Hey, people! Guess who this is about.

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Shadow Dragon

As I sit here I watch

Your eyes slide closed in pain

And I can't help but wonder

Will they ever open again?

I know how hard you fought

To survive for this long

That of all of us

You have always been strong

You closed off your walls

To the hurts of the world

Til life struck your fury

And your dragon unfurled

Then your fortress was crumbled

Your masks ever broken

You stood and you fought

Until the last word was spoken

You stood strong in pride

And struck back in hate

You fought for our freedom

You were never too late

I watched as you battled

I watched as you fell

Not fear in your heart

But anger. I could tell.

In the end, love, we won

Love, did you know it?

But how long it took us

And how little we show it

Ah well, for the war

It matters not now

They only care for the what

Not the who or the how

Let the others play hero

I'll sit here with you

I'll watch you breathing

And wait for the truth

Do you mind, love, my waiting?

Do you mind if I stay?

After all, it is over

Nothing left but to pray.