," Kagome said when her facial expression clearly said that she wasn't comfortable at all.

"Get your damn hands off her, you stupid wolf!" Inuyasha barked out as he got between them and pushed Kouga towards the door. Inuyasha was about to kick Kouga right out the door-

"Um, Inuyasha? Kouga-kun? You're both under the mistletoe," Kagome said a bit meekly.

"So what?" Inuyasha said roughly.

"Well, you see-"

At a village several miles away, a man was chopping down some trees. He heard very distinctly two voices that said, "FUCK NO! I'LL FRIGGIN' KILL YOU FIRST!"

"Youkai are upon me!" he screamed, dropping his ax and running back towards his hut.