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CHAPTER 1 A Date That Lived in Infamy

It had been exactly one year, 365 days, 8,760 hours, 525,000 minutes, 31,536,000 seconds since the only man she hd ever truly loved had died in her arms from wounds acquired protecting her. Kagome was spending the anniversary of Inuyashas' death sipping a Pepsi at Wacdonalds and trying not to burst out sobbing and convince herself that it wasn't a good idea to hang herself on the blinds above the window on one side of the unassuming window of the fast food restaurant. She stared unseeing at the cars and people rushing by outside, those who were blissfully unaware of the pain threatening, and beginning to succeed, at crushing the very spirit right out of her.

'It's amazing.' The teenager thought, 'At just how little the troubles of another bother someone else.' The utter feeling of aloneness she had been battling with all year terrified her. No longer would her beloved hanyou rush to her rescue in the nick of time, then blush and stammer when she thanked him. No longer would she find him outside, checking up on her but not willing to admit it. No longer would she awake in the morning to find him sitting next to her bed, feigning sleep or glance outside her classroom window to see a flash or red and silver in the tree in the courtyard. Never again.

She glanced at her watch. 3:33 pm, September 13th. A moment of infamy. The exact time she had been born 18 years ago, when she first glimpsed Inuyasha 3 years past, the moment his last breath left his battered body 1 year previously. What Kagome didn't realize was that one more life defining moment was about to be added to that list. It was a shout coming from the kitchen off to her right.

"I'm done! I quit! You bastards just leave me alone- all of you!" There was a moment of silence, then a great clatter. "NO! I will not bloody shut up! No one cares! Not the damn customers you seem so concerned about scaring, that's for sure! And most of all- you! So just screw off!" A young man came tearing out from behind the counter, leaving a Wacdonalds apron and cap fluttering in his wake. He left his anger too, still tangible, even after the glass doors slammed shut behind him.

"His voice sounds familiar- do I know him?" Kagome murmured. Something about this boy intrigued her. She followed him outside, her sadness temporarily forgotten. She found him outside, trying to break his nametag in two. Kagome didn't immediately make her presence known. He continued to struggle, the unnatural plastic like substance refusing to even so much as crack. After a few moments he gave up and tossed it in front of a passing car. Even after it ran it over, thanks to his excellent aim, it came out literally without a scratch. He snorted and crossed his arms, leaning his back against the wall. After a moment he slid into a sitting position on the gum covered sidewalk and buried his head in his hands.

"What am I gonna do?" Kagome gave him a moment to compose himself then walked over and took a seat next to him. She then got a good look at him for the first time. He was well- muscled, a head taller than her, and his medium-longish boy cut was messy, his hair sticking straight up in some places and alternately lying flat against his head in others. His black hair, while at first glance ordinary, did not shine the normal dark brown or blue in the sun, but rather a bright silver. He glanced over, his beautiful features puzzled, and a gasp caught in her throat as she met his stare. An all-too-familiar gaze, stubborn, fierce, conceited at times, but concealing a deep pain and sadness that she never thought she'd see the likes of which again. The eyes she was looking into were a startling gold.

Adrian was rather confused. He had finally snapped. Yeah, his "uncle" had posted his bail, but he'd paid him back a month ago, and he was done doing all his dirty work for nothing. But this girl, the schoolgirl with the black hair and chocolate eyes, why had she followed him out? And why did she look so familiar? He was positive he had never met her. And most importantly, why did he suddenly feel so relaxed, calm...happy, in her presence? It made absolutely no sense. But one thing was clear. He didn't want to leave her, even if he didn't know why.

"My name's Kagome, Kagome Higurashi."

"Adrian Hasayuni." He replied reluctantly.

"May I ask what happened?" Kagome inquired gently coaxing.

"What, are you one of my uncles minions or something?" He asked, instantly defensive.

"No, I just want to help. Look, do you have someplace to go now if you and your uncle are fighting and you're out a job?" She was trying, but then, she should be used to this kind of behavior after all these years. "Will your parents take you?"

"My father was shot to death by a jealous ex-boyfriend of my mothers before I was born. My mom died of cancer when I was six." He replied, not looking at her.

"I'm sorry." Kagome murmured.

"No your not. You didn't know them. You don't know me. You say that, everyone says that, just because that's what they think is expected. So don't say your sorry if you don't mean it."

"But I do. I know how it feels to lose someone you love." She didn't know why she was opening up to this kid Adrian when she couldn't even bring herself to discuss Inuyasha's death with her school friends. "Look, if you have no where to go why don't you come live at my house? My family runs the Sunset Shrine and we occasionally accept boarders. You could pay us or work around the shrine if you don't have the money." She also didn't know why she offered- it just slipped out. They hadn't even had boarders since she was 8.

So he wouldn't end up on the streets. That was a relief. 5 years were quite enough, thank you. He relaxed and nodded. Kagome, she said her name was, smiled and got up. She offered him a hand to help him up as well. He ignored it and got up of his own accord. Not upset in the slightest, she began to lead him down the street on foot towards the Sunset Shrine as she called it.

She was quite strange, this Kagome chick. Besides the obvious mystery of her calming effect she seemed to have on him, he also wasn't intimidated. Everyone else got rather miffed when he refused to shake hands, or in her case, accept her assistance. And if that didn't do it, his blunt, short-as-possible-while-still-making-sense answers did. But neither even fazed her. She wa even humming a little as she led him through the crowded streets. He shrugged on his favorite red sweatshirt. He'd always been very partial to red clothes, even if it wasn't his favorite color, he never really knew why. It was beginning to get chilly in the evenings, but with the sweatshirt and his fairly thick black Jet t-shirt he was okay. He hitched up his jeans and jogged a few steps to catch up with her.

However, the fact remained that he was all to happy to follow Kagome. Not knowing more than her name and that of the shrine she lived at, he would have contentedly followed that long black hair, green skirt, white shirt and creamy legs to and off of the very ends of the Earth without a second thought. 'Just like some puppy.' He thought, somewhat disgustedly, even though he liked dogs. 'Ah well.' He gave up rationalizing his actions and simply kept following the girl. Totally unknown to him, a grin slowly spread across his face. Despite everything, the future wasn't looking quite so bleak.

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