Summary: Ficlet. She deserves better. S/S

A/N: There aren't any names used in this fic, but I'll be nice and tell you that the two people in this fic are Seth and Summer. This is a one-shot ficlet dealy, so don't ask me to update.


You've never broken anyone's heart before; at least, you're pretty sure you haven't. You're not sure if love is supposed to turn out like this-torn and ugly, all but lost over one stupid mistake, but you do know you never wanted to hurt her. You want to apologize, but, for once, the words are lost.

She won't meet your eyes as she tells you she has to go. She was afraid to let someone love her because she didn't want to get hurt. She met you and that changed. She wanted to care, she wanted to love and be loved. She knows this is her own doing and she can't get out of there fast enough. All this pain is smothering. She runs out of the house and into the rain, where you follow her like she hoped you would.

Maybe the rain will wash away your mistakes and you can start over. Maybe she'll forgive you. Maybe you can forgive yourself for hurting her…maybe not.

She has stopped running and she's just standing there, waiting for you to run to her, to take her in your arms and tell her how much you love her and that you're sorry, so sorry it hurts. She watches you slowly walk towards her and she's waiting for you to speak, but your throat is closed and all that comes out is a puff of air.

Her mascara is sliding down her cheeks and you can't tell if it's from the rain or her tears. Her make-up is smudged; her once meticulously curled hair is now straight and darker than usual. Her expensive clothes hang heavily on her body, weighed down with water. The shoes her father spent a fortune on for her eighteenth birthday are now spotted with mud and, most likely, ruined.

She's stares at the sky, eyes open wide and full of pain. She's a wreck and she doesn't care. You're used to her looking beautiful and guarded and this raw emotion scares you, just a little bit.

She looks at you and whispers "I love you," and, suddenly, she has never been more beautiful.

Her eyes are so truthful and sad it hurts to look at her. It hurts more to know she's hurting this much because of you. Love shouldn't hurt. If you can hurt her, do you love her?

In your heart, you know the answer. You know the answer every time you think of her and every time she smiles at you. You know you couldn't possible love her anymore than you do right now.

You die a little as you walk away.

"I'm so sorry," you whisper. And you mean it.

But she deserves better.


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