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chapter 1. first death

"so what do you want to do?" Abby asked. "I dont know." Chicken Little replied. "man this is borring." Abby said. They kept on asking each other what they want to do. "hey Abby, want to go to my house?" Chicken Little asked. "hey wait, do you even live in your house?" Abby asked. "oh yea i dont live any were, hey Abby, i need an area to live in is it alright if i live with you?" Chicken Little asked. "Sure, but what made you stay here without your father? "you really want to know?" Chicken Little asked. "yea, i really want to know." Abby said. "ok, once me and my dad were about to leave to move some were else, i asked him if i can say bye to you, and he said that i can, just as long as i return at 11:00 and when i looked at the time, it was 10:55, so i said that i will be back in five minutes, then i returned at 11:05, then he left a note saying, you didnt return at 11:00, so im leaving without you, so thats how i got to stay." Chicken Little said. "wow, thats amazing!" Abby said.

So Chicken Little and Abby walked to their house and then they thought they should visit fish just to say hi. "hey fish, open up!" they both said. They noticed that fish was crying. "hey fish whats the matter?" Abby asked. "gulp, gulp, gulp!" Fish said. "what did he say? he went to fast." Chicken Little asked. "he said that his parents got murdered" Abby replied. "well shouldnt we find out who killed them?" Chicken Little asked. "ok, but we start tonight, fish come with us." Abby said.

to be continued, i know its short but i promise it will be longer.