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Beast Wars

Chapter 1: Beast Wars part 1

Millions of years ago, life existed out in the cold vastness of space far beyond the Milky Way Galaxy. There, in another galaxy, existed a metallic planet called Cybertron that was home to a species of robots more advanced than anything that anyone has ever seen: Transformers. Machines that think for themselves, feel emotions, and know right from wrong, and could disguise into either vehicles or weapons for battlefield advantages or to blend in to their surroundings …

they were called Maximals and Predicons.

But like humans, they also had conflict with each other. One such conflict called the Great War that lasted for so many years. The war finally ended and an unsteady peace between the two sides has lasted for so long. But there are those who are waiting for the perfect moment to start the war again, and this time the battle will be fought on a new battlefield…

Earth: Four million years ago

The orbit of Earth lay quiet in its tranquil state of daytime in the atmosphere. It's as almost nothing could disturb it, and then suddenly, as if God himself was parting the Red Sea with his hands, a portal-like rift tore itself open between the space of Mars and of Earth. Out of the rift came the Inferno, a ship shaped like a trident's spearhead, and following it was the Axalon, another ship shaped almost like a dumbbell but with the end where the rocket engines are a little bigger than the front. They were both firing at each other heading almost straight to Earth.

Abroad the Axalon six figures were at their posts while the captain observed at the center near the holographic-navigation platform.

A young teenaged voice spoke out, "Hull breach in Sector Seven on the Axalon. Guidance systems are failing".

One of the other crewmembers spoke in a whiny New Yorker voice saying, "Oh man, dis is crazy goin' after a Pred Battle ship, we're an exploration vessel not a fraggin' battle cruiser."

"Had no choice, we were the closest ship that could catch up to them before they activated their Transwarp drive", the captain responded in a voice that sounds like it came from a true leader, "It's up to us to stop them and get back the…"

Before he could finish, the ship shook with tremendous force, the crew and captain almost fell out of their stations. The teenager spoke out, "Optimus, the shields are doing a major fade on us; we're sitting ducks!"

"We've got no choice then, convert all emergency power to the engines and prepare for close range assault against the Inferno", the captain named Optimus by the young member of the crew. The youth nodded his head in agreement and through a little light a yellowish-golden robotic endoskeleton hand grasped onto a lever and pushed it forward, increasing maximum output to the engines.

The Axalon pushed closer in pursuit of the Inferno, each dodging the others firepower and passing a nearby moon. Completely unaware of the fact that both were moving closer to the Earth' atmosphere, they continued their dogfight.

Aboard the Inferno, the ship almost at the outer edges of the blue-green planet's atmosphere, the crew of six, including the leader, while still at their battle stations, was planning the stalemate to this 'game of chess'. A gruff, but middle aged voice was demanding their captain the perfect choice of action, "Their shields are down, destroy them while we still have the chance."

The leader looked down from his captain's chair that was elevated from the floor with his glowing red eyes, "Oh, now where's the fun in that?" He asked in a voice that demanded great respect and fear from everyone in the room and at the same time, was enjoying this battle chase, "A little torment is in order before we finish them off. Yess." He looked straight ahead, observing their ship's holographic navigation platform, which hung out in front of him, "Get beside the ship and fire the side guns".

The Inferno cuts its engines and moves aside to allow the Axalon to get right next to it. As the Maximal vessel gets close into range, three hydraulic cannons pop out of the Inferno's main hull and fired at point blank range of the Axalon's side, hitting the hull. The crew is tossed around violently like salad due to the impact of the cannon fire, and the control room is going haywire, sirens go off indicating of the danger.

"We've lost the main engine, emergency power has been lost, we're dead in the water", the female member of the crew said as the ships functions were failing on them. The other member of the crew shouted in a rough voice, "Captain, we're also caught in the nearby planet's gravitational pull", and just as if on cue, they all felt the ship being pulled into the orbit of the planet they were passing.

"We're going down", the big one of the crew said to state the obvious.

Optimus knew they didn't have much time before the planet's gravity did the rest, so he had to get his crew ready for the worst. "Convert all power to the statis chamber bay and launch all the stasis pods, get them into safe orbit".

