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As a Brother Loves

I look at you, brother

At the hurt in your eyes

Bitter as winter

Yet blue as the skies

I know what you've been through

You did all you could

I know how it hurt you

You did more than you should

How can I ask this of you

The brother I trust

I cringe at the thought

Yet know that I must

Brother I know

All you've done was for me

But you never really had to

If only you'd see

You can't keep me from

These battles you fight

You can't still hold me

To keep me safe in the night

It's time Seto

Though it hurts you

To let me stand tall

You know I speak true

Let me be with you

Let me fight as you fight

Let me be the one

To keep you safe in the night

We'll face them together

All of our foes

We'll keep it together

Through all the world's woes

So lets stand together

Let us both be free

Let the world go to hang

It's just you and me.