OK, guys, please read this.

This story, I AM NO LONGER GOING TO CONTINUING(Sp?) THIS STORY. I really liked the fact that you stayed when I first started this fanatic, but I'm sorry but I'm not continuing. I lost my interest in Chicken Little now, and I signed up for this web when I was 10 or something. I'm 12, about be 13. My life was getting horrible in the 6th grade, and I kept on getting grounded.

I even turned emo since I was so sad. And now that I'm in the 7th grade, I dont have enough time to make or update stories. Alright, I made two new stories called 'Trapped' and 'I Have no Intrest in this 'Hinamizawa''. I'm sorry guys, but I'm no longer continuing.

Also, just to let you know, I will be posting up new stories, since I haven't been on here for a while. It's just that I've been obsessed with anime for like, 6 years now. I'm sorry, but all my other stories will be of anime. Sorry, once again.