The whiny one questioned, "Are you outta your processor? If we do that they'll get caught in the planet's gravitational pull and be thrown anywhere on that piece of rock. Slag it, we don't even know if they'll survive." The captain just looked at him with strong conviction in his eyes "At least it's better to crash there than stay on this ship if it blows, besides its part of the procedure, you know that".

The crewmember just sighed in defeat and got to work on the controls. Outside the Axalon, a side bay door opened up and launched out countless oval shaped pods spiraling into the planet's orbit and heading down all across the planet going in different directions. When they did so, they were out of sight, never to be seen again by the two warring ships.

Optimus knew the risk of his next decision, but at this time there was nothing else to do. "Do we have enough power for the plasma cannons to fire one last shot?" he asked with nerves of steel. The big guy of the crew replied, "We've got less than 70 percentage of power to the rear plasma cannons for one final attack".

Optimus heard this and took into careful consideration to make sure they wouldn't miss the Inferno. The crew, even Optimus knew that what the Predacons aboard the Inferno had on their ship could spell disaster for the Maximals as well as the safe being of their home planet Cybertron. It would shift the balance of power if the Predacons kept it in their hands. He, no, they couldn't let that happen.

"Alright, aim the cannons for the right wing and fire everything we've got left on this ship", Optimus said with cold, hard determination.

The cannons locked on to the Inferno warming up for one final shot. The cannons were building up to critical mass, any longer and they might have overloaded and blown up. Then before the cannons reached danger levels, Optimus gave the word, "All plasma cannons, FIRE NOW!"

The cannons roar out with two beams of pure yellow energy blasting towards the Inferno. The first beam strikes at the right wing of the ship, shattering it off the warship completely clean off. The final powerblast smash through the Inferno's shields and impact thunderously against the warships' main drive.

Within the ship, emergency sirens are going off; the controls have all shorted out, and only a few still remain active. The crew scurries around doing what they can to get the ship running again. Their leader bellows out, "NOO! This can't be happening! Damage report, DAMAGE REPORT!"

"Hull breach in Sector's Seven, Nine, and Three, Megatron", a creepy voice answered as it came from a face with one yellow glowing eye, "We've lost the main engine and are now plummeting towards the planet".

Megatron did not like this, he and his crew had come too far just to lose to a bunch of Maximals. And what was worse, if the ship crashed on this Spark-forsaken planet, how would he find his prize? Then suddenly, he remembered his prizes and a wave of fear swept over him, "Computer, is the Disc and Key still on board?"

A computerized female voice spoke, "The Golden Disc is still fully functional and connected in the main computer…" Megatron sighed in relief, "but the Key has fallen through a hole in the hull and is now descending to the planet's surface".

Megatron just stared in disbelief. He activated the last screen on his console and watched a peculiar stasis pod with an insignia of what looked to be an eye, just plummet to the planet below. He and his crew went through a lot of trouble to steal not only the Golden Disc from the Maximals, but also what was in that pod.

His frustration bellowed, "AHH, NOOOOOOOOOO!"

The two ships, both rocking with internal explosions, veer helplessly away from each other as they begin to flamingly enter the outer atmosphere of the mysterious planet below. Their meteoric trails streak downward in streaming arcs...

The two ships streak downward in flaming arcs and vanish behind the horizons. The Inferno vanishes in a volcanic-looking area somewhere far on the east side of the planet. A distant flash and a slow pillar of smoke appear in the place to where the Predacon ship was heading. The Maximal ship streaks down toward where two spire like mountains are barely visible above the horizon. The Axalon, now crushingly wedged between the two mountain spires, suspended over a waterfall that flows between them. The ship will obviously never fly again, not for a long time.

Time soon went by and the two ships were forgotten. Decades passed, as well as centuries and the land changed through earthquakes and storms. Through the earthquakes, the two ships either swallowed into the earth or were shifted into a mountain. Either way the two vessels, as well as its crew, were never heard from again.

…Until now.

4 Million Years later…


It is the year 2005 on the planet Earth. Life had evolved into advanced species but the most advanced was the dominant species called humans. They had mastered a technology based on inorganic lifeless substances; their culture would have matched up with that of Cybertron's. Basically, these days' humans thought they were the only sentient life at all in the universe. Boy, were they in for a rude wake up call.

In the large land area of Antigo, somewhere in the Appalachian Mountains of the United States, lives a town full of thriving people in a community that has flourished since the 1800's. A small little town grew into a thriving city that had everything in it: shopping mall, theatre, museum, neighborhoods, even its own zoo. But none of these places is where our story begins. It starts at the Antigo Senior High School, in Metal Shop 101, where one student's life here will change forever.

"Justin", whispered a young African American voice, "This is Earth, calling Justin Seyvont. Hello?"

"Huh, uh...Wha. Alex what is it?", a fifteen year-old boy with short brown hair, wearing blue jeans with the knee sections torn, and a green long sleeved shirt with a black jacket and Nike sneakers, suddenly snapped out of his daydream fantasy and looked at his friend, Alex. Alex had short dreadlocks and goggles, and was sporting a Chicago Bulls Jersey with jeans and sneakers.

"I was just asking you if Project: Mountain Crawler is a go?" Justin knew what his friend was talking about; in fact, they were spending their free-time in Shop Class constructing components for their little project for months now and today, it was near completion and ready for a field test.

Justin smiled triumphantly at his 'partner in crime', "Oh yeah, just as soon as I'm done with our final piece here, the Mountain Crawler is as good as ever". Justin flipped his safety mask on and went back to his work. Alex was looking over their blue prints of the Mountain Crawler and it looked like a supped up Dune Buggy, only the rear tires looked like caterpillar wheels and the front engine was sticking out of the front hood of the vehicle. It sported two headlights on the back pole as well as a sunroof.

"By the way, what were you thinkin' about before you came back to reality?", Alex just asked out of the blue. He knew Justin was a daydreamer at sometimes when he had something major on his mind and this time he had gone in La-La-Land deeply today.

Unfazed by his friend's question, Justin replied, "Just wondering if the M.C. works, I'd like to see if I can go outside this place and. . ."

"And what? Go around the world in eighty days?", Alex replied, "Justin, man, get a clue; you and I are gonna be stuck here 'til we're both old and gray". Alex knew he was being harsh, but he knew the chances for two freshmen to travel like Jules Verne's story was nothing short of a dream.

Justin looked a little hurt by his friend's comment, but brushed it off, "Yeah, but before that we'll both get dead-end jobs: you working at Burger Fool, and I'll run my dad's business at the junkyard".

Just then, the room shook violently as everything started shaking. Mr. Burnaby, a man in his fifties with gray hair and a beard and mustache who was their Shop Class teacher, shouted, "Earthquake! Everyone, under your desks and take cover, Now!" Everyone had dropped what they were doing and hid under their worktables covering themselves with jackets, backpacks, or shielding their heads with their arms.

Justin and Alex were taking cover under the desk and Justin was cradling their component for their vehicle.

"Jeez-Luiz, these earthquakes have been going on non-stop this month", Alex complained. "Yeah, I know this is like the 30th tremor that we've had so far, when is it gonna stop?"

Across Town

The whole city-town was shaking like a huge snowglobe; the animals at the zoo were upset by the tremor. The lake was swarming in ripples and the mountain wildlife scattered away. But somewhere deep in the mountains, something was about to reawake from a billion-year slumber. Deep inside the mountainside was a cave, freshly opened by an earthquake a few weeks ago. Deep within it were passageways that must have been formed by time and by the earthquakes each one leading to a different section inside of the mountains. But the one on the upper right, led deep into the basis of the mountain's center core and there lying in wait was the Axelon, carefully undisturbed by time. Still wedged by what was the remains of the two mountain spires. The once mighty waterfall that was there now was a spring swimming and fishing hole that led to the lake outside.

Within the ship was dark and quiet, the crew all in some suspended animation. Suddenly, the main computer shorted to life and started to awaken the crew one by one. Once they were all awake, they all tried to assess the damage. Optimus looked at the holo-navigation center and saw a diagram on the ship to examine the damage.

"Damage report, cadet", Optimus commanded while groaning from the sleep. The young cadet looked from his monitor to assess the ship's condition. "Well the power station has completed auto-repairs, but in the matter that the Axelon will ever fly again, believe me Big-Bot, you don't want to know". Optimus sighed in defeat, "Nuh, that's what I thought".

East Side of the Planet

Nairobi, Africa

Mt. Kilimanjaro

Thirty miles under the active volcano, lays an endless valley of lava pits that still burn with the intensity of the rivers of lava. Within the field of lava, rests the Inferno, the Predacon ship that crashed there for so long ago. The ship hummed with life as the crew awoke some while ago. Megatron looked at the holo-navigator, looking at topographic readouts of the landscape outside and on the surface, and pondered at the predicament: they were trapped on an unidentified planet that they crashed on 4 billion years ago, and slept on for so long. He wasn't even sure if the planet had what they were seeking for. And worst of all, the very key element he had lost when falling on this world was somewhere out there, but he had no way of knowing where it was.

He looked at the holo-monitor and asked, "Navigation, is this the right planet; is this Earth?" The female computer voice answered, "Unknown. Course settings were accurate but readings are inconsistent with those expected for intended destination."

At this point the figure was impatiently angered at this, "Never mind that! Just tell me if there is Energon here!"


Megatron and his men were pleased to hear that, "Alright, we did it! The planet has Energon", a Predacon said in a squawky voice as if he was part bird. The computer showed a topographic image of Megatron's body as well as his crew of four, and from the look of it, the robotic forms were deteriorating. "Too much Energon; field readings are off scale. Continued exposure to it in robotic forms will result in permanent damage and then, shutdown".

Megatron slammed his right fist on his command chair in frustration, and then an idea formed into his head. And then an evil smile appeared on his face and answered, "Then we will just have to create alternate forms,", a screen lit up with topographic images of a T-Rex, wasp, and tarantula, "based on the most powerful creatures on the planet"

The creepy voiced Pred spoke out as he was working hard on the console that he was on, "Scanners are activated". Megatron looked pleased that some things on the ship were still operational. He then had a slight memory of one thing they stole before they escaped Maximal Territory. "What about the stasis pods we stole, are they still operational?" The creepy one's silhouette moved two coffin-sized pods with Maximal symbols on them. He checked the prizes and found they were still fully functional after so long.

"The pods are still intact and our new recruits are sleeping like newborns", Megatron was pleased at this and knew that if the Maximals survived he would need as many troops as possible. "Excellent, Yess. Begin reprogramming them into our newest allies."

Outside the ship, a metallic sphere with one eye lens hovered out of the volcano and shot out in a nearby junglelike area. Each one then activated their scanwaves for suitable beast forms for the Predacons. The beams streak out from it, playing over a stony hillside nearby. The beams cause the hill to seem transparent, revealing the fossils of a T-Rex, a pterodactyl and a velociraptor inside. The scanners also play over a rocky outcropping where a tarantula rises in a defensive position against an attacking wasp. The scanners pass over them both. It also passes over a scorpion fighting against a black widow spider. Later the beams catch sight of a fire ant colony. Megatron grinned at the screens looking at the new forms he and his crew were about to own very soon.

Back at the Axelon

The Maximals were aware of the Energon situation and they too sent out two similar metallic spheres to scan out the areas. The first sphere scanned the mountain terrain in search of forms and later on the scanner beams sweep over a hawk that was flying over the rocky canyon terrain. The second sphere sped toward the city of Antigo in search of more forms. It made its way to the center of the Antigo Zoo and began the beam sweepers for scanning forms. In the Jungle Cat Area, a pair of cheetahs are seen standing on a hillock. The scanner beam swept over one of them. While in the same area, the beam sweeps over a Siberian White Tiger. In the Ape Exhibit, a great silverback male gorilla is sitting in a tree, tossing fruit down on the ground to its group. Not known to the ape, a rat is also in the tree, eating fruit. In a different exhibit near the apes, a rhino is eating some grass not bothered at all. The beams sweep through, scanning all three creatures. Back aboard the ship, six chambers were humming as the robots inside were being given their new alternate forms